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Shinichi felt someone watching him. It wasn't like the usual "someone's watching me" feeling. No this was far worse.

The usual feeling made him look around quickly to see who was staring, but this time he did not want to look. So he kept his eyes shut.

"Wake up punk. I know you're awake because your breathing isn't slow. I maybe stupid but not so stupid as to not know when someone's wake."

Oh shi…


Ch.7 Back to the Beginning


Shinichi cracked open his eye. There stood Kogoro at the foot of Ran's bed.

He knew he was in it deep. If the Black organization was scary, there wasn't a definition for how Kogoro looked right now.

He realized then just what happened. He and Ran had fallen asleep. They hadn't done anything of course. They had just fallen asleep. Like back when they were little kids… but not.

Then he noticed just how they were sleeping. They were facing each other, Ran's legs intertwined with his. His arm lay protectively over her, and pulling her in at the same time. Ran's hands were holding on to the collar of his blazer and his other hand was just touching her's.

Yep he was in it deep. No need to elaborate what it was.

"So just what are you doing here asleep in my daughter's bed?" Then Kogoro quickly held up a hand, "Nope wait don't tell me, even I don't have to guess," his voice rising in sarcasm with every syllable.

"It's not what you think!" Shinichi quickly sat up.

"IT'S NOT WHAT I THINK!" Kogoro literally blew a fuse. He took a breath, "I wake up and find my only daughter in bed with the disappearing detective!"

Ran was awake now. She sat up and looked from her father to Shinichi.

"Dad, Dad now just hold on. Don't jump to any conclusions!"

"DON'T JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS! You were asleep with him!"

Now Ran held up her hand to shut her father up. "And what do you see Dad? Nothing!"

Kogoro just stared at Ran for a couple of seconds.

"What's that on your left hand Ran?" he asked quietly.

Ran quickly covered her left hand, "Nothing…"

Oh Ran... Just bury me why don't you?

Kogoro grabbed Ran's hand as he pulled her off the bed and looked at the ring that graced her ring finger. "Is that a… oh don't tell me you…"

I'm as good as dead anyway…

"Yes, it's an engagement ring," spoke up Shinichi. "And again we did nothing, we just fell asleep talking."

"Shut up you! This is concerning my daughter's chastity!"

Where have I heard that line before?

"Dad!" Ran's face was red now. Suddenly she punched a hole in the wall. Shinichi noticed she hit the cross beams too, one of the hardest parts of a wall.

Kogoro took a step back and gulped, "I'm calling your mother!"


Kogoro got out of the room as fast as humanly possible.


A figure looked in through the window hidden in the tree.

Oh the drama!

Only extreme practice allowed him to prevent from exploding in peals of laughter.

"You know if you weren't the person you were I'd have to say it was very mean of you to just add more troubles to this young man's life," whispered the voice in the back of his head. He smiled to himself, "I know but right now I can't be bothered by that."


Kudo Shinichi sat with his head in his hands. This was not his ideal morning. He had planned that he and Ran would go out for breakfast and spend the day together like they could. But no. Now he was locked away from her.


What was that?

He looked over at the glass part of the door.

What the ? Was that a top hat?

He raced to the door and flung it open only to find no one in the hallway.

"Where did he?"

"What are you doing Kudo?"

Shinichi looked up to where Kogoro stood at the top of the stairs.

"I thought I saw someone… Did you see anyone just now?"

"No, I came out here when I heard you making all that racket," Kogoro reached the bottom where Shinichi stood. "Did you break the lock?" he asked as he twisted the door knob, "No huh? I thought I locked this…"

HE unlocked it!

"What's that?"

Shinichi looked down at his feet to see a package with a stamp on it.

It wasn't a normal stamp on it either. It was about the size of a three-by-five index card that said, "To Meitantei Kudo Shinichi" and above that was the grinning monocle-ed drawing of KID.

"I knew it," said Shinichi as he picked it up and took it inside Kogoro's office.

"What?" asked Ran as she came in.

"It was Kid who delivered this. I saw the top hat and thought it couldn't be but this is proof. Wonder what he's up to this time…" a smile came over Shinichi's face.


The voice whipped Shinichi out of his daydreams of capturing Kid.


"You're not going to spend the day after Kid!"

"Doesn't he already have a heist scheduled for tonight?" asked Kogoro.

Ran nodded.

"Well it's my job to put him where he belongs," said Shinichi.

"No!" declared Ran


"You heard me. I don't want you going."

Kogoro's laughs caught their attention.

"What's so funny Dad?"

"Well," he breathed in, "I think Kid is very smart. Inviting a useless detective and not inviting a professional. Haa… that was a good laugh. Well Kudo you're better off listening to Ran otherwise I will hurt you… a lot… Eri agrees with me there at least."

Both Ran and Shinichi had half-moon eyes through that speech.

If he only knew the truth…

"Well we won't know what he wants until we open it," said Shinichi, concentration and a bit of pride renewed.

"Eh leave me out of it. I don't feel like seeing Nakamori, and I need a beer," said Kogoro with a yawn as he walked out.

Ran and Shinichi looked at each other saying nothing.

"My Dad is…"

"Really something."

"I saw a shirt I thought he would like the other day."


"Yeah it went "1 sake, 2 sake, 3 sake, Floor" but we may have to switch that to 10, 20, 30, floor."

"Or alcohol poisoning."

"Okaayyyy…. Now what does kid want?" asked Ran trying to bring control over the situation.

"I won't know until I open the box."

"Then open it already."

Shinichi tore off the wrapping to find a cherry stained wooden box emblazoned by Kid's drawing.

He lifted the lid to find a cell phone, a cd and a note inside.


"Tantei or Kudo,

take your pick.

An Orchid of truth

has a song she sings.

The black of heart

can be shot out.

It's not too late

'til mid-day I'll wait.

Or the org will target me and also her,

With the evil executioner!"


"What does it mean?" asked Ran.

Shinichi got up and placed the CD in Ran's stereo system.

The tune of "Young Man, Despair" came out of the speakers.

"It means he's a fan of the Mikado at the least."

"I can see that for myself. Oi, there's something on the back!"


Shinichi turned over the note.

"P.S. Don't get yourself killed by Mouri-san until after this business is over."

Ran watched as realization set in.

"Oh God…"

With that Shinichi was out and running up the stairs with Ran behind him.

"Shinichi! What's wrong?"

Shinichi burst into Ran's room and opened the window. There was a tree, a perfect viewing place for the scene this morning.

But the Black Org?

It all makes sense… but why?

He turned to Ran and spoke to calmly, "He's been watching us Ran. In the poem, he was referring to what you said about the black organization, that Kid and I should work together. He probably wants me to call him by noon to know if I'm in. But I still don't know who he meant as the Black Org's other target. What is he up to?"

"You have to call him. You need to see what he wants."

"That's probably best."

"You're not going to call the police on him right?"

Shinichi raised an eyebrow, "No, but why are you interested Ran?"

Ran felt cornered for a second, "Because it's not fair. He called you out himself and he probably does need your help, he usually works solo after all."


He flipped the cell phone open finding it ready to dial Kid. No, a number wasn't there. It just said, "Kid."

He clicked call.

He heard the ringing and then felt the phone snatched out of his hand.

"Huh? Ran!"

"Shush!" she replied and then into the phone "Kid?"


Ran hung up the phone.

"I'm hungry. I need some breakfast."


Ran turned to Shinichi, "Yes?"

"Why did you speak to Kid?"

She smiled as she looked down at her shoes. "I felt that under the circumstances it would be best if I talked with him, and I was proven right. Besides, I have to keep your butt out of danger. Truth be told, you're just not the butt kicking type. And if this plan involves the Black Organization, chances are it can get dangerous…" she paused for a moment and then looked back up at him. Her eyes were filled with concern, "And I don't need to lose you anytime soon Shinichi!"

Shinichi looked at Ran wide eyed. He took her in his arms and rocked her bit. "Hey… it's gonna be okay. I'm not going anywhere. I've been here all along, you know that, and have I ever let you down?"

He put his hand under her chin and tilted her face up to his, "Have I Ran? Except for the whole not telling you thing," he looked to the side avoiding her eyes when her said that, "But other than that I've always tried to make it clear that I love you."

He kissed her softly and was surprised when he felt her mouth slip open, inviting him. He hadn't meant to start but... well it had its perks. More evidence that he loved her and all.

He fell back onto the couch and enjoyed the feeling of having her there all to himself. It was powerful. Her scent was overpowering. This was a little different from the night before. Last night they had been testing the waters. They were both desperate, but cautious, unsure of when the paradise would disappear. If Ran had let herself she would be addicted to him that when he did leave, the withdrawal would be insane. Shinichi had no plans of putting her through that. All he had planed was a hello, I love you, I'll be back in two months so please, just wait a little longer, don't give up on me. A simple kiss and nothing more. He had been holding back, so as not to feel anything when he was Conan-kun again.

But now the doors seemed wide open. He embraced the spin she sent racing through his blood by a mere touch. He was enthralled by the how she seemed to shiver at his touch finding new spots that made her move over him, reflexes in a twisted sense.

Then the doorknob turned.


Ran and Shinichi turned and quickly sat up on the couch. They hadn't made much progress. Except for the fact her shirt was riding up, and Shinichi's first few button's were unbuttoned.

Nope no damage done.

Not at all.

That is if you didn't count the eyes of the Shonen Tantei.

They stared at each other for a few minutes trying to come up with what exactly happened in that last five seconds.

Genta was the first to speak up, "Were you guys 'getting it on'?"

Ran and Shinichi's faces had turned the same burgundy color.

"Do you even know what that means?" blurted Shinichi.

"It means," began Mitsuhiko, "that you guys were going to fall off the couch."

Ayumi, Ran and Shinichi were ready to face-fall.

Ayumi turned to Mitsuhiko, "No! It means they were going to have sex."


Ran took over, "Nothing you," she pointed to Mitsuhiko and then at the other two, "Or you guys need to know about now. Got it?"

They nodded.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" asked Shinichi, very annoyed.

Ran glared at him, despite the fact that her sentiments were similar.

"We're looking for Conan-kun," said Ayumi as if it were a mission of life or death.

Ran looked over at Shinichi and smiled, "Oh really… well I'm sorry. He left yesterday to see his parents, but he'll be back Monday or so. But one of his favorite people in the world is here!"

Ayumi walked forward first pointing and recognizing Shinichi she said, "You're Shinichi-niisan right?"

"Yeah, I am," Shinichi said with his hand behind his head.

"Then you can show us all that stuff that Conan knows!"

Shinichi was ready to face-fall.

"He says he learns all that stuff from you…" Ayumi pause in thought, "Except in front of Ran-neechan. Then he says it's from the tv. But I never see him watching anything like that at Agasa-san's house."

"That's right," agreed Genta.

"He must talk to him a lot on the phone," concluded Mitsuhiko and then he turned to Shinichi, "By the way you look like a lot like Conan. I mean Conan looks like you."

"I've heard."

"They even have their hair the same!"

"All he needs are the dorky glasses."

"They're NOT DORKY."

Everyone stared at Shinichi.

Genta nodded, "You're right, they're more geeky."

Ran stood in front of Shinichi to block him from Genta's neck, if there had been one to hold onto.

"You guys have to ask nicely or he won't help you."

They all spoke at the same time, "Shinichi-niisan, will you please help us be great detectives like Conan!"

Shinichi took a deep breath, "I'd really love to guys. But I'm only here for a couple of days and-"

Ran interjected, "He'll call you guys tomorrow when he's free okay?"


Ran turned and shot daggers at him.

"……Yeah, I'll call you guys tomorrow when I'm free."

Genta nodded, "Okay we're gonna go now then, and let you guys get back to whatever it was you want to call what you were doing."

They shut the door behind themselves.

Ran looked at Shinichi, "I'm hungry."

He shot a grin at her, "You're not the only one."

She hit him with a throw pillow.

"Pervert," she declared on her way out.

"Hey!" he yelled as he followed her to the kitchen, "You still have to tell me what you know about Kid that apparently I don't. Like for instance, uh, I don't know… his name? You said "kai" on the phone. Is that how his name begins?"

"You're going to have to think about it. If you don't know by now, I'm going to start questioning your detective skills buster."

He grabbed her around the waist, "Come on," he pouted and then tried to kiss her.

Ran pushed him back.

"Are you seriously trying to bribe me? Now I'm definitely not going to tell you who he is."

She stood up and headed toward the kitchen.

"Wait," Shinichi followed her desperate for knowledge, "Who is he? You've got to tell me!"

Ran turned and looked at Shinichi with a wink and a smile on her face, "Figure it out, Tantei-san."


It was twelve thirty when they arrived at Shinichi's house.

"He said check my answering machine right?"


They reached the living room and Shinichi pressed the play button.

"Hello? Kudo Shinichi, I'm Officer Kuraki calling in regards as to whether you'll be available to come to the Kid heist this Saturday and help us in our capture of Kid the Phantom Thief. Call us back soon."

The following messages were also from Officer Kuraki, more desperate with each phone call. The last message from Nakamori-keibu himself was thanking Shinichi and telling him what time to be there.


"I think I know what he's up to."

Shinichi looked at Ran, "Huh?"

Ran took his hand, "We have to get over to Agasa's."

It only took a minute until they found themselves inside Agasa's house.

"Doctor Agasa?" Shinichi called out.

"He's not home Kudo-kun."

They turned to see Ai entering the room.

"Ai, do you know anything about the Kaitou Kid."

"Beside the fact that he is the biggest pain in the neck, second only to you of course, then no I must say I don't. Hello, Ran-kun. Welcome to the Defense against the Black Org Club."

"That was a joke right?" replied Ran.

"Take it anyway you like."

Shinichi bent down to have Ai at eye level, "Haibara, what is going on?"

"Ask him," she said as she pointed behind Shinichi.

Shinichi stood up as he turned around to face Kid.


Their eyes locked. It had been the first time Shinichi had seen the Kaitou Kid up-close in his true height. This time, however, opposed to the first time he had seen Kid up-close as Conan, there was no fearless smile on Kid's face. This time he did not seem to be staring straight through him but directly at him. He did not wear the white tux with silk hat and cape but rather a black baseball hat pulled over his left eye while the monocle stayed neatly in place on his right. He wore a black turtleneck under a black blazer and a pair of black pants, a sharp contrast to the snow behind him that lay outside the door. The light made him appear younger than Shinichi had guessed. Kid was a teenager. Or rather a teenager had taken to filling Kid's shoes.




"What do you want?"

"I want your assistance in-"

"-Making sure your girlfriend doesn't find out who you are. Right," Ran walked up to Kid, who was trying to back away and not twitch at the same time as she reached to take off the hat and monocle, "Kaito-kun?"

Ran looked at the person standing in front of her and he didn't look like Kaito. In fact he looked like Shinichi's dad, but different.


"My name is KID miss. I'm sorry," he kissed her hand, "You must have me mistaken for someone else." He smiled and winked.

Shinichi was next to Ran now.

"Oh really," Shinichi pulled at Kid's nose.

The mask came off.

"You're really no fun Kudo."

Shinichi looked at the person in front of him wide-eyed.


"What did you expect… your father?"

"No baka! But, you're Kid?"

"I hope I'm not a disappointment. Now Ran, how did you know?"

Ran pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number, "I have my sources… Hello? Sonoko? Hi! What's up? Are you still going to that costume dance tonight at the one school?"

Ran pressed the speaker button.

"No. I have to go with my parents on a cruise to Australia for the next week. All the cute O-bon boys won't get to see me in a cute kitty outfit."

"Uh… yeah. Anyway Sonoko, what was that information you got on Kuroba Kaito? The e-mail never came in."

"Really? I was sure I sent it to you. Oh well he goes to that one high school, he's a magician, but you knew that already, and he's really smart. He really does look like Shinichi, I swear. I attached a picture in case you wanted one. Oh! And the big news since last week was that he asked his best friend, Nakamori Aoko to the costume dance! They've been friends since they were children. They are so cute and only, like, the cutest couple, of course, that's second to you and Shinichi. Usually he doesn't do much but look up her skirt. He's notorious for picking locks, especially the one to the girls locker room. Uhh… Aoko's father is Nakamori Ginzo, head of the 1412 taskforce. Imagine, if Kid is ever caught she'll be one of the first to see him:sigh:"

"Thanks Sonoko. Just try sending the e-mail again and I'll call you back later okay?"

"Totally, my phone will, like, still work wherever I am! Bye!"

"Bye," replied Ran as she snapped the phone shut, "That is my source."

Kaito gulped and looked at her dead scared.

This girl was dangerous! She was as sweet as hell but she was dangerous.

Thank God Aoko was nothing like that… aww who was he kidding...

"I wish you luck in your future with Ran-chan Kudo."

"Thank you. Sometimes I think to myself I really will need it. Especially for those two months. If I do something, she just might decide not to feed me."

"Eh just come by Aoko's. She is a great cook."

"So is Ran."

"But not like Aoko."

"Yeah, right, like your girlfriend could cook better than my fiancé."

"She sure could."

"Why don't you tell that to Ran?"

Kaito turned and saw Ran glaring at him.

"He provoked me!" He started pulling flowers out of nowhere.

And no girl could pass up roses.

Especial roses glittered like a girl's best friend.


Kaito looked at Shinichi, "And why not?"

"Cause you're bribing her!"

"And she doesn't have a problem with that."

"That's it I'm calling in the cavalry," he said as he pulled out his cell phone.


"Are you sure you're up for this?" asked Ran.

Shinichi looked over at her. Her hair was pinned up, her red trench coat covered a black blouse and leather skirt. Her red-heeled boots clicked softly as she walked.

"Positive," he replied as he squeezed her hand.

"And that his end will work out fine?"

"It's a good plan."

"I don't want you dead."

"Well no one does except for that Black Organization," he smiled.

"This is no time to joke."

"Tell me about it, look at what happened to my weekend…"

"Well there never was a perfect weekend," and with those words they entered Tsugutaka's penthouse.



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