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Chapter 29

Dreams To Come True

Lifting his tiny hand up to block the sun's bright morning blare the boy moved closer to Keith. Smiling the dirty blond man wrapped his arm around the boy. The child smiled up at the man and reached over for his juice. Clasping both hands around the bottle he tilted his head back and drank thirstily, as he had just finished his sandwich. A little just trickled down the sides of his mouth and stained the lightness of the boy's shirt. Chuckling softly, as to not let the cop aware of his affection towards the boy, he reached over and wiped away the stray liquid with his sleeve once the boy was done drinking leaving a light pink stain.

"Keith?" The cop turned his head toward them slightly to listen in on the conversation.

"Yes, Yugi." The blond man replied back.

"After we go home, um, will you be ok?"

Turning to the child he asked startled, "Why would you ask that?" Yugi looked up and into the man's eyes.

"The mean men that took me. Won't they come, well, after you?" Keith sighed. He hadn't thought of that. Of course they would be after him. Why wouldn't they? Rubbing his chin thoughtfully he thought sadly about the promise he had made the boy.

Answering the child unspoken question.

Are you wondering if you'll ever see me again?

A nod of the head.

Of course you'll see me again. I'm your friend, am I not?

Now that he thought about it he might not be able to stay around. Not if he wanted to live semi safely. With no harassments, threats, or thoughts of being suddenly killing or even poisoned. Keith didn't want to leave the boy but once they go back 'home' Yami might not be able to let him see the boy anymore any way. That was the sad truth.

"Hey. Mister? Keith? Mister?" A slightly tug on his pink stained sleeve.

"Huh?" He asked coming to.

"You ok?" He looked down at the boy, who was now twisting his hands nervously.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What was your question?"

"Um, I asked if you'd be ok? But it's ok if you don't want to answer." Smiling softly at the child he lifted him up and held him close.

"I'll be just fine. Don't worry." Gently he rubbed the boy's back as reassurance. Yugi pulled back and looked the man in the eyes.

"I think you're lying." The boy said softly and looked away from the man's eyes.

"And why do you think that, little one. I'd never lie to you." Sighing softly the boy rested his little head against the man's shoulder.

"Your eyes say different." The man was too shocked to respond.





"Alright! Alright!" A shaggy blond cop got up and walked over to the black phone. "Hello?" Tristan looked up from his work. It was obvious that neither man had had an ounce of sleep by the look of their messy shirts and the bags under their eyes. "Wait. What! Dat's great news! Yes. Yes. Ok We'll be right der." Hanging up the phone he turned toward his curious friend. "Guess what?"

"They, no. They found Yugi!" That was the only guess to make by the way he friend was too happy.

"Dat's right! Come on we got ta go ta the station in Green Valley. Day have him and he's safe." Grabbing his jacket he made for the door.

"Wait Joey! We have to call Yami."

"Oh yeah." His friend muttered sheepishly.


Yami groaned and turned away from the sun's blaze streaming in from the window.

"Yami. How are you feeling?"

"I have a splitting head ach." The office hissed pain. Alas smiled and nodded even though Yami had his eyes closed.

"I'll call the doctor. Just rest." Just then Alas's cell phone rang. "Hm. I wonder who it is." Walking over to her jacket she felt her pockets for the phone. Looking at the caller ID she noted that it was from the office. "Hello?" Yami heard frantic muttering and became worried.

"Alas who is it?" She didn't answer. The phone slipped from her hand and landed with a hard thud on the tile flooring. Yami's heart clenched and twisted painfully. "Alas? What's wrong? Is it Yugi?" Collapsing to her knees Yami heard the soft crashing as tears fell off her face. "Alas?" His throat tightened. (I made Yami suffer enough...hehe...XD)

"Thank the gods."

"Alas?" She turned her tear stained face towards him.

"He's ok." Yami's heart skipped a beat.

"You mean...?" He sighed with relief, headache long forgotten.


"Remember what I said Yugi. Just tell the truth." The man said to the scared child in his arms.

"But Keith I don't want to go. Can't you come too? I'm afraid." Sighing softly he smiled at the boy. He was about to answer when the boy's soft pleading voice interrupted him. "Please. I'll be a good good good boy. Don't leave me alone." The child's eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall.

" Yugi. Don't cry. It's alright. These nice officers," paused almost biting his tongue, "won't hurt you. I swear." He said putting the child down.

"No. No, no, no! Don't abandon me!" The man froze as did the cops. "I'd die remember. I'd die."

"No Yugi I'd never abandon you. Never." He said gently lifting the child once again in his arm and looking helplessly at the officers. The boy in his arms just quietly sobbed. Keith gently rocked the boy back and forth, soothing him. "Just let it out child."

"I'd die." The child muttered miserably.

"Lets do it together then." He looked at the cops for any objections…

There were none.


Joey and Tristan sighed when the station came into view.

"Do you think they really have him?" Tristan asked suddenly.

"'Course. I don't have a doubt." The brown haired man smiled and nodded. Parking the car they quickly ran up to Green Valley's station. Inside they quickly said the name of the boy who was found and they led them to a room where they were talking to Yugi and Keith.

"Keith?" Both men looked at each other.

"Yes he was with the boy and claims he helped him escape."

"Well I guess dat does make some sense." Joey said softly and watched through the two way mirror.


Keith sat in the corner and watched as Yugi shifted uncomfortably. A kind looking lady walked into the room and sat with them. The room was covered in painting of child cartoon characters and the floors littered with toys.

"Good morning Yugi," Then she looked up at the man, "Mister Keith." Keith nodded and the boy remained silent and kept his gaze on his, once again, twisting hands. "Well Yugi you had quite a couple days haven't you? Would you like to pick a toy to play with?" When the boy didn't move of even look up she smiled and reached over for a toy and placed it on the table. "Look at this one. Isn't it interesting? Would you like to show me what it does? I'd like to know." The boy kept his gaze away from the table.

Then Keith noticed something. The boy's eyes were glazed over. That only ment one thing. Standing up he walked over.

"Mister Keith I want you to remain sitting." The woman said sharply. "We can't have you influence his answer…-"

"He won't be giving you and answer. Allow me to show you why." He stepped forward. The woman stood to call the others in but paused. "Yugi? Child calm down. Take a couple calming breaths."

"Stop this instant." Keith raised his hand to halt her next words.

"Close your eyes Yugi. That's it. Listen to my voice. There you go. Follow my voice out. Are you ready? Don't be scared. Can you see me?" Yugi nodded and a smile appeared on his face. "Open your eyes little one." Yugi opened his eyes and looked at the man next to him.


"Hey there." Keith smiled. Yugi's eyes widened as he looked around the room.

"Where are we?"

The man and child were unaware of the people's widening eyes on the other side of the mirror. Joey and Tristan smiled at each other.

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