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Summary: SBGW-Takes place during OotP. Spoilers for all the books. If you haven't read them, you shouldn't be on this site. Lupin told her not to flirt with him. She ignored his warnings. Now look where that got her. In the bed of one Sirius Black.

Chapter One:

Just a Girl

It all began not even two weeks after we all came home from Hogwarts. I was sick of being this young, delicate thing, always meant to be protected by others and never allowed to do the things my brothers could because 'I'm just a girl'.

I hate that excuse. "You can't play Quidditch with us," my brothers would say. "Because you're just a girl."

Yeah, I'm a girl. But that's not why they won't let me play. Well, it is, actually, but it's not to look out for my well-being. It's because they are afraid to see if I might be as good as, if not better than, any of those boys at flying. I am as good as Fred and George, at least, and I am pretty sure I am better than Ron. Charlie is much better than any of us, of course, with his being the former star seeker of Gryffindor and all. But Bill and Percy, both of whom have never played Quidditch on a team or even taken any particular interest in the sport, were certainly worse fliers than me, and I honestly can't see or even possibly fathom why on how on earth anyone could be considered worse fliers than those two, but clearly that's the opinion of me that my brothers all held.

Oh, I'm getting off topic. I do that a lot. My friend Hermione Granger says that I probably have a chemical imbalance in my brain that muggles call Attention Deficit Disorder, or something like that.

But, back to my story. About two weeks after we left Hogwarts, I came into the kitchen to hear my mother discussing the infamous murderer Sirius Black with my father.

"But Arthur, don't you think there is even the slightest chance he could be..."

"Be what, Molly? He's a murdering lunatic! It's rumored that he was spotted in Albania a few weeks ago, and that's where You-Know-Who was rumored to be before the incident with the Third Task!"

"But Arthur, I mean, think about it: James Potter and Sirius Black were best friends; why on earth would he betray the Potters when he was such a devoted godfather and loyal best friend? It just doesn't make any sense, Arthur!"

There was a pause before my father spoke again. My mind was reeling: Sirius Black...THE Sirius Black...had been best friends with James Potter, Harry's father? And he was Harry's godfather? Did the youngest, and last remaining, Potter know this?

Suddenly my father began to talk again, but in such hushed tones that I had to lean further toward the leaning doorframe to hear what he was saying.

"You-Know-Who has...persuaded...dozens of people to betray those they loved for him. I'm sure that persuading a Black couldn't have been more of a challenge than persuading a Malfoy."

This bit of information puzzled me. Blacks were as bad as Malfoys? I had heard of the Black's pureblooded ways before, but this came as news to me. I didn't think that they were that bad. But then again, Sirius Black had been insane, still was insane: he blew up thirteen people, one of which had been a friend of his.

"Arthur..." my mother began again. "You must have noticed that a piece of the puzzle was missing. Something just doesn't feel...right...about the whole situation."

"Of course it doesn't seem right. That's because it ISN'T right! Nothing to do with You-Know-Who is right, Molly!"

Right then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it was freezing cold. It startled me so much that I leapt into the air with a high-pitched squeal. My parents stopped talking immediately and I spun around to see Ron looking at me, surprised, but with a huge grin on his face.

"Ginevra Weasley!"

I whirled back around to see my mum and dad standing there, hands on hips. Dad wasn't much of a threat to my existence; he usually let things slide...but Mum. I felt a slight shiver go down my spine in fear of her temper.

"Y-yes, mum?"

"What-you-I-We...Urgh!" She let out a frustrated noise somewhere between and groan and a growl. I was fairly frightened she might turn rabid. Her face was turning bright red from suppressed rage. I had a feeling this wasn't anger only about my eavesdropping. It might have had to do with Fred and George's continuous development of the Weasley's Wizard Weezes, the return of You-Know-Who, and something she was just not mentioning...

"Sorry, Mum," I apologized quickly. I could practically see the steam being emitted from her ears. Honestly, I was waiting for her to grow fangs and breath fire already.

"We..." she began with determined calm. "Are to go to a place where we, meaning the whole family, are to stay for the rest of the summer. I will inform Percy by owl to come meet us here. Charlie and Bill are to come as well, but they won't have to stay there."

Everyone, that is, Ron and me, stared at her in shock. Even Dad looked as though he hadn't been expecting this: his eyes were wide and his jaw had dropped open.

"Wh-what?" Dad stammered, once he had finally found his voice.

"It explains it in this letter I got this morning," Mum replied, pulling a slightly worn piece or parchment from her pocket. Dad took it and read it over at least twice. He tore his eyes from it to look at Mum again.

"Were you going to tell me?" Dad demanded furiously.

"Of course I was," Mum snapped. "I was about to, just a minute ago."

"Well, what on earth does any of this have to do with Sirius Black?" Dad postulated angrily.

"Sirius?" Ron suddenly piped up, snatching the worn parchment quickly. His cerulean blue eyes scanned over it quickly before darting back to his parents. A smile spread across his face, which seemed extremely ironic amidst the angry and confused vibes everyone else was giving off. "Doesn't sound too happy, does he?"

"Who is 'he'?" Dad suddenly asked, looking between Ron and Mum. "Who is the letter from?"

I grabbed the offending letter quickly from Ron's hands, and read over its contents bewilderedly.


Dumbledore wishes (i.e. insists) that you and your seven (?!) children, as well as your husband, stay at my house this summer. Remus Lupin will be by in two days to take you here. Lucky you. Pack for...well, the rest of the basically bring most of your belongings. There are enough rooms for everyone. Hermione will be arriving a week after your group, tell Ron that. Harry can't come until August. See you soon.


S.B...S.B...S. Black? Sirius Black? I was about to voice my opinion, but my dad beat me to it.

"Are you trying to tell me," he began. His words were slow and deliberate, as though he wanted to be wrong. "That this letter is from Sirius Black?"

"And we get to go live with him? For the rest of the summer?" Ron asked. His voice, in contrast to our dad's, was excited, happy, and almost eager. I stared at him. He knew Sirius Black? The thought sounded ridiculous even in my mind. There was no possible way, that my brother Ronald Weasley could potentially-

"Ron knows him," Mom stated matter of factly. "Yes, we are going to stay at his house. You see, Arthur, what I was trying to tell you earlier was that-"

"Sirius Black. We are going to stay at a psychopathic, not to mention Death-Eater, killer's house under Albus Dumbledore's orders?!" Dad asked incredulously. The volume of his voice was rising steadily.

"Sirius isn't a killer! He'd never hurt anyone! Except maybe Pettigrew...or You-Know-Who...or Lucius Malfoy...or any Malfoy...or any Death-Eater, for that matter...and he'd probably hurt Snape...and maybe-"

"Ron, you are not making much of a point here!" Dad yelled impatiently.

Right then I heard two very loud, quite fake-sounding yawns come from behind me. I turned to see Fred and George standing there, and I highly suspected that their yawns were more for the purpose of grabbing our attention than to jumpstart their oxygen intake.

I sighed to myself, watching Ron and my parents argue, and Fred and George grin deviously at the chaos. This was going to be a long day.

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