If this sort of thing appeals to you, sudden blindness, (like I do for some reason), then you will love this! But I must let you know that this story is just something that came to me on a whim...I have no idea where it's going to go...I might not continue it if no one reviews, because there will be no point...If you like this story...please review and tell me that I am not insane with my love of Yu-Gi-Oh! A/N: The whole story is from Seto's point of view.

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Playing It Blind

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I stepped into the backseat of my limo at the right moment, for the rain was just about to hit. I did not want my laptop to become engulfed in the sudden down-pour. It was uncanny—unnatural even—that the rain should have spontaneously flooded the place, the side-street of my Kaiba Corp. building. I sat down and listened to it for a few seconds.

Rollin, my driver, almost ran to the front seat to drive. Amusing sight to see, but he was not a very good driver, so this was going to be hell for him in the rain. "Wretched weather," he said, soaked and putting his slippery on the pedal. I didn't have to answer him, and I preferred not to, so I basically ignored him and opened my laptop to check my files again.

I ran my eyes down the endless columns of mathematical information, understanding it all and loving the results. I could run my company, let's just say.

We switched onto the expressway to get home. I always hated the expressway, endless driving, and no direction. Sometimes the cars next to you got too close and once and a while you made the mistake of getting too close to them. The latter was the case today, but that was only because of Rollin's lack of skill.

"You're getting too close to him," I warned.

"I know, Mr.Kaiba, I'm doing my best."

"Do better." I turned back to my laptop trying to block out the other car's honks. After five minutes of nonstop beeping I said, "Rollin! You—are—too—close!" No answer. What the hell was going on?

I looked into the front seat at him. His face was almost on the wind-shield. "What are you doing?"

"Sir...I can't see!" The wind-shield wipers were not working. All either of us could see was a steady grayness enveloping our long, black car. I thought of pulling over, but to where? We didn't even know where we were, nonetheless where the damn side-street was. By the time it occurred to me that we could get into a serious car-accident, it was too late. The honking car next to us had been rammed by my limo and as we were trying to pull away from him, we hit another car head on.

Right before I lost consciousness, I remember hearing Rollin scream and a horrible screeching sound made by scrape of metal and brakes. The last thing I ever saw in my life was my laptop screen shorting out.