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Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, which I don't, why the fcuk (yay for using brand names in substitue of cussing!) Would I be writing on ? Use your brains, people, I know that you have them. But then again...I've been wrong before...

Summary: SBGW-Takes place during OotP. Spoilers for all the books. If you haven't read them, you shouldn't be on this site. Lupin told her not to flirt with him. She ignored his warnings. Now look where that got her. In the bed of one Sirius Black.

Chapter Ten:


I didn't want to go down to breakfast. No one could make me! I was not about to go downstairs and face a 30-something-year-old man's wrath, resentment, or worse: hopelessness. I had to admit to myself, that sounded a little melodramatic, but I was known as a drama queen. Have to protect my title.

I stood slowly, dragging my feet as I shuffled over to my dresser. I took my sweet time picking out an outfit for the day. Should I wear a red spaghetti top with those blue levis? How would the blue capsleeve look with the distressed jeans? Should I wear that cute lime green camisole with the pink lace trim? On and on I thought these thoughts, while deep down I knew I was just prolonging the inevitable.

I finally sighed, grabbing the ripped jeans with bleach spots, knowing we were just going to be cleaning anyways, and an old quidditch shirt of Charlie's that was very loose and comfortable on me.

I grudgingly stumbled down the stairs, dreading what I would find. To my sheer relief, Sirius was no where to be found. Ron, Fred, and George were there, however, and their heads were all very close together, no doubt in deep discussion of something; most likely the joke shop idea that the twins still had.

They didn't look up as I came in, and, though this normally would have just pissed me off, I was very eased by this fact. My relief was short-lived, however, because when I sat down with some bacon and toast in front of me, Ron turned to me.

"'Mornin', Gin. Sirius came in here looking for you," he began, searching my face as though the reason an escaped convict wanted to know where I was might be written on my forehead or something.

"Oh," was all I said. My mind was racing: Sirius was looking for me? What did he want? Well, he obviously wanted to talk to me...about last night, maybe? Oh, I hoped not. Maybe I could avoid him...?

"Oi, Gin, are you listening to me?"

"Huh..? Wha...? Oh, sorry, Ron. What did you say?" I asked, still caught up in my thoughts.

"I said: Sirius said to tell you, when we saw you, that he'll be in his mother's room, with Buckbeak," Ron answered exasperatedly. He sounded very annoyed with me...what right did he have to be irritated with me? What had I done to offend his highness now?

"Okay..." I muttered, not getting up. If Sirius was in his mother's room, then that was exactly where I was not going to go. Avoiding him, yes, that was the answer. I would avoid him for the rest of the summer, if I had to, just to evade the awkward conversation that was seemingly unavoidable.

"Are you going to go talk to him, or what?" Ron snapped, glaring at me.

"What is your problem?" I retorted, glad to have someone to take my frustration and anger out on.

"My problem?"

"Did I stutter? Yeah, your problem.Stop acting like such an arse!"


"Can you not understand English, Ron? Yes, you!"

"If anyone has a problem here, baby sister," he said slowly, as though he were talking to a small child with brain damage. "It is you. You have been acting like a spoiled little reclusive brat since yesterday!"

"Excuse me?" I growled. Oh, Merlin...did I just growl? What am I now, a dog?

"You heard me, Ginevra!" he snarled back. Since when had he become so aggressive and uncharacteristically waspish?

"You are such a stupid prick, Ronald," I returned. Then again, when had I become so argumentative and litigious?

Ron opened his mouth, no doubt to reply with another ridiculous, wannabe-
scathing remark, but another voice spoke before my brother.

"Stop it, you two. You're acting like five-year-olds."

I cringed; the one person I didn't want to talk to right now...

"Hey, Gin, can I talk to you real quick?" Sirius asked leaving no room for complaint or debate as he put his hand firmly on my shoulder and, after pulling me from the table, steered me out of the kitchen. He kept a strong but gentle hold on my, pushing me lightly up until I was in his room. The short journey was silent, but I noticed that he distanced himself from me more than he normally would have. Wait: 'normally would have'? I had barely known him for twenty-four hours!

He shut and locked the door behind us with his wand, then proceeded to put a silencing charm on it. He turned to me, and I was shocked at the lack of mischievous sparkle in my eyes.

I knew what he was going to want to talk about, so I opened my mouth to apologize immediately. He beat me to it, however.

"Ginny, I'm really sorry," he apologized sincerely, bending down to my eye level. "I didn't even consider that maybe you didn't the same thing I wanted. Not that I blame you, of course. You're much, much too young for me; I'm way, way too old for you, etc. I'm on the run from the ministry, for Christ's sake!"

He was ranting now, and I just stared at him, my mouth open. How could this gorgeous, Apollo-esque, beautiful specimen of a man, the epitome of masculinity and femininity (but in a very sexy way), all rolled into one tall, lithe, intense package think that anyone could not want him? The sculpted, chiseled face topped with the silkiest of raven-colored hair...the lean, toned, thin body, starved for attention but at the same time emanating sexuality...the deepest, most emotional, stormy-grey eyes that were capable of being raging and saturated with passion or desire, lust or anger on second, then the next be as gentle and welcoming, with a bright sparkle of life hiding the horrors behind the grey curtains...Oh, Merlin I lost my train of thought.

I hadn't realized that I was moving closer to where he now stood, which was right beside his bed, until I pushed him down and pressed my lips onto his aggressively, straddling his waist an burying my hands in his soft, thick ebony hair.

I felt, rather than heard, his startled gasp of surprise (something I never thought I would hear) and took advantage immediately as his lips parted. My tongue was in his mouth, and he overcame his initial shock and his hands found their way into my hair, then down my back, and finally settled onto my hips. Everywhere he touched felt as though it were on fire; did he even know what he was doing to me?!

My hands found themselves at his waist, and I pushed his shirt up his stomach, his chest his head and neck and shoulders...and shirtless he was beneath me.

Before I knew it he turned us over so that I was beneath his weight and his hips were pushing into mine urgently. We were still at the edge of the bed, and he was partially standing, with his feet pushing on the floor and bracing himself against me, grinding hard into me.

I moaned into his mouth and felt him smile lopsidedly. His lips moved from mine down my jaw and to where my pulse was. He sucked there, hard enough to leave a mark, and bit my soft skin just enough to cause pain and pleasure simultaneously. His tongue ran down my neck and to my collarbone. He looked at me briefly, asking silent permission, before yanking the Quidditch shirt off of me and throwing it somewhere.

His tongue traced down, between my breasts, down my stomach, to the top of my jeans, and he paused. He hesitated, as though deciding on whether or not to do something, before he moved back up my body and his hands traced around my bra to the back where it hooked together. He unhooked the bra easily, almost professionally, and looked at me quickly before he began to remove it altogether.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Shit!" Sirius cursed, pushing back off the bed. He glanced around looking for his shirt, but his search was cut short as three more urgent knocks sounded at the door. !" he shouted, before remembering that he had put a silencing charm on the room.

The door handle jiggled slightly before "Alohomora!" was heard.

I jumped behind the bed, grabbing my shirt and holding my bra in place as I went.

Sirius jumped over in front of the door, still shirtless, blocking the view of the bed. His hair was rumpled, his shirt was off, and his belt was unbuckled. He was breathing hard, and looked panicked, but was obviously trying to hide it. He looked incredibly sexy.

From my lame hiding place I heard my mother's voice.

"Sirius, have you-Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright, Molly...I was just, er, changing, and didn't hear you knock."

"I'm sorry." My mother sounded very embarrassed, and I knew that her face was turning as bright red as mine did when I was embarrassed. When Sirius next spoke, I could hear the smile in his voice; he was obviously amused be my mother's mortification.

"Honestly, Molly, it's fine. Now, what did you need?"

"Oh, I...I just wondered if you knew where Ginny was. The boys said she had gone to talk with you, and I need her to help clean."

"Oh, yeah. We were just talking a few minutes ago, in Buckbeak's room, and then she left, saying she had to go the lavatory."

"Ah, of course. If you see her, could you tell her to meet us in the storage room at the end of the main hall?"

"Of course," Sirius replied pleasantly, lying very smoothly. I crept out from behind the bed, hidden by Sirius' form, and snapped my bra back on. I sauntered up so I was very near Sirius, but neither he nor my mother saw or noticed me.

"Thank you, Sirius."

"No problem. See you."

Sirius shut the door behind my mother with a huge sigh of relief, and I took no time in pinning him to it and assaulting his lips with my own. He returned the kiss greedily, and turned me around, slamming my back up against the wall and lifting me up so that I had to wrap mylegs around his waist so I didn't fall...not that I minded.

He sucked and licked my neck again, drawing moans and sighs out of me happily as he pushed his groin into me roughly.

I gasped as I felt him and he pulled both my arms above my head, his mouth moving to my ear.

"Feel what you do to me, Gin?" he growled, pushing into me harder. His tongue moved out and flicked my ear, before moving to my neck again.

I moaned loudly, before remembering the silencing charm. "Sirius," I groaned as he thrust his hips to meet mine several times.


"Silencing..oh! Charm..."

"Ah...Silencio..." he muttered, pointing his wand at the door.

His hand moved back to unsnap my red bra, and this time he removed it completely. He had his hands full, with my breasts and ass to occupy his pleasures, and I moved my own lips and tongue to his neck.

He growled, and ground his growing arousal into me eagerly.

"Ginny," he muttered huskily into my ear. His voice was so much lower than its natural tenor... "I want you...I need you..."

As if to prove this a fact, he thrust into my hips again.

"Sirius," I moaned.

Suddenly another "Alohomora!" was heard and the door opened again. By then we had moved slightly so that we were on the wall behind the door, therefore the door didn't open all the way.

It was my mother again.

"Sirius have you seen Ginny yet?"

"N-no," Sirius stammered. I could feel his heart racing as his bare chest was pressed against my own. He poked his head around the door. "I haven't seen her yet, actually. I haven't exactly finished getting dressed..." He trailed off, raising his eyebrows expectantly at my mother.

"Oh, Merlin, I'm so sorry, Sirius. Again. S-sorry...I'll going now..."

She left, and Sirius reapplied the locking and silencing charms once again.

Sirius sighed, dropping his head onto my shoulder.

I sighed as well, knowing I was going to have to leave then.

Sirius cursed colorfully, stepping back and lowering me to the floor. He picked up my bra and handed it to me, avoiding looking at my eyes as he did so.

"Looks like you places to go, things to do..." he mumbled dejectedly.

"Sirius," I began, putting a hand on his shoulder. He turned to me immediately, looking as though he were in quite a bit of pain. "I'm sorry-"

"It's not your fault-"

"No, I mean...about last night. I was just, well...I was just scared, I guess," I finished lamely, looking at him hopefully.

He grinned and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "All is forgiven, luv. Now, I believe you have to go to a storage room. I...I am in dire need of some magazines and lotion, so-"

"Sorry," I repeated.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied good-naturedly. "I really have to go to the bathrrom, so...see you later, Gin."

I stood up on my toes and kissed him quickly before gathering my shirt and leaving, fixing my hair and appearance on the way to the storage room.

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