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Chapter 1- June

The carriage pulled up at the bottom of the stone steps that led up to the castle. Hogwarts's newest arrival stepped out. Behind her she lugged a trunk which must've been as long as she was tall. She began to pull it up the steps. It was pouring rain. So much so that the girl, or young woman, had hidden her face and body under a long black cloak.

At the top of the steps stood an man with long white hair and a beard of equal color and length.

"Miss Potter, I presume?" he asked, a bright smile on his face. He had kind blue eyes that shone at her from over his half-moon spectacles. "Leave your trunk here. Our house-elves will retrieve it and bring it to your quarters. If you'll please follow me inside. I would like to speak with you in my office before you retire to bed."

Inside, in the castle's warm Entrance Hall, the girl threw off her hood. This revealed her olive-toned skin, emerald eyes, and black hair. She pulled her hair free of the cloak to show that it hung just above her waist and that, tonight, she had chosen a French braid.

"Hello, Headmaster Dumbledore," the girl known only as Miss Potter said with a smile on her face. The elderly wizard returned the grin.

"Ah, so Miss Potter was hidden beneath that cloak!"

"June Lily Potter, at your service," she said, giving a small inclination of her head.

"Follow me, please."

June did as she was asked. After all, she was somewhat of an exchange student here at Hogwarts. Dumbledore stopped in front of a gargoyle and said, "Hot Chocolate!" The gargoyle sprang to live and jumped aside. June and Dumbledore rode the revolving staircase up to the Headmaster's office. Inside, he indicated that she remove her cloak and have a seat. She did so.

This revealed her as wearing a long-sleeved red blouse and black jeans with thin heeled boots to match. June rubbed her neck. It had grown stiff because of a nap she had chosen to take on the Hogwarts Express.

"I have a few questions of you, just as I'm sure you have of me. Then we may both retire to a hopefully pleasant slumber," Dumbledore said, taking a seat behind his desk.

June glanced up as one of the former Headmasters gave a snore before she replied, "Fire away, sir."

"My first question is pure curiosity. I have noticed that you have a distinctly American accent. I know that you were born in England, and I'm sure that the man who raised you was British..."

"I get this a lot. I did, for a time, have a British accent. But once I started the Muggle elementary school, I adopted an American accent because that's how all my friends spoke," June answered.

"Very well. Moving on. For paperwork purposes, what was your previous Wizarding School?"

"Salem Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"You've completed all your sixth year courses with acceptable grades?"

"Yes, this year will be my final year."

Dumbledore seemed to be writing in a loopy fashion all of this onto some official looking parchment.




"Rupert Giles."

Dumbledore glanced up at her. "You wish to use him?"

"Yes. He legally became my guardian after Miles's death last year."

Dumbledore nodded. He appeared to have signed his name and rolled up the parchment. He sealed it shut with the appropriate type of wax and set it aside.

"I'll send that off tomorrow morning. Now, for an 'off the record' discussion. I believe I'll let you start the questioning now."

June nodded. "Who knows of my being a Slayer?" she asked right away. She knew that if speaking in Dumbledore's office wasn't secure, nothing was.

"As of now, only you and myself. Miss Summers informed me of how Vampire Slayers like to keep their identity secret. None of my faculty know."

June knew that "Miss Summers" referred to Buffy Summers, the leader of the Slayers. After all, it had been Buffy's Watcher that had adopted her after her own Watcher's death.

"Buffy gave me this letter to give to you. She said she didn't trust sending it any other way," June said, pulling the folded paper from her pocket and handing it to the Headmaster.

As he read it, June gave an uneasy sigh. She knew what the letter contained. She had been briefed on it before she had left the Summers home. It was part of the reason she was here. She was here because Lord Voldemort, the wizard that this world had been fighting, had now become a common enemy. He had joined forces with a new sect of vampires. Very little was known about them. Only that they were powerful. The note also said that reinforcements would be sent if needed. The Wizarding World need only ask.

Dumbledore finished the letter and sighed. He set it aside. June decided he was ready yet again to receive her questions. She had only two left.

"Harry, he knows about…me? Right?" she asked.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied. "He knows that you are his sister. When he and the rest of the students arrive here tomorrow night, you will not be a surprise. He does not, I must stress, know that you are a Slayer."

"I have but one more question, sir."

"Then ask."

"You have been informed…of my past?"


"All of it?"

"Every bit of it. Including the darker corners."

June nodded and stood. She didn't know why she had felt the need to ask that final question. She supposed that she felt the need to be welcomed here…no matter what.

"Then I leave you with a good night," she said.

"The same to you, Miss Potter. Your quarters are located on the sixth floor. The wall at the east end of the hall. Password is of your choosing. Good evening."

June left.

End Notes: I know I didn't mention much detail on the positions of Watcher and Slayer--as if we all didn't already know, right? But all that will be mentioned in due time. So, how'd you like it? I know, I know, Harry having a sister is about as possible as Harry joining forces with Voldemort, but the idea is still fun, right? I also know that this is like my 13th or 14th fic. I'm sorry. I just feel the need to start an idea before I forget it. I will finish them all, I promise. Until then, please R & R! Thanks!