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Blood mixed sweat trickled down the small boy's neck. Whimpering he pressed him self against the cold hard wall. Hands raised to protect his small and bloodied face. Innocent screams muffled by each painful blow. Knocking the wind out of him and spiraling him to the floor. Tears leaked from his tired eyes.

"You bastard! How dare you get me fired! You stupid good for nothing piece of shit! Get back down stairs! NOW!" Yugi whimpered and dragged his soar and beaten body down the stairs. He was not allowed to come up unless he 'father' called him up.

Yugi Jakari lived with his biological father and his loyal dog. The dog's name was Butch and was a rottweiler. The dog had been trained to catch criminals and his father, James, had stole him. So when ever Yugi tried to run away he always sicked the dog. Yugi was completely terrified of dogs and all other animals. If a mouse would wander in the basement where he was kept he usually had suppressed a scream. Terrible tremors shook Yugi's body if an animal was in his view. The dog was treated with loyalty and was loved by the family. He also lived with his stepmother and her son. Her son Ws also Yugi's father's son so that made them half brothers.

Danny always likes getting Yugi in trouble. Danny was 7 years old while Yugi was 5. Since he was older he got to hurt his younger brother, right? It made since because he was the youngest, all the troubles were astound upon him. He was there stress reliever and scapegoat. He spent most of the time in the basement while Danny played in the sun with his friends. Smiling and laughing. Those words were always so foreign to him.
It was now winter and freezing out. The basement had tons of leaks from old and broken pipes. The windows were smashed open when Danny was playing and 'accidentally' broke them. Yugi shivered as a cool breeze swept through the air and went through his Swiss cheese clothes. Yugi crawled up in a tighter ball hugging himself. Tears made their way down his cheeks. The tears that no one ever saw. His innocent invisible tears streamed down his cheeks stinging as the cool wind hit them.

His screams always silent and tears always invisible. It's not that they don't see them they just don't care. Yugi had learned not to trust for if he did it would be broken. He learned to not feel for if he did the pain only intensifies. He became numb and frightened of the world around him. Every movement made frightened the small boy.

His stomach twisted in pain, as he smelt food being cooked. Today was Thanksgiving and there was a delicious turkey on the table ready to eat. Yugi whiped away his tears and sniffled. The numbing of his body slowly made him drowsy. He closed his eyes and blocked out everything escaping into his mind for the time being.

In his mind and dreams he pictured himself flying away from the pain. Flying away and stay among the soft clouds. Lay on the clouds and sleep forever. His eyes would twinkle with happiness as he closed them into the eternal sleep. Innocent dreams started to fade away, as did the hopes and dreams he once had for himself. He wanted to become some great like a fireman. Some one to help and protect those in need like him. So they wouldn't have to suffer like he did.

Just then the door slammed open.

"Brat get up here NOW!" Yugi opened his groggy eyes and limped up the stairs. "Get out you're stinking up the house! Go shovel the snow it's getting too high!" He said throwing the boy out the door. "And if it isn't done by the time we are done eating I'll come out there a kill you with my own hands."

Kill me? That was said too often it had lost its meaning. He always threatened him with killing him. He ignored it and limped barefoot to the shed. He grabbed the shovel and dragged it too the front of the house. It had been a while since he had been outside but now he wished he were inside because the cold was unbearable.

Yugi looked into the house. He saw them laughing and smiling. Danny was being hugged and kissed then fed some more turkey. He smiled and ate away filling his already fat stomach. Yugi's stomach growled and as Yugi kept watching the scene. Then James realized Yugi was watching and walked over to the window and closed the curtain. Yugi continued shoveling. Moving around warmed him up a little. And I mean a little because of the fierce winds. Yugi's hands went numb that he couldn't even hold the shovel. It slid from his hands and fell to the snow covered ground.

After a few hours his father turned out the lights and they all headed to bed. Yugi stood by the door and curled into a ball. Heaving one last sigh before letting the coldness consume him.

Yami a proud policeman was scouting the area. Looking for anyone causing trouble. He had his headlights on as his look through this quiet neighborhood. He saw a hump of something in front of a door. He thought it was a dog and went up. He walked up and got a closer look...A CHILD?!

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