Going Under By invader pixie A Link and Ruto Evanescence songfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Going Under, The Legend of Zelda or whatnot. I do, however own this disclaimer and the rights to this songfic.

AN: I was listening to this song on and I thought that it fit so perfectly for Link and Ruto. Not like some songs are destined to be used, but it still fits! . OH!!! And just to let you know Ruto is a human in my fics! .

Now I will tell you what I've done for you...

Ruto glared at Link. "50 thousand tears I've cried..." She started walking towards him. "Screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you. And you still wont hear me!"

I'm going under...

"Look, Ruto..." Link muttered.

"I don't want your hand, this time I'll save myself!" Ruto sung. "Maybe I'll wake up for once! Not tormented, daily defeated by you! Just when I though I'd reach the bottom..." She paused for a second. "And I'm... dy-dying again!"

(AN: Now Ruto is on stage (like in a music video) with her band (yes, she has a band). Zelda is guitar and background vocals, Malon is on bass, and Saria is on drums (she is grown up).)

"I'm going under!" Ruto sung into the mic.

"Goin' under..." Zelda echoed.

"Drowning in you..." Ruto held out until Zelda finished echoing. "I'm falling forever r r r! I've got to break through, I'm... going under..." (AN: Zelda will always echo after Going under, drowning in you, and falling forever)

Link watched and slumped down. Had he really hurt her this much?

"Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies..." Ruto sung.

"So I don't know what's real-"Zelda whispered into the mic.

"So I don't know what's real and what's not..." Ruto cut her off.

"What's real and what's not..."

"Always confusing the thoughts in my head..." She sung, a bit more clearly. "So I can't trust myself anymore!" She shouted while singing. "And I'm... dy-dying again!"

The lights flashed ultra bright. "I'm going under!"

"Goin' under..."

"I'm drowning in you!" Ruto sung. Then she jumped into the crowd and they caught her. "I'm falling forever, I've got to break through! I'm..." She got back on stage. "So go on and scream, scream at me... I'm so far away..." She tilted her head back. "I won't be broken again, I've got to breathe. I can't keep..." She threw her head forward. "GOING UNDER!!!"

Zelda gave a quick guitar solo.

"And I'm... dy-dying again! I'M GOING UNDER!!"

"Goin' under..."

"I'm drowning in you! I'm falling forever r r r! I've got to break through, I'm... Going under!"

"Goin' under..."

"Going under!"

"Drowning in you..."

"Going under!" The music ended. Ruto deeply sighed. She walked off stage with the other girls.