by Flying Star

Disclaimer: Watch, by the tenth season I'll have the rights. But for now I don't own Teen Titans.


My first PG-13 rated poem, mainly for rape and cursing. Rather depressing, depicts Raven's father Trigon as he brings her into existence. Detached sortof third person view. Why the title 'Scream', honestly I'm not certain.


Deep within the filthy mire.

Lies a being born of smoke and fire.

His malicious force is already clear.

His very name evokes great fear.

Eyes gleaming with hellish intent.

For the task which he's been sent.

To impregnate a woman with his seed.

Giving birth to the child he needs.

To conquer the Earth and the planets above.

Ruling all with his blood-soaked glove.

Drinking in her agonized screams.

Filling her until he deems...

That new life will come to be.

Smiling now in unrestrained glee.

Sealing his damning pact.

Finalizing this unholy act.

His face lights up with an ugly jeer.

For he shall be her father most dear.


Thus Raven was born, and the world trembled. As usual if you read, please review. I love people's thoughts.