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Felicity sat alone at the table, sipping rootbeer, and twirling the gold chain around her neck between her thumb and forefinger. She stared blankly up at the human singing, or rather butchering Queen in a terrible karaoke rendition of We are the Champions. Shaking her head, she briefly wondered how Lorne, owner of the well established karaoke bar, could stand to listen to such horrible signing day after day.

Lorne was an empath demon and could read the souls and thoughts of others and give them advice accordingly. However, he could only do this when they sang karaoke. the costumers of Karatas(a/n: I'm not sure if that's what the bar's called...I think it is, but I'm not sure...) were a wide variety of demons, vampires, and humans. That's how Felicity stumbled upon the place; for most of her long life, she had lived among vampires, and was accustomed to their presence in her life. The brief span in her life when there had been no vampires in it had been dull and empty. Felicity thought the night life suited her much better.

She glanced down at her watch. 12:00 AM. As much as she enjoyed the night crowd at Karatas, she still has a day job at a local community theater. She enjoyed the job and intended to keep it for as long as she could. With a sigh, she stood up and made her way to the door. Lorne intercepted her on the way out with a 'Not going to stay and sing?' though he already knew the answer.

'I swore that I'd never sing for you, Lorne, and you well know it. My past is depressing and private, and I have no intentions on sharing it with you,' she paused, then added, 'Unless I'm really desperate for advice.'

Lorne smile and laughed lightly at his companion's response, and let Felicity on her way back to her lonely apartment 15 minutes away.

Her apartment was tastefully decorated with mementoes from her lonely life. Technically she was 393 years old, though her birthday was coming up in few days. When she 16, she had been blood bonded to a vampire who went by the name of Gabriel Donovan. For 209 miserable years after that she had spent almost all of her time with Gabriel. Nearly 170 years ago, she had managed to escape from his hold and managed to pull her life back together...more or less. She had no intention of ever returning to Gabriel, even though a small and very annoying voice in the back of her head constantly reminded her that if Gabriel really wanted to find her, he could easily track her down again.

Felicity quietly changed into her pajamas and tied her long reddish-brown hair back, enjoying the enveloping silence. With a heavy sigh, she fell back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to envelope her.

Gabriel dragged her to her feet by the collar of her shirt. He had been trying to beat the concept of servility into the girl he had bought as a slave three years ago. He had tried this method before, and, as of yet, had been unsuccessful. the girl had a strong will and more pride than she knew what to do with. As a human, he had been much the same; too caught up in his own intelligence and cockiness to ever let Jeshickah own him like she did others.

He looked into Felicity's stormy grey eyes that were now welled with tears and clouded with pain. Another wave of anger surged through him; he had been tricked often enough by those soft innocent eyes, and every time he was it was like a stab to his pride. With this thought, he backhanded her again, sending Felicity to the floor once more.

'Please,' she begged softly. 'I'm sorry...forgive me? Please...' In all honesty, she had forgotten what she had done wrong this time, but she wanted to stop the pain and groveling and begging, as much as she despised it, was often the only way to stop it. He looked down at her again. She was so helpless as she lay there sobbing and bleeding. Gabriel's expression softened as he looked at Felicity...his Felicity. Gently, he sank to his knees and positioned her head so the it lay on his lap. After brushing a few strands of hair out of her face, he picked up her right hand, which was now covered in blood and began to lick it off as she faded into unconsciousness on his lap.

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