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From Loving to Home

Vegeta was close, he could feel it in every fiber of his being. He'd been in space for months, slowly drawing closer and closer to his goal at a steady but sometimes agonizing speed. He could reach the state of Super Saiyan, he'd proven that only a couples days ago. Now he had to learn how to maintain it for more than a second and without nearly killing himself in the process. It would be serious irony, if he figured it all out now and than died shortly there after because he couldn't control it. Bulma would probably say it was divine justice.

So far he could only hold onto the form for seconds, he would not return until he had mastered it. Weary and exhausted Vegeta sat down on his bunk, intending to get a few hours sleep before beginning his training once more when a blinking light catching his eye. Vegeta looked at it, a small smile playing across his face before it disappeared behind his usual mask of indifference when it came to his latest human related trial. The woman had gone and set him another video of some kind.

For some reason Bulma, stupid woman that she was, felt the need to document every waking moment of their son's life and he was getting used to coming in to find data sent from earth, usually containing video footage as well as commentary and e-mails from Bulma. Why she thought he cared that Trunks liked carrots, or preferred her bear to Gohan's gift duck was beyond him. Getting to his feet Vegeta walked over and taking a seat at the desk accessed the file. Noting the smallness of the video file this time Vegeta raised an eyebrow, wondering why she'd sent him anything that couldn't be more a minute at most. Clicking on it Vegeta watched the video screen pop up on his screen, the image black, then there was his son, sitting up in front of the camera, wearing the most cutesy, hideous outfit Vegeta had ever seen. It looked like his son was dressed up as a teddy bear. A pink and yellow teddy bear. By Kami...

"Hi, Daddy!" Came Bulma's voice, disguised so that apparently she wanted him to think Trunks, who had yet to open his mouth, was saying it. "Look what Mommy dressed me in! I don't like it at all because it's very girlie and unmanly and any good Saiyan would die of shame having to wear it. So you better come home soon, Daddy, otherwise she says she's going to dress me up like a piggy! Hurry back, Daddy!"
As if on cue Trunks made a disgusted face and then the screen went blank once more.

Chuckling Vegeta shook his head at the woman's foolishness and made a note to e-mail her tomorrow telling her that if she ever thought of putting his son in something like that again he was going to tear apart her wardrobe. That would put the fear of the gods in her. Or maybe not, since she could easily replace everything he trashed with annoying ease. He'd have to come up with something better, something really insidious that would keep her worrying and fuming until he got back. It was plans like this that made him eager to return to Earth.


The house was dark when he entered it, letting himself in without alerting the other occupants to his presence. The fact that the security codes hadn't changed since he left was either a concession to Dr. Brief's scatterbrainess or a way of them insuring he could get in whenever he got back. Vegeta decided to think it was probably a little bit of both and made a mental note to get them to change it come morning. For now he'd ignore the stupidity of it all. Heading up the stairs, careful not to make a sound, Vegeta paused only briefly, to look at some of the new pictures hanging on the wall that featured his son in them. Some of the outfits they'd put the boy in while he was away. And people called him a sadist, ha.

Once at the top of the stairs he headed directly for the room that had been designated as his son's, a nursery they'd called it. As stupid name for a room, but than naming a room to begin with was sort of stupid too. Of course he blew up rooms rather than lived in them, so maybe he was a little biased in that regard. They were usually all rubble once he was done with them and that's the way he liked it. And how he got on stupid topics like this was beyond him. He'd only been back on Earth for ten minutes and already he felt himslf getting dumber. Shaking his head at the thought of his decreasing intelligence he opened the nursery door and slid inside, closing it softly behind him. Looking around he visibly winced at all the cutesy, girlie, downright wrong paraphernalia scattered throughout the room. It was painted a sky blue with white accessories, but it was hard to tell because all available space was covered with stuff. The stuff had stuff, that was how bad it was. Vegeta severely doubted that even a tenth of the things in the room had a logical and useful function. The women were shopping menaces. It was a wonder the world's merchants hadn't erected shrines to the Briefs women, in thanks of their support and patronage.

Walking over to stand in front of the crib Vegeta looked down and had to wince again. His son was sleeping with what looked like a stuffed purple elephant. An elephant for Christ sakes. At least the damn bear was a vicious predator in real life, but an elephant? The stupid things were huge, dumb giants who were so stupid they were afraid of mice. What was the woman thinking, giving his son such a stupid animal for a sleeping partner. Reaching down with the intent to pull the elephant from his son's grasp, Vegeta was mildly surprised and pleased at the firm grip the little Saiyan had on it. In fact, Vegeta was pretty sure that he wasn't going to be able to get it away from Trunks unless he was willing to wake the boy up in the process, something he certainly did not want to do. Disgruntled but resign, Vegeta figured one more night couldn't hurt. He'd dispense with the elephant in the morning. Use it and all its little stuffed animal friends for target practice.

Pleased at the thought Vegeta turned his attention back to his son, looking him over for any sign of the sort of man the boy was being trained to be. At least he wasn't wearing a goofy outfit, maybe the woman had just been putting him in those for the pictures and recordings she'd sent him. She was that evil, Vegeta acknowledged, though she had a ways to go before she could hope to compete with him there. He'd get her back and good. Something to look forward to after the demise of the purple menace. Cheered Vegeta went back to his survey, noting that his son seemed to be healthy enough, with good color in his plump cheeks and a scowl on his face, a definite Saiyan feature. Over all, the woman and he did good work, at least on the outside. The truth of his son's limitations and abilities would come later, once he was old enough to be trained. Boy were he and Bulma going to go at each other than. And speaking of the little woman...

Absently tucking the baby's blanket more securely into place, Vegeta gently placed the pads of his fingers on his son's cheek, a fleeting carress before he left as quietly as he'd come moments before. Once again shutting the door carefully, Vegeta silently made his way to the next room over and let himself into Bulma's bed room, again without a sound.


With a predator's grace Vegeta made his way across the room to the large, four poster bed where Bulma lay, curled up on her side with her head turned to face her dresser. Towards the baby monitor thing, Vegeta noticed, knowing that she took it everywhere with her when Trunks was sleeping and not in the same room. Apparently that hadn't changed, even though the boy was no human infant, constantly crying and needing attention like some pathetic little girl. Saiyans did not cry and they did not need their mothers fussing over them, giving them complexes like that little brat Gohan had. His son would be a momma's boy over his dead, Saiyan body. The baby monitors could join the elephant tomorrow. His homecoming was going to be busier than he'd previously anticipated.

A soft sound had his attention returning to the present, and Vegeta's attention once again returned to the still figure upon the bed. Walking the rest of the way necessary Vegeta sat down on the side of the bed, looking her over as he had done to their son earlier. She'd lost the extra weight she'd gained, but her breasts were still bigger than usual, a definite bonus as far as he was concerned. Perhaps she was still breastfeeding. As he liked to think of the pair as his sole property he didn't much care for the idea of sharing them, even with his son for a limited basis. But Bulma had said something about breast milk making babies stronger than formula, and being a woman she would know those sorts of things. Or she could have been lying, just to annoy him, but he had no way of finding out that wouldn't take valuable time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. So he'd just have to put up with it, for the sake of Trunks, who'd need all the help he could get getting over his human D.N.A.

Otherwise she looked the same, though she did look a little worn around the edges. Working too hard probably. Oh well, her work load was going to increase even more with him back, but he'd make an effort to go easy on her until he got bored. Come to think of it, with all the months he'd been gone she must have stockpiled new toys for him to break in. Sweet. If he'd been anyone other than himself, he'd be rubbing his hands together in maniacal glee.

"Do I want to know what you're thinking?"

Raising an eyebrow, since he hadn't noticed her eyes opening, Vegeta was surprised that he'd woken her up, much less that she was already aware enough to pick up his present mood.

Propping herself up on her pillows Bulma sat up facing him, mentally cursing the fact that her hair was a mess, her room was a mess, and worst of all, she wasn't wearing anything remotely becoming. The plain sleep shirt didn't even show off her boobs well, and they were so annoying it didn't seem fair that they weren't finally earning their keep in a way that didn't involve Trunks latching onto them like a vaccum cleaner.

"No, you probably don't want to know what I was thinking." Vegeta answered, not wanting her to lock up his new toys before he'd gotten a chance to see and possibly break them. And really, what kind of the welcome home was this? Where was the replay of his send off?

Knowing him well enough to know she probably didn't want to know Bulma decided dropping the question was the best course to preserving her sanity. "Did you see him?"

Knowing who she meant Vegeta nodded.

Rolling her eyes Bulma thought about drawing out Vegeta's opinion of her pride and joy but didn't see the point. Vegeta could think Trunks was the greatest thing since the Saiyan race and would never say so. Well okay, maybe that was a stretch...Vegeta might say that after the kid became a Super Saiyan. Preferably before Gohan. And speaking of Super Saiyans...

"So you managed it, huh?"

The grin that spread across Vegeta's face couldn't quite be called happy, but it was as close as a true Saiyan would ever get to physically showing an emotion similar to that. "As if there was ever any doubt." Though there had been, constantly, for longer than he cared to think about. But in the end, though he'd never tell her so, Bulma's prediction had proved correct. Achieving the status he'd craved had become possible, when he'd considered himself to be at his very weakest. His weakness it seemed, had forged in him the strength he'd always sought. Not that he'd ever admit it. Ever.

"I'm happy for you." Smiling too Bulma really was. Of course this meant her job of keeping him in line was going to get much harder, but than hard and Vegeta tended to go together. Good thing she'd stockpiled things for him to blow up, anticipating just that. All her beautiful creations would be dead within the week. Too bad insurance didn't cover Saiyan warriors playing with new, recently discovered talents. "So is it as great as you thought it would be?"

"I haven't mastered it completely yet...but yes, it's...very satisfying." It was an enormous accomplishment, one that every Saiyan male strove to achieve with every breath he took until the day he died. And yet, more than that pride, it was his wish to return here that had pushed him harder than he'd ever pushed himself before. As ecstatic and happy as he'd been when he pulled it off, it hadn't been nearly as satisfying as sitting her now, being here, with her, and able to tell her what he'd accomplished, knowing she'd be proud of him. Worried, but proud, Vegeta amended with an inner grin, knowing she was probably already visualizing the destruction he could now wrought on an even greater level than before.

"So what's the next challenge you're going to set for yourself? Or is that soemthing else I just don't want to know."

"Preparing Trunks to take his place as a true and worthy Saiyan prince."

"Yup, I didn't want to know." Laughing softly as she said it Bulma could only imagine the fights ahead. It was going to be something to see. She might have to up their insurance levels and get insured by multiple companies, if that was legal. But she'd think about that later. For now, her men were home and safe, that was all that mattered. Stifling a yawn with the back of her hand Bulma smiled at him apologetically. "Long day. So you want to get in here and get some sleep too? You can show me how you look as a blonde in the morning."

Tugging off his boots and shirt by way of answering Vegeta left them on her floor and joined Bulma under the covers. Once settled in Vegeta gave her questioning look as she snuggled back under the covers. "So this is my home coming huh?"

"Well if you'd let me know you were coming we could have had a party." Was her smiling response, deliberately playing obtuse. Vegeta would rather be chained to Goku than go to a party, even his own party. Hell, even a hunting party wouldn't interest him overly unless what they were hunting was of killing interest for someone like Vegeta.

"Please." Sneering the word it was obvious Vegeta didn't find that nearly as funny as she did.

"Is that a show of sarcasm or are you asking me to have sex with you?"

Vegeta could literally feel a familiar twitch beginning to pulsate under her right eye. Why exactly had he missed this? The air in space must have acted as a drug and made him hallucinate. No Saiyan in his right mind would chose to live with this.

Biting back a snicker Bulma couldn't help it. She'd gone nearly a year without fighting with him, she'd been going through withdrawal. Doing her best not to grin too widely, better to start him off small before going back to her full blown bitchiness, Bulma turned over, shifting so that she could lay her head on his chest. Patting those muscled abs of his Bulma did her best not to laugh at the scowl he aimed her way. "Hey, you only got together with me for the sex, not my personality, remember?"

"Well that goes without saying." Was his sarcastic reply.

"I really am glad you're back."

"You just missed the sex."

"Well that goes without saying."

After what was a long, drawn out pause, Vegeta wrapped his arms around her, and prepared to go to sleep with her snuggled against his side. "I'm glad to be back with you too."

"Welcome home."

The End

Sorry to end it there, but if I didn't, it would never be finished. I haven't watched the show in half a decade, and don't plan to change that. I hope this ending will appease, and end what was an enjoyable fic. Thanks for waiting, I hope you enjoyed.