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The flashback to Tokiya's childhood in this one is the result of lots of Dr. Pepper. Beware. The scene at the graveyard is pretty cliché, but I had to include it.

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Probably one of my silly songs starring Fuuko and Mikagami. I'd draw you guys a comic, but I have no scanner.

Chapter Four: Yanagi's Advice

It was Monday now. School had never been so hard on Recca Hanabishi. For the first time in a long time, he had to pay attention in the classes he hated most. Even math class! It was unfair. The play was set to be put on Friday night. Ever member of Team Hokage at the high school were selling tickets. Many people seemed interested; the idea of that crazy Kirisawa girl and that girly-man Mikagami prancing around on stage seemed to interest the public for some reason. Mr. Tatesako was also selling tickets in his class. But even if they did sell all the tickets they had, it wouldn't change the fact that they needed to raise their grades too.

So Recca was busy trying to figure out his math equations (A B – C / D 7 = ?), and at the same time Domon was set in class doing something he rarely ever did; reading. Unless you count manga and the occasional 'adult' book as reading, he wasn't the type to spend much of his time with literature. However, as half of the High School Hokage was busy trying to work; the other half was in hell.

Fuuko knew how very important class would be today, and she didn't care. It seemed like everywhere she looked the events of the day before played in her head. She. Had. Kissed. Mikagami. She was insane. What had brought it on? She had been mad at him, and she had been doing it for a good cause. Plus he had told her 'no' and Fuuko always did what she was told not to do. Yet could all of these things alone add up to enough reason for a kiss? Maybe for a kiss, but that had been no kiss. Well, it had, but . . . It was hard for Fuuko to understand it herself. A kiss between two actors on a stage meant nothing. The kiss was simply part of the play. This had been . . . more. An actor, generally, when kissing someone on stage thinks of their next line so they don't forget. She had thought about how Mikagami's lips tasted something like . . . tic tacs.

Sighing, Fuuko leaned forward and buried her head in her hands. She was in her Foreign Language class right now, and instead of learning how to say 'I would like some cheese, please' in English, she was busy thinking of the kiss. If the kiss had meant nothing, if it had come only from anger and if it had been merely a kiss between two actors rehearsing a part; then why did she think of it ever minute since it happened? Maybe it was just the fact that it had been the first time she kissed someone in a romantic way. No, Fuuko wasn't the romantic type. That didn't make sense.

And of course, at the back of her mind were the words little Ganko had uttered. "Do you have a crush on Mikagami?"

Fuuko couldn't have a crush. It wasn't like her. True, she had once harbored feelings for Recca, of all people, for a long time. However she had accepted that that was just a childish attraction; because it had gone away not long after that day at the school yard when Fire and Wind had clashed. She now wanted nothing more than to tease her former crush about his obvious love for his princess. Other that that, she had never crushed before. Well . . . she'd admit that Raiha was cute; but that wasn't a crush. Just a sexual attraction.

Would about Mikagami? What set him apart from Recca and Raiha? Why did it seem she was developing feelings for him? He was nothing special. Yeah, so she had been attracted to Recca because of his unwavering desire to do what is right. Mikagami wasn't like that. Mikagami was rude, sarcastic and ice cold. The exact opposite of Recca. But . . . Mikagami was still a good person. He had been pretty un-selfish when he saved Kaoru from Mokuren. And it couldn't be a sexual attraction. Mikagami looked too much like a woman. So then . . . what was it?

Dammit Fuuko, stop thinking about this. You're being all girly and weak and moping about some damn crush! Now get back into the swing of things!

Fuuko sighed and leaned even further onto her desk. It was really annoying to be going through all of this. She had to find something to get her mind off Mikagami before she became a total wuss. Blinking, she looked behind her at the kid who sat there. He had been making a lot of noise. Fuuko flushed, noticing she was leaning pretty far forward. That kid was leaning back and looking down, and if Fuuko was right in thinking he was doing it to get a peak up her skirt. . . Well, at least it would get her mind off Mikagami.



"Kirisawa! Go stand in the hallway!"

Fuuko sighed when she slumped against the wall in the hallway. It was always fun to smack someone in their nose and vent irritation (and she had a lot of frustration to vent today) but it was a mistake to have done it. Now she was in the hallway, and thinking of Mikagami once again.


"Tokiya-kun, I'm home!"


This small house owned by Mifuyu Mikagami wasn't much, but it was enough. They didn't need much anyway. Mifuyu had just returned from the store, and she was now walking towards the kitchen. Her brother Tokiya was being abnormally quiet. Whenever seven-year-olds were quiet, it meant trouble. She knew this the hard way. Not bothering to set down the brown grocery sacks, she moved down and walked into the living room; where her suspicions were confirmed.

Tokiya was sitting on the couch watching TV. Now normally Mifuyu would simply say 'Tokiya-kun, why don't you go outside and play', simply so that her brother would not become a couch potato. However it seemed that Tokiya had found HBO, and he had found a movie that . . . well Mifuyu was suddenly very sorry that HBO didn't censor their movies. She sighed set the bags down, walked over calmly and shut off the TV, and then turned around in time to hear "hey!" from Tokiya.

"Tokiya-kun you don't need to be watching that."

"Why not?" The confused seven-year-old asked.

"That movie is for grown ups." Mifuyu responded, walking over to the couch and sitting beside her brother. She wrapped an arm around his shoulder and forced him to lean against her as she tried to think of a way to explain the facts of life to her brother. "Listen . . . that kind of movie is for grown ups."

"You already said that." Tokiya pointed out.

"I did? Err . . . yeah. Look, Tokiya-kun, someday when you're grown up, and you fall in love with a nice young lady—"

"How will I fall in love?" Tokiya asked.

Mifuyu sighed. It was hard to explain the ways of the world to a seven year old. But at least she was being forced to explain about love rather than sex. It was a much easier talk. "Well, some day you'll meet a girl who you'll want to spend time with. You'll want to hug her and kiss her and live with her for the rest of your life, and she'll be your best friend."

A bit cliché, but hey, it worked.

"But Mifuyu, you're my best friend" Tokiya said quietly.

"Oh, Tokiya-kun, I'll be with you too. But someday you'll fall in love and have someone else that's more special to you than I am."

"I don't want someone else. I want you sister."

The seven year old was hugging her now. Mifuyu sighed and hugged him back. "I'll always be with you Tokiya-kun. Even after you do fall in love."

"Forever and ever?"

"Forever and ever."

Ten years later, Tokiya Mikagami sat in his Science class. He was at the back of the room with his head on the desk; the memories of his conversation with Mifuyu playing over and over again in his head like an old movie. He could hear her words in his ears, and feel her arm around his shoulders, and it was very depressing. Mikagami had been a child then. He had been carefree; and innocent. His hands were clean from blood. That Mikagami was gone. He died with Mifuyu, seven years ago. Still . . . the conversation.

Mikagami did not, could not, would not, and should not be in love with Fuuko Kirisawa. She was a monkey, she was annoying, she was rude, crude, and the kind of girl who Mifuyu would have told him to stay away from.

No. Mikagami sighed. Mifuyu judged people by who they were; not how they acted. She probably would have accepted the simian-trio.

What was he thinking? So Fuuko had kissed him. That meant nothing. Fuuko had been the one to kiss him, and it had only been for a stupid play. And even if Fuuko did have some feelings for him hidden inside that kiss, it still didn't matter because they were one-sided and Mikagami didn't return them. Even if he had enjoyed her lips. Even if he had been pleasantly surprised to find they were soft and warm and tasted good. That was simply human nature. Mikagami wasn't one of this Shonen Sunday manga characters [A/N: Heh] who was icy and cool and thought himself more than a mere human. He accepted his own humanity and the flaws thereof. He was a seventeen year old boy; of course he'd enjoy a kiss with Fuuko. It didn't mean he loved her. This wasn't a fairy tale.

Sighing, Mikagami stood up and pushed his chair in beneath his desk. He slowly walked down to the edge of the classroom and then made his way to the front. Many students followed him with their eyes; and the teacher stopped speaking. Mikagami reached the door, opened it, and was almost out of the room when he teacher cleared his throat.

"You should get that cough looked at." Mikagami said sarcastically and then walked out. The class erupted in laughter and the teacher looked outraged. Mikagami however walked out of the school very calmly and made his way down the street. It was rather windy, but that didn't discourage him. He strolled down the walkway until he found his ultimate destination. It took him some time and in that time he let his eyes pass over the streets and trees and people with little interest. His mind was drifting back to the subject at hand. That is, until he arrived.

Once there he bid the man at the gate good day. They knew each other. Mikagami was here quite a bit. The gatekeeper waved and went back to his task at hand, and Mikagami strolled over the green hills. The hills were beautiful. The grass was well-kept and the sky above was blue; even if it was windy. This place really was beautiful and probably would have been even more gorgeous if not for all the dead people.

Mikagami arrived at his sister's tombstone and he dropped down to one knee. The stone read "Mikagami Mifuyu, beloved sister and one of God's great gifts." As well as a time of birth and death beneath. Mikagami sighed. He didn't speak and he didn't get all emotional. This was simply a way to calm his mind. He'd been coming here since he was ten, and it always seemed to sooth his problems. And somehow he always seemed to find the answer he was looking for here.

I'm never like this. Being around Recca must be hurting me mentally. I actually believed for a moment that Kirisawa was the girl you talked to me about, Mifuyu. Mikagami thought to himself. Maybe I'm just being childish . . .


Mikagami was broken out of his thoughts and he turned around. Yanagi was standing behind him, and a small child was at her side. The child appeared to have fresh tears on his face; but Mikagami was so shocked by seeing Yanagi here that he didn't think too much of it. He stood up and looked over at the woman who reminded him so strongly of his sister.

"Yanagi . . . why are you here?"

"Daisuke, wait for me by the gate, okay?" Yanagi said to the child. "Stay with the gatekeeper, alright?"

The child nodded and turned around, running down the green grass until he was out of sight. Tokiya let his eyes go from following the child back to Yanagi, who was staring at the tombstone. Mikagami dropped his gaze and avoided both.

"Is this your sister's?" "Yes." Mikagami said quickly. "Why are you here?"

"Daisuke's sister is buried here too." She said quietly. "I took him to visit her."

Mikagami looked up, rather surprised. "You skipped school?"

Yanagi shook her head. "School's been out for an hour Tokiya. No one could find you on the way home. Recca said it was probably because of what happened with Fuuko."

Mikagami had the urge to say something about Recca, but he bit his tongue. Instead he stood up and looked at Yanagi for a minute. "I don't think you're going to leave, are you?"

Yanagi shook her head. "If you want me to I will. But . . . something is wrong Tokiya. Is this because—"

"No." Mikagami lied, swiftly. "I just wanted to visit her, that's all."

"Oh." Yanagi responded. "Because Fuuko has been acting strangely too."

Mikagami couldn't think of a reply, so he remained quiet.

"Princess! The kids want to read ReccaMan 8! C'mon!" A familiar voice called from over the green hill. Yanagi turned and looked in the direction Recca's voice had come from, before returning to Mikagami for a brief moment.

"If you want, you don't have to kiss Fuuko in the play. I'll understand."

Mikagami's head rose and he looked into Yanagi's green eyes. Those eyes seemed to be filled with a swirl of emotions that made even the cold swordsman melt. He heaved a sigh and slowly shook his head from side to side. "No. It's fine. Don't change your script."

Yanagi smiled; a very broad smile and then she left. Eventually he could hear Recca and the children cheer as Yanagi regrouped with them at the gate. He turned back to his sister's grave as his eye twitched. He had always believed that when he had a problem, Mifuyu found a way to give him an answer. Was this the answer she had chosen to give him? The answer was to kiss Fuuko again? Sometimes sisters can be very annoying.

If you say so . . .

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