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Kai: This fan fic better be good...

Ray: Don't worry Kai, what will go wrong in this one?

Kai: Plenty...I just know it...

Tyson: Oh quit worrying Kai...I'm sure it's going to be interesting...

Max: All we need is some popcorn...

Everyone: stares at Max --

Max: What?

Tyson: Nevermind...

Feeling Young Again

Chapter 1: The Formula

(NOTE: This happened after Beyblade G-Revolution. Also, this is a friendship fan fic.)

One day, a letter came in that's addressed to the Bladebreakers. All the Bladebreakers were sitting in a circle except for their team captain, Kai Hiwatari, who was leaning against the wall while sitting with his legs crossed while his eyes were closed and his head tilted down.

Everyone else, Tyson Granger, Max Tate and Ray Kon, was just staring at the letter in front of each of them. Daichi Sumeragi, who has to do stuff for Kenny and Hilary, isn't with the rest of the Bladebreakers at this time.

Everyone was quiet until Max broke the silence. "Can we open the letter now?" he asked.

Ray picked up the letter and handed it to Tyson while replying, "It's from Mr. Dickinson...Read it Tyson."

Tyson took the letter, opened the envelope, took the note that's in there out, held it while saying, "Ok then, this is what it says," He cleared his throat and began to read it:

Dear Bladebreakers,

You are invited to a night at a buffet restaurant. A bus will be in front of Tyson's dojo at 6:30pm. I wish I could attend, but I have many things to do. I give my regards. Enjoy!


Mr. Dickinson

"Alright! A buffet!!!" Max exclaimed.

"Not so fast!" said Ray. "We can't go until our captain approves it."

"Well Kai...can we?" Tyson pleaded.

Kai opened his eyes and looked at Tyson after he thought about it. He replied in a flat way, "I guess it's alright..."

"Alright! Thanks Kai!!!" Tyson exclaimed.

"As long as you guys have some table manners over on..." Tyson winned.

"Too bad Tyson..." Kai joined the rest of the Bladebreakers.

"But Tyson..." Max interrupted. "when is the buffet?"

"Good question," said Ray. "Let's check the letter."

Kai took the letter and read it.

"P.S. The dinner is today..."

"What time is it?" Tyson asked.

"It's around 6:45pm..." said Max as he looked at the clock.

"OMG!!! We're late!!!"

Everyone ran out the door to the bus and got in. Soon, the bus took them to the buffet restaurant. When they got in the restaurant, there was no customers in there except for the waiters there. Ray said to the others, "Something's wrong..."

"Yea," Max agreed. "But what it is?"

"Maybe the fact that we are the only customers here in this restaurant?" Kai answered.

"It doesn't matter," said Tyson. "As long as we got the place to ourselves and that means we get all the food we can eat!!!"

The Bladebreakers got a table to sit and soon went to get food from the banquet to munch on.

Meanwhile, one of the waiters put some special powder in all of the drinks. Then, she brought the drinks to the Bladebreakers, who were stuffing their faces with food, including Kai, who ate in a respectful way.

"You want some drinks?" the waiter asked.

"Yea please," replied the Bladebreakers, except for Kai.

The waiter got each of the Bladebreakers a tropical punch. They all took the glass of drinks they got while Tyson said, "To the Bladebreakers!"

Max, Ray and Tyson held their drinks up. They stopped because they were waiting for Kai to hold up his drink. "Anytime now Kai..." said Max.

Kai sighed and held his drink up also while saying, "To the Bladebreakers..."

They all did a toast and all drank their drinks.

They all enjoyed their dinner including Kai, who almost stuffed himself as much as Tyson. Soon, they all went back to Tyson's dojo.

By the time they got back to the dojo, there was a folded piece of paper on Tyson's bed when everyone got into Tyson's room. Tyson picked up the letter, unfolded it, and read it:

Ha! You fell to my formula! Starting tomorrow morning, each of you Bladebreakers will witness something different from each of you. To turn back to normal, depends on which drink you drank.

Tyson folded the piece of note again and then teared it apart and threw what's left of it into the garbage. "That's so fake..." said Tyson.

"Yea," Max agreed.

Ray yawned. "Let's go to sleep..."

"Yea..." said Tyson.

Then, everyone left the room while Tyson followed them to sleep in the dojo room along with the Bladebreakers. Soon, they drifted into sleep.

Then next morning, everything was normal except for Max's screaming. "Ahh!!!" he yelled.

Ray and Kai sat up from their beds and asked Max, "What is it, Max?"

"Look for yourselves!!!" Max exclaimed as he pointed to a lump on the bed that Tyson was sleeping in.

Kai cautiously got closer and then pulled out the blanket to reveal the result. Everyone gasped, which includes the team captain.


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