The Test

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Author's Note- If you read this, it would be best if you had finished the game, Final Fantasy 8 or at least are very close to. This is just a little piece I wrote to get rid of my Writer's Block. So if it's a little weird…well…sorry. !! It was supposed to be really short…but then it grew…and grew…and grew…but it still has no plot.

Chapter 1

As friends, don't forget one another!

As friends, believe in one another!

Believe in your friends' existence!

And they'll also believe in yours.

To be friends, to like one another, and to love one another...

You can't do these things alone.

You need somebody.

You need love and friendship for this mission!

And the courage to believe it.

It's all about love, friendship, and courage!

I'm counting on you guys!

(Zell, Quistis, Irvine, Selphie, Rinoa....) Squall Leonhart looked to his side, catching just glimpses of his comrades' faces. His friends' faces. (I see you…do you see me?) A certain raven haired girl caught his eye. Rinoa Heartilly. She could be named as his Sorceress, as he was knight to her. As much as he hated to admit it…he had fallen for her. Suddenly, she began to plunge down faster into the place that extend from all sides endlessly. His heart began to pound fearfully inside of him. But then she slowed, and calm flowed through him again.

The fall down through time compression was more than a little freaky for Squall. As he fell, the wind naturally flapped the extra fabric in his clothing. But the strangest thing was…he felt nothing. Missing was the coolness of the fall, the weight of gravity. It simply did not exist.

"Where are we supposed to go!?" Quistis asked, her voice echoing eerily. Squall turned slight towards her.

"To Edea's house!"he answered loudly.

"I'll...probably disappear..." Rinoa murmured dejectedly.

"Just stay by my side. I won't let you disappear!!!" The sorceress looked up and nodded, flying closer to him.

Looking around the large time anomaly they were in, he squinted. The sides were a mix of dozens, even thousands of shades of blue. They blended together in swirls. White streams floated around gently against the blue background, like clouds in the sky. Except these were no clouds. They couldn't be.

Creatures, both large and small seemed to plummet down with them. He wasn't close enough to see them…but…he knew they were ugly. Hundreds of thousands of rock-like shapes, both big and small floated around them. They weren't so much solid as they were liquid. They gave off a metallic shine, but clearly images were showed. Squall recognized many…but others he was sure were the future. It must have taken great amounts of luck to pass by those things without touching them.

For a moment, Squall wasn't sure what was supposed to happen next once they were in the Time Compression. Were they supposed to go out of the Time Compression? Were they supposed to dive down faster? Would Squall risk breaking the barriers between dimensions?

(No…I can't…I just have to believe…in them…in my friends.) Suddenly, another woman began to fall faster than the rest. From his view, she was at risk of being compressed. The strain was unbearable. He felt as if he was being crushed. But despite his own pain, Squall felt his heart lurch for her…Quistis Trepe. The former instructor…his former instructor. The one who he told off after she confided in him. But somehow, he thought he did what was right. After all, if he had given her the sympathy she was searching for, she might have not become the strong woman she was now. Suddenly, the pain stopped and Quistis slowed.

A sudden sound, a snap, caught his attention. He turned and twisted around in an attempt to find the source of the sound. As he turned to look over his shoulder from his dive, a shadow appeared over him. The light from above was blocked by something falling. Something big.

Squall's eyes, blue like a peaceful sea, widened in surprise and horror. Not for himself though. For the man falling unconscious into him. With a gasp, he fell back, the weight of the man pushing him faster forward. He barely avoided colliding into Rinoa. He clutched Zell with one hand. The uneven distribution of weight made him turn faster and faster. The figures of the people behind him were slowly fading, and so were their panic and grief stricken faces.

Believe in your friends' existence! And they'll also believe in yours.

Squall looked at the man whose weight he was carrying. Zell Dincht. He didn't see much of his face, but he didn't need too. Despite his appearance which was almost transparent, a black tattoo was still imprinted on his left cheek. It was a simple dragon-like shape. A thought struck him with surprising fierceness. (No one believed in him…so he's disappearing.)

As friends, believe in one another!

He shut his eyes firmly and thought, despite the circumstances, despite the fear of death. Zell was a hot dog fanatic. He'd eat as much hot dogs as he could get his hands on. He was surprisingly healthy. In fact, half the Garden bet that Zell would be classified as 'overweight' in the last SeeD Health Inspection. Those people lost quite a bit of gil that day. He had no weapon specialty because he was a martial artist. His specialty was weaponless combat. Squall opened his eyes and looked at Zell again.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips. He was now fully opaque. But now a new problem presented itself….Squall, himself, was becoming transparent with each passing second…or were they minutes? It was clear that the rest of them thought him and Zell were dead. The grip on the martial artist was slipping. (Believe in me, Rinoa…believe…) Even as that thought entered his mind, a new fear entered his heart. If his grasp on Zell failed, then…what would happen to the martial artist? Would he get sucked into Time Compression forever? The thought of himself never so much as developed in his conscious.

He tried to climb upward, back towards the rest of the orphanage gang. He only flew several feet before falling again. The extra weight pulled him down. (Dammit Zell…do you have to eat all those hotdogs?) He narrowed his eyes in thought. (How do I wake him up? How??) Squall began to shaking him slightly in hope that he would wake. And wake he did. Zell's eyes snapped open in slight panic. Squall didn't have to hear him to know that he was cursing. He looked to him and mouthed the words 'Time Compression'. The martial artist's eyes widened. At where they were and Squall's appearance. 'Try to climb up, okay?' He squinted and nodded. Then Squall let go and dived down into the darkness, sparing one glance over his shoulder.

Squall looked down and welcomed the darkness as it swallowed him whole. The splash of water accompanied the fall.

Who are you?

Time, Power, Fate, Love, Peace, Life,

I…I don't understand.

They rule us…they rule all.

What…what are you talking about??Who are you?

I am everything and nothing.

Everything and nothing…?

I create, destroy, shape and control the world at my bidding.

What do you want from me?



Breathe and you shall live.

What are you talking about??

Love and you shall be loved.

Stop toying with me!!

Destroy and you shall be destroyed-

Who are you???

I am everything and nothing.

I create, destroy, mold and control life at will.

The one the only.

I have neither beginning nor end.

Leave me alone!!

I am alive but do not live.

I listen but I do not hear.

I kill…but I do not destroy.

I rule…but I cannot control.

I create…but I cannot give life.

I watch…but I do not see.

I love…but I am not loved.

I speak…but none listen.


I live…but time never passes.


I eat…but I cannot taste.


Deceit, darkness…hate, destruction….lies, betrayal…lust…sins…

Please…just stop the voices.

I sin…but I am not guilty.


I cannot overcome rules and boundaries, yet I break all guidelines.

You plead for silence. You call for friends.

I do not have friends…

Seifer…Irvine…Selphie…send him away…make them go away.

I do not have enemies either…for I rule everything and nothing.

None know I exist, yet many pray to me everyday.

What do you want?

Heed our words and you shall be forgiven.

What words?

You will destroy all you love…you must not fight the destruction. Embrace it…and you shall be healed.


You must obey for life can play harsh tricks on a fool's mind!! Do AS I SAY!!


We control all…we see all.

Roll the dice.

Spin the wheel.

Flip the coin.

When you call…we will not come…


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