Hokage Theater Presents


Brandon Rice

Rated: PG-13, because this story contains the same level of profanity as the Mangas, and some violence later on.

Summary: Team Hokage has been so busy training that they slacked off on homework. Now they can either put on a play for the school; or fail class. Fuuko and Mikagami have to kiss on stage, Domon is jealous, and Ganko gets a crush.

Disclaimer: FLAME OF RECCA and all of its characters belong to Nobuyuki Anzai, Shogakukan, Inc. and Viz, LLC. None of it is mine: EXCEPT for the plot of this story and of the play they put on.

Author's Rant: Yo. Okay, first I should inform you all that I'm not using the Japanese suffixes in this story. I usually like to, but since I don't know them, I'm not doing it. Unless someone will be nice enough to provide me with a complete list of what everyone calls each other suffix-wise, then I will use them. I'm also gonna let you all know I've only read the first six mangas of FOR. I'm not sure what episodes those translate into in the anime, but the last thing I was able to read was when Mikagami was about to fight the creepy wood guy who ate Kaoru in the tournament. Anyway, if I make some mistakes, please NICELY tell me and I'll fix it. Flames don't do crap, since I'll just ignore them and that means you waste your time and my story doesn't improve at all. Anyway, I'm ranting on too much, so I'll shuddap and let you read; if you aren't asleep by now.

Oh. And my grammar and spelling isn't top notch, so if anyone can beta, I'd appreciate it. Email me. Caribbeancowboy9 (remove the space, obviously)

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Chapter One: Hokage's Problem, Tatesako's Idea.

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"Kurenai, burn them to death!"

Recca dove as the discharge of heat smashed into the ground beside him. The angel of fire's breath was particularly hot today, and Recca was as infuriated with his brother as he ever was.

The room itself was black. Everything was black. The floor, walls and ceiling: all black. In fact, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between up and down and all around. Of course they had perfect sight of their target. It was hard to overlook Kurei when he had a giant, nude winged-woman made of fire floating above his head spitting fireballs all around the room. Recca was running down the edge of the room near the far right wall, flames exploding behind him as Kurenai's flames danced very close to his back.

"I want to smell the flesh burn off their bones!" Kurei screeched, rather madly.

"Yo' mama must have been one crazy bitch to make you." Domon pointed out as he ran down the length of the room, the Kuchibashio on his hand and ready to be thrown. Kurei didn't even blink. The beak flew right at him, and Kurei's fingers snatched the side of it and gave it a tug. Domon went flying across the room with a girly scream (Fuuko snickered) and wound up being impaled right on the end of the Fire-User's fist. Domon hit the ground and Kurei stepped over him as if he were just a large rock.

Whilst Recca was engaged in an exchange-of-fire with Kurenai, Kurei was walking slowly across the room towards the spot where Yanagi sat, clutching her leg (which was covered in a red liquid) and biting her bottom lip. Almost at once two people launched an attack at the insane 420 year old Ninja. One of them was the feminine but powerful Tokiya Mikagami; and the other was the young but equally skilled Kaoru Koganei. However, both the Ensui and Kogon Ankin were blocked by Kurei's bare hands and their wielders were thrown around until they collided into one another's heads and fell to the ground.

Kurei's fingers reached out, and even as Fuuko launched a gust of wind from the Fuujin, Kurei's index finger touched Yanagi's forehead. In an instant there was a flash of light and the black that had covered the room melted away. It was replaced by the Shuriken and Katana covered walls of the Hokage villa that Kagero had taken them to before when she first revealed Recca's past to him. Kurenai vanished with it, and Kurei was transformed instantly into Kagero herself; Recca's mother.

"I swear you do this just to aggravate me." Kagero snapped as she spun around to her son, who was plopped against his bed.

"Does the combat have to be real?" Domon asked as he shuffled to his feet, still clutching his stomach. Yanagi stood up and brought her red-liquid covered hand to her lips. She licked at the sugary substance (it was dyed maple-syrup, not blood) and Kagero sighed and leaned against the wall. Mikagami and Kaoru had woken up and were both rubbing their sore heads. "Yes it has to be real." Kagero responded at once. "You think Kurei is going to use fake punches on you?"

"I think you did much better!" Yanagi chimed in using a singsong voice.

"Thanks Princess!" Recca responded, grinning broadly. "You still failed." Kagehoshi snapped, and her son's smile vanished.

Kagero had recently discovered an old Hokage Madogu used for training young Ninjas. It could copy any battle remembered in someone's mind and reproduce it in an illusionary world. In this instance, Kagero used the Madogu to transform the villa into Kurei's now-destroyed mansion, and herself into Kurei. They were reproducing Recca's first battle with his half-brother and his angel of flame. However, unlike the first time, they hadn't won once in two months. The object of this little training program was for Recca and the gang to attack "Kurei" as he crossed the room to where Yanagi sat. So far they hadn't beaten him once.

"We haven't made any progress." Mikagami's rather depressed voice spoke up. "And the real Kurei has probably trained himself stronger by now."

"Gee, thanks for those encouraging words." Fuuko spat.

"I'm merely being honest." Mikagami replied coldly.

"Enough!" Kagero spoke in a quiet voice, but it was very stern. "You all run along to school, you're late again."

"Whose fault is that?" Kaoru asked bitterly.


Not long later, now changed into their school uniforms, Recca, Domon, Fuuko, Mikagami and Yanagi wound up in the main entrance hallway of their high school. The five of them were chatting quietly, mostly conversing about Kagero's new training program and their likes and dislikes of it. The latter very much outweighed the former.

"Recca, I think your mom broke my ribs." Domon whined as he rubbed his stomach for the fifth time since the training program.

"That's what you get for being a idiot." Fuuko responded with a yawn. "She sure doesn't go easy on us." Recca added.

"Oh, and I suppose Kurei will?" Mikagami's venomous sarcasm came quickly, for he was in a very bad mood from the outcome of the fight. He hated losing battles. Period. "She was right when she said Kurei will be even worse."

"Yeah I guess." Recca responded. "But once I get all eight Dragons we can beat him for sure!"

"Don't count on it." Mikagami responded, once again killing the mirth in Recca's tone. "Kurei won't lose without one hell of a fight. Even if we know we can kill him, we have to make sure we don't die doing it."

Recca looked as if he was going to respond to the water-swordsman's words, when a sharp voice filled all of their ears as it cried out Recca's last name. The five of them turned to see their principal standing behind them. Everyone and their mother knew that the principal's dislike of Recca was matched only by Recca's dislike of him.

"What?" Recca asked rudely.

"Good news." The Principal responded. "You're all being thrown out of school!"

Several sweatdrops were formed and many eyes twitched as well. The Principal's mouth twitch too; but it was twitching from his attempts to keep from smiling.

"What!?" Recca shouted, aghast.

"All of us?" Mikagami's eyebrow rose. "I get a 'A' on every assignment I do."

"Indeed Mikagami." The Principal responded. "But you, as well as all of your friends, haven't done a single shred of homework in two months. All those zeros have lowered your grades low enough for me to expel you all. Well, Sakoshita and Mikagami have D's, so they can stay. But Hanabishi, Kirisawa, and Ishijima are already D students. You're gone Recca!"

We're been busy training. Fuuko thought to herself. Besides, homework blows.


As if on cue, Mr. Tatesako had appeared from the hallway. Mr. Tatesako was Recca's history teacher and the only person more-obsessed with Ninjas than Recca himself. The Principal's eye twitched as Tatesako arrived and bent down and began to pant as if he had run a long way in a short time; which he had. Finally, Tatesako rose and pushed a stack of papers into the Principal's hands.

"These are all of Hanabishi's assignments in my class. He did them all, and he got A's on all of them!"

Recca sweatdropped. He had not done any such thing; but it looked like Tatesako had covered for him. It also looked like the Principal wasn't buying it. "Tell me Mr. Tatesako." The Principal smirked. "Why are all of Recca's assignments in your handwriting?"

A second sweatdrop rolled down Recca's cheek, and this time one fell down Tatesako's too. The Principal's look of victory only increased. He spoke again to Tatesako with a voice full of rudeness. "Come of it Tatesako. On any given day I can find you and Hanabishi in the teacher's lounge, which is against the rules, by the way, talking about Ninjas and playing with shurikens, which is also against the rules."

The Principal turned back to the Hokage team. "In two weeks the midterm report cards come out. If you haven't all got at least D's by then, I'm chucking the lot of you out on the street where you riffraff belong." With that said, the principal turned and strolled down the hallway; practically skipping in his good mood.

"Who cares?" Recca shrugged. "We'll have more time to train if—"

Fuuko hit him first. "My parents will kill me if I'm chucked out!"

Domon was next. "My mom will make me work in that damn flower shop!"

Mikagami was the last to smack Recca, and he also hit him the hardest of the three. "I want to go to college."

Yanagi bit her lip and then she mumbled quietly: "I don't want to get expelled . . ."

Now the hitting Recca could deal with. He was used to being smacked, kicked, punched and even occasionally bitten by Fuuko and the others for his less-than-genius moments. However as soon as his Hime began to cry, Recca became a puddle of sadness and he quickly shook his head.

"Don't cry Princess! I won't let them kick you out!"

"Well. . ." Mr. Tatesako pondered as he rubbed his chin. "I think there may be a way out of this mess."

"Like what?" Fuuko asked, leaning against the wall and yawning.

"At the old school I used to teach at, one of my students used to skip class a lot. Oh he was great Recca, a real Ninja-lover, you'd love him."

"We should get together sometime and have lunch!" Recca suggested happily. "I found this great new shuriken on eBay that goes great with my collection, I forgot to tell you about it –-"

"HEY!" Fuuko snapped, slapping the back of Recca's head once again. "Shut up and let him finish telling us how to save our asses!"

Recca muttered something hostile under his breath, but Mikagami, Domon and Fuuko all shot him glances so brutal that he was forced to sigh, lean against the wall, and look back up at the history teacher. While it was apparent on his face that Tatesako would like nothing better than to hear all about Recca's new throwing star, he was very much afraid of Fuuko's yelling and he finished what he was originally saying.

"Anyway, my student got some friends together and put on a play. They paid for the costumes and everything out of their own pockets, and charged money for tickets. The whole school came to see it. They donated all of the money to the school, and the Principal manage to 'overlook' their bad grades."

Mikagami's eyebrow rose once more. "You mean bribe the principal not to fail us?"

Tatesako's face was covered with another nervous drop of sweat. "Yeah, I guess you could call it that! All you have to do is put on a play. The school can give you 'extra credit' for it!"

Recca beamed. "Works for me! Fuuko, you used to do plays in Elementary school!"

Fuuko shifted her weight from one leg to the other. "Yeah."

At once, Domon spoke up. "I can play the lead with Fuuko!"

Recca's eyebrow rose. "Do you know how to act?"

Domon's turn to sweatdrop had come up, apparently. Nervous laughter was his only response.

"I used to read scripts with my sister." Mikagami said, very quietly. He also spoke in a soft, almost frail voice when the subject was his sister.

"Great!" Recca clapped. "Mr. Tatesako can direct, Fuuko and Mikagami can play the leads, and I can handle special effects!"

No one really needed to ask what Recca meant by this statement, but as if to demonstrate for them anyway, he withdrew a small gray ball from his pocket, threw it into the air and set it ablaze with a quick gust of flames. The group was instantly clouded in thick gray smoke, and the second it cleared many angry fists collided with the back of the Shinobi's head.

"Oww!" Recca muttered."

"Knock off the fireworks show!" Fuuko demanded.

"I have a great idea." Yanagi spoke up. "I could write the script!"

Apparently she was the only one who thought it was a great idea. They had all seen her little masterpiece, "Firestar ReccaMan" many, many times. And as he did whenever she showed the Hokage a new issue of her ongoing children's comic, Recca stood behind his princess and threatened the other with a flaming fist until they all expressed how wonderful a idea Yanagi's had been.

"Great! I'll get started!" Yanagi beamed happily.

"Who knows." Fuuko mused. "This could be fun."

"I had no clue you liked acting, Fuuko." Mikagami responded, a bit of amusement in his voice.

"And what the hell does that mean?" Fuuko snapped, showing him a large ice-pick looking device that she could throw at him if she had the whim too.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Mikagami responded quietly, not intimidated in the least by the lethal-looking object.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

More Rant: Yeah, I know. A tad short, and lacking in the descriptions. Forgive me. This was just a "Set up" chapter mostly. Two will feature the gang's first rehearsal. It'll be fun, I promise! Also, I added that training bit both to set up a reason for their slipping grades; AND for a small bit of action. Yes, later on I'm planning a fight between Mikagami and a rather deadly assassin of Kurei's; but that won't be till closer to the end. Oh, and as for Fuuko doing plays, well, Manga vol. 4, Part Thirty-One: Fury, Page 29-31. Fuuko, as a kid, is being picked on by some older bullies who are disrupting her rehearsal for the school play. Now if they explain that in the anime or further on in the manga and I look like an idiot for pointing this out, sorry. Like I said, only six issues for me.

Anyway, if anyone wants to beta, or do that suffix list I mentioned at the beginning, please do so.

Anyway, thanks for reading!