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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


"GONE?!?" Jazz said shocked. "Whattaya MEAN gone?"

"Just like I said, Bro... She must have snuck into your room last night and swiped your stuff." "Why would she be crazy enough to do something like that?"

Everyone looked at Lori...

"What? I didn't think she'd be so stubborn as to actually TRY it..." She said, nervously shrugging her shoulders. "I... couldn't just stand there while she read Jazz the riot act!!" "Well, at least she couldn't have gotten too far." Jazz said hopefully, "It's easily an 10-hour trip to Devan's lab on foot for someone like her, and we can probably get there in under an hour." "Yeah, but she's got a head start, so we'd better get a move on."

Meanwhile, in Devans Laboratory;


Oops... sorry- wrong laboratory.

Devan shell had just been mulling over his notes on what goes wrong in each attempt to conquer carrotus when his hench lizard crept in.

"Hey boss?"

"Not now... I'm busy."

"But- well, you know that radar transmitter you put on the green bunny's bandana a while back?"

"What about it?"

"Well, the radar's making a lot of beeping noises and the little dot is coming closer to the center of the screen... what does that mean?"

"WHAT!?!?" Devan jumped up. Following his lackey Devan went up to the radar. Sure enough, the dot WAS slowly coming towards the center.

"A SURPRISE attack?" Devan questioned. "But I haven't done ANYTHING yet." Jazz may have been his archenemy, but usually it was DEVAN who did the surprise attacks- Jazz was more of a retaliator. "Hmm... seems to be moving slower then he usually does... Ah well, I can't take this lying down- lets get ready for the attack. That rabbit won't catch US unprepared..."

"This is going to be sweet; no more Devan, no more random attacks from those slimy reptiles, no more of this "Turtles Vs. Rabbits" nonsense(I mean honestly- this stupid war of Devans has ruined a lot of friendships.). And NOBODY will ever say that I never pulled my fair share again." Queen Earlong muttered to herself. Squinting off into the distance, she saw a large metallic dome.

Devan's lab- she was almost there.

"Say your prayers, you lousy lizard with a lid. Your soft-shelled carcass is MINE!"

To be continued... in Chapter 3

The parent trap

(HA! I kill me...)

By the way, I just made up the radar transmitter. Since Jazz rarely ever takes his bandana off, I figured Devan would be smart and sneaky enough to use it to keep an eye on where his foe is at any given time. As for exactly WHEN Devan planted it, well, I don't know. Just take your favorite war tavern story where Jazz and Devan fight, and say that it was secretly planted during THAT battle.