Fall to Pieces

Freaky Friday Harry Potter style: A Ron Hermione Romance

"You are such an insufferable prat!!"

"Better than being a bossy know-it-all, who thinks she's better than everyone, and not to mention above everything!"

The arguments of one Ronald Weasley, and one Hermione Granger, filled the Great Hall that November evening. They had been at each others throats more often than normal lately, that meant that they were constantly bickering non-stop about every little thing. Those who listened that night, thought that this was going to be the biggest argument of them all.

It happened during their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry, this the biggest, most heated row between the two, was displayed for the whole of the school, that dinner hour. All eyes wandered over to the two, students and teacher included.

"Oh, just shove it Ronald! I have had enough of your stubbornness, and I DO NOT think that I am above everyone!" came Hermione's voice, even louder than before, so that the remaining bodies in the dining hall were engrossed in their spat.

"Just you! You and your atrocious, jealous behavior, your uncontrolled temper, and your abnormaly large mouth!" she continued, unbeknownst to all the stares she was recieving.

"Bloody Fucking hell, Hermione! I can not believe you think that! Shit! You're being such a God damned bitch!" Ron shouted as he casted an evil glare at Hermione. She returned his gaze with a look filled with even more hate if that was possible.

"Yeah, that's it," Ron continued,"You are one reallly stuck up bitch, who is as mental as they come! I swear you are so fucking up tight, that if you shoved a lump of coal up your know-it-all ass, it would turn to diamond in two bloody weeks!"

Ron felt a sense of triumph wash over him, when Hermione held no response. But this feeling was quickly replaced with guilt and remorse, when he saw soft tears fall from Hermione's beautiful honey coloured eyes.

"Is that what you really thinkof me then?" came the voice of Hermione timidly. " I, I really liked you Ron, much more than a best friend should. I could have even loved you, did you ever think of that? But now, I hate you. I HATE YOU! " she choked, her broken heart hidden, as her voice was masked with hatred.

"Hermione? What? What did you just say?" said Ron dumbfoundedly. He knew she had said that she could have loved him, but he needed to be sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him like it did so many times before.

"I said, I. HATE. YOU!" Tears still streaming down her delicate face," None of it else matters, because, I hate you!" She finished straightening out her uniform.

"Wait, Hermione," came Ron sounding genuinely apologetic, as Hermione stormed out of the Great Hall sobbing, and randomly shouting, 'I hate you!' at the top of her lungs.

"I HATE YOU TOO!" Ron called after her, "but I love you more." He finished, muttering that last part under his breath.