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A/N: This is my first yyh fic. It's a Yusuke/ Keiko get-together fic. And, for those that were wondering, I've only seen four episodes, but I read the manga. Shonen Jump rules!

Katath: You're obsessed with Shonen Jump.

Me: am not.

Katath: are too.

Me: am not.

Katath: are too.

(three hours later)

Me: am not.

Katath: are too.

Me: Go raid the fridge or something, and leave me alone.

Ok, here's the story.

Chapter 1

Yusuke was laying on his bed, listening to the radio, when Keiko walked in. Yusuke, not noticing her, said, "Dammit, does this station ever play anything good?" At which point, Keiko yelled at him. "Yusuke!"

"Huh? Oh, hi, Keiko, didn't see you there," Yusuke said, sitting up.

"Obviously. Do you ever stop cursing? You do realize it's impolite to use such foul language, don't you?" Keiko said, lecturing him as usual.

"Ok, I've had my daily lecture from you now. So, why'd you come over?" Yusuke asked her.

"I felt like seeing how you were doing," Keiko replied.

"Why?" Yusuke said. Not that he didn't already know. He just wanted to bug her.

"Fine., if you're going to be that way… then I'll just go home and not come back to check on you anymore," Keiko said, knowing she'd end up back there anyway, since he meant that much to her.

"Keiko, wait. Look, I… I just… Look, I'm sorry. Don't go. Please," Yusuke said.

Does that mean he wants me to stay? Maybe he does care. Of course! That would explain why he was so worried when he got back from fighting that guy Botan told me about! Suzaku, or whoever. Keiko thought. "Yusuke, I'll stay if you tell me how you feel about me."

"You are a pain in the rear… that I'm absolutely crazy about," Yusuke said. The next thing he knew, she was hugging his neck so hard he couldn't breathe. "Keiko… let go… you're choking me…" he managed to say. She let go and he let out a sigh of relief.