It had to be perfect, but then again perfect is over-rated thought Shinichi as he looked at Ran smiling at him...

Ch. 1 It had to be Perfect

Ai told him that soon a cure would be ready, a permanent one. That day Shinichi was happier than he had been in months. After leaving Ran in the restaurant and having to see her as Conan and make excuses, which was coming more and more at ease, he had felt as low as he had ever been. Ran had not deserved that.

And so the day he found out the news, he asked Ai for a temporary pill. Just so he could tell Ran himself that he was coming home soon for sure. Reluctantly, she gave him one, "Just stay out of sight, keep a low profile, and above all, avoid murder scenes!"

Conan looked at her and then realized she was not joking, "All right," he said taking the pill from her.

"That's right I'm right," she replied.

He rolled his eyes and went over to the kitchen for a glass of water. He looked at the phone and thought of something.

At the Mouri residence, Ran sat alone in her father's office. It was a Friday and so she started her usual routine of relaxing for the weekend. Yes, she still had to cook and clean for Conan and her dad, but that didn't mean she wouldn't relax after that.

The phone rang her out of her silence, "Hello Mouri detective agency..."

"Hi Ran-neechan its me Conan."

"Hi Conan-kun what's up, where are you?"

"Oh I'm at Dr. Agasa's and I'm going to stay the weekend okay neechan?" he continued in his high-pitched voice.

She wasn't surprised, he did that often, sleeping over that is, "Okay Conan-kun. Do you need me to drop anything off?"

"No I'm fine. Bye Ran-neechan."

He hung up the phone and looked at the time. It was just after seven, and a thought occurred to him, if he took it now he wouldn't be able to take her to dinner. Nevertheless, he desperately wanted to see her as soon as possible and the pill only gave him plus or minus 24 hours.

Ai walked in and looked at him. And then the laughing started. Conan looked at her confused; it was something very out of character for Ai to laugh like that. It stopped, very robotically, when she noticed him watching. "Let me guess you're thinking how much time you have and how you want to use it right? You didn't give me a chance to tell you it's about a 72 hour pill, more or less. So enjoy your weekend all right?"

Conan's eyes lit up at the sound of that, "Oh my god Ai, Thank you!" With that he ran out of the house.

He made it into his house in less than a minute. He grabbed some clothes out of the drawer and closet and locked himself in the bathroom. He swallowed the pill and water in one gulp. He then proceeded to strip down and wait in the bathtub. When the pain began, he turned on the water to cool him down but it didn't prevent him from most of the pain. When it was all said and done with, Shinichi thanked God that that was over. He took a fast shower and readjusted his mind to his height again. He dress and was out the door as fast as logic would allow him.

Ran, he thought on his way to her home, this time everything will be perfect.

Ran, meanwhile, had started making dinner for her and her father. With Conan gone her thoughts turned to Shinichi. With the little boy around she often wasn't allowed to get to deep because he was so perceptive as to when she was sad. It was as if he could read her mind.

This time the doorbell woke her form her thoughts.

As she opened the door, she was so sure she'd swear to God that this were a dream. It couldn't be real.

A young man stood there wearing a great pair of Levis 517's, and a white collared shirt under a green blazer.

Shinichi was standing at her door, with bags in his hand, of Chinese food? And in the other hand roses?

"Hey Ran, how are you doing?" asked Shinichi so nonchalantly it wasn't even funny.