Happy Birthday

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: It was her birthday present; at least that's what the note said. DARK FIC.

A/N: Takes place during season 7 of Buffy. I'm changing the timeline a little, Spike's at the Summers' house and tied up, but none of the potentials are there and neither is Giles. Season 4 of Angel, after he lost his soul.

It was Dawn's birthday present. At least that was what the note had said. She laughed out loud, bitterly, when she thought of it.

She found Willow first. She had looked like she was sleeping, so peaceful. That was until she pulled back the blanket and saw the majority of Willow's blood against the white sheet. Dawn's piercing scream filled the house but no one came running. So she went down the hall into Buffy's room.

There she found Xander propped up in a chair. In a state of shock Dawn turned the chair around. Xander's partially decapitated head fell to his chest. Anya was on the floor next to him. A deep stab wound in her stomach. When she looked behind her for any signs of Spike, all she found was a pile of dust where the vampire had formally been tied up.

Finally she went to her bedroom. Sitting on the floor next to her bed was a small stack of presents. All nicely wrapped. They had been there when she woke up but on her rush to get to school she hadn't had time to open them. Lying next to the stack was another box, this one not wrapped.

Dawn moved to pick up the box in a daze. As she kneeled beside her bed to pick up the box she saw Buffy's body on the other side of her bed. Forgoing opening the box she moved to Buffy. There were 2 bite marks in her neck and pined to her chest was a white piece of paper.

"Happy Birthday, hope you like you're presents. –Angelus" Dawn read out loud.

Moving back to the box she opened the lid. Inside she found 2 pictures. One of Cordeila's body and the other of Wesley's. If Dawn didn't know any better she would have thought they were still alive. The only thing that told her they were dead was the unnatural angle their necks were laying.

Still in shock Dawn made her way downstairs where she found a little party already set up. Streamers and balloons were set up all around the living room and party hats sat on the table.

Dawn picked up one of the hats and put it on. Silent tears streaming down her face she proceeded to sing happy birthday for the thing that wasn't suppose to exist.

A/N: Got the idea when I heard my sister play a slowed down version of Happy Birthday on the piano. She was teaching herself the song in honor of my birthday, which is in a month. If you're wondering why Angelus didn't send pictures of Fred and Gunn it's because Dawn didn't know them and he didn't want to waste film. PLEASE REVIEW.