New Relations – ALTERNATE VERSION – One-Shot

This diverges from 'Old and New Relations' around at Chapter 29 – just so I could write a short one-shot Draco/Harry story. :-) Just to clear up the relationship, Draco and Harry are half-first cousins, twice removed and don't actually share any blood relationship. Both boys are seventeen and so they are not underage.

"No, you don't hit it with your nose." Harry said for the fifth time.

"Football is a stupid muggle game." Draco muttered as he repaired his nose for the fifth time.

"Well, I just thought you seemed coordinated enough to do it." Harry bounced the football of his head a few times before catching it again. "See? It's not hard."

"Whatever, Potter. You win."

"What do I win?" Harry asked, the words seeming to have a second meaning once they were out of his mouth.

"I don't know. I was just saying it." Draco shrugged.

"Would you want to go swimming?" Harry suggested, suddenly desperate to change the subject. It was a hot August day and he was starting to feel sweaty from the heat. They were just a couple weeks away from going to Hogwarts for their 7th year and Harry was determined to enjoy every minute of the rest his vacation.


"I'll meet you back down here in a few then."

As Draco walked down the stairs in his swim trunks, Harry suddenly thought swimming had been a bad idea. They were wrestling in the water when Harry knew it had been a bad, bad idea.

"Oh." Harry's voice sounded strange to his own ears.

"Harry." Draco's gray eyes seemed to burn into Harry's.

He shivered as the contact with Draco caused his body to heat up. Draco's pale hand slid down Harry's ribs, catching at the ticklish spot that always made Harry squirm.

"Draco." He whispered, growing harder.

Draco's other hand gripped his hair tightly and brought Harry close, so close their noses were touching. Harry suddenly remembered that Draco knew many dark spells, if he was offended by Harry's arousal, Harry was in trouble.

Harry was in big trouble.

Draco moved the final fraction of an inch and their lips met. Harry groaned as he moved his hands to grip Draco's shoulders. Draco's tongue stroked over Harry's, his hand tightened around Harry's hip as he pulled him close. Without Harry realizing it, they moved towards the shore. Draco forced Harry down onto the grassy bank, his mouth tracing Harry's jaw, down his chest.

"Draco." Harry's fingers twined in Draco's smooth hair, tugging him back up for a kiss. Draco's hips pressed into his hardness and Harry gasped. It only took a few minutes for the friction to work its magic and then Draco rolled over, panting.

"You're a good kisser, Harry." Draco said softly.

"So are you." Harry turned to look at Draco. ""So…we could kiss again, couldn't we?"

"Try and stop me." Draco reached over and pulled Harry on top of him, capturing his mouth in a hard kiss. Harry wound his arms around Draco's neck, quickly getting lost in arousal again.