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Do you ever feel like your life was complete? No? Me neither. After the Stage Awards, I fought off the reporters until I was filled with enough fame to last a lifetime, however. But remaining the President of Kaiba Corp. did not make it stop.

I continued playing duel monsters for years. I never beat Yugi, but Joey never beat me either. He came close a few times, but he never actually won. The game still amused me, but I eventually quit playing regularly and resigned to only occasional playing. I don't know why.

Serenity and I stayed together. We never married, but still together and in love. She is currently working her way through a scholarship in a college. She has a degree in teaching the blind. She calls me her inspiration, but I think she could do it without me. She has the experience.

It is weird having a normal life, now. It's almost the same as it was before, only a lot darker.

I once told someone that life is a game and if you can't handle it, don't play. I still think that. Now I'm just playing it blind.

Playing It Blind

A/N: That's the end, y'all!!! Omg, it's so sad! I was like crying when I wrote the part about the Stage Awards! It really was sad...were you guys feeling the love, there? I tried to make Seto seem a tad bit changed from the beginning, like, notice how he said Serenity was more important than Kaiba Corp.'s work for a split second and then he smiled and was nice to Yugi and his friends….tell me it worked, please?

The Epilogue was, is, kind of short. I didn't mean for it to be, but I thought I said enough in the last chapter. If I didn't cover anything, my apologies and I hope you have enough information to figure out the lost details for yourself.

I want to give MY thanks now! First of all, thank you, all my wonderful, lovely reviewers! I love you all so much! You offered so much inspiration even when I was blocked or at an end point. I never expected to actually go all the way with this story, but I did! And it actually didn't crash and burn! All thanks to you!

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Next, I have to thank the Yu-Gi-Oh characters for letting me put them in all sorts of hellish situations, stupid situations, (coughcough Joey coughcough), and heart-breaking situations. Thank you Seto, for letting me make you blind! Come in and take a bow! Seto comes in smiling and bows

Thank you! Sequels…hmm, doubtful, but if I do write one I'll be sure to let you know.

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