Every Cloud

Title: Every Cloud

Author: kazeko

Show: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Rating: PG


Series: prequel to "Crystal Shards"

Multipart: yes

Chapters: 6

Couples: Usagi/Mamoru, Neptune/Uranus (future)

Time: Sailor Moon R, after Mamoru broke up with Usagi, during Emerald's reign

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, duh.

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Title: "Mirai no Enjo" means "future assistance/aid"

Chapter 6: Mirai no Enjo

"Mizuno-san! Hayaku!"

"What is it?"

"The Tsukino girl! There's something wrong!"

Kae rushed into Usagi's room, placing a hand on the girl's forehead as the readings changed from calm to erratic. An instant later, before the doctor could even react, the readings calmed again, but they were very different. "Oh no," the doctor whispered.

"Ami-chan? You're mother's on the phone."

Ami slipped out of the booth and walked behind the counter, taking the phone from Motoki. "Moshi moshi?" She listened for a moment, Mamoru and three teenage girls watching intently as her expression changed from confused to worried. "We'll be right there." She hung up the phone and returned to the table. There were tears in her sapphire eyes when she spoke, and even her professional voice was no longer calm. "That was my mother," she began. "Something's happened."

"There was no reason and no warning. Just like that, the readings changed. She's in a coma, and there's very little hope that she'll ever wake up."

Mamoru clenched his fists, holding back his tears, unable to hear his beloved anymore, and Rei caught a sob. Minako pulled her friend into her arms, both crying silently, and Makoto leaned against the wall, barely able to hold back her tears. Ami took control of her emotions as she glanced at her friend, lying unmoving on the bed. "Mother, is there anything we can do?"

"The only thing that's ever helped . . . is blood transfusions. Special blood." They had decided to use a code word for 'senshi' in case anyone was listening. "The only time her readings improve is after a donation flushes some of that poison from her system. Has Makoto-san recovered enough to try again?"

"Mother, Mako-chan's donated blood three times in three weeks. I can't guarantee that she'll survive another transfusion."

"Then I'll die for my princess and you can take all that much more blood."


"Ami-chan, it's the only way! We can't let her die!"

"If she dies," Rei whispered, "so will her daughter."


"Chibiusa is Usagi's daughter from the future," Rei whispered. "If Usagi dies, Chibiusa will cease to exist."

"Rei-san . . ."

She turned to Mamoru, smiling weakly. "She's the daughter of the Queen of the Moon and the King of the Earth."

Before Mamoru could recover from his shock, Makoto stepped forward. "I have to do this. You can't stop me from serving my princess. We have to try everything."

"Wait until morning," Ami's mother whispered. "Get a good night's sleep, eat, don't fight, and maybe you'll be okay." She was glad Makoto couldn't hear when she lied.

Doctor Mizuno sat beside Usagi's bed, sighing softly. There were no more senshi sitting outside the window, no more guards. She felt like she was losing a daughter, and she knew, deep in her heart, that Usagi would never wake from her coma. The blood transfusion was her last hope, if she survived to see the morning. What she hadn't been able to tell the senshi, what her daughter's computer couldn't tell her, was that Usagi was almost sure to die before sunrise. She had taken a second to consider her options before telling Makoto to wait until morning. As much as it broke her heart to lose a patient, Usagi's chances of survival were so slim that all the blood in the world wouldn't help. Given the choice between letting Usagi die or losing Makoto in a blood transfusion with little hope of bringing the blonde back, Kae had chosen to save Makoto. She knew that she had signed Usagi's death sentence, but she'd rather lose one patient than two. She was ashamed to realize that she hoped Usagi died before morning so Makoto would live. Kae knew the senshi wouldn't ever see it her way, even her daughter.

Kae dropped her head into her hands and sighed, glancing up when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Three women appeared in the room, dressed in Sailor fuku, but they weren't senshi she knew. Even the fuku were strange, with double skirts, tall boots, long white gloves, long ribbons hanging from the bow in the back, and a star in the center of the front bow. One had long green hair and red eyes, her black and dull red fuku a perfect match for her coloring. She held a tall staff in her hand, a round garnet orb on top. By her side stood a senshi with powerful emerald eyes and short blonde hair, arms crossed in perpetual defiance, her fuku gold and navy. Though she wore a skirt, there was a definite masculine air about her. By her side, an extension of her soul, stood a woman with sapphire eyes and aqua hair, her turquoise and light blue fuku indicative of a water nature. They were very powerful, comfortable in their Sailor fuku, and Kae knew they were much older, had been senshi much longer, than Ami and her partners. The three smiled at Kae, glancing at their princess in the bed.

"She really is bad off, isn't she? Poor Usagi-chan. I barely remember her being this young and this blonde. Pluto, can we really help?"

"That's the idea, Uranus. You're Mizuno Kae?" The doctor nodded. "I'm Sailor Pluto, and this is Uranus and Neptune. We came from the future to help our princess."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Neptune has type-O blood; she's the third senshi that does. Usagi does need another blood transfusion, but it would kill Mako-chan. I won't allow that. She only needs enough strength to survive the night. Something will happen in the morning, depending on how well I did my job. Can you do the transfusion yourself?"

"Yes, I suppose."

"Good. Neptune, sit in the chair and take off your glove. None of the senshi can know about this, Mizuno-san. It's not time for them to meet the Outer Senshi yet. I trust you can keep a secret."

"If it will save poor Usagi, I can." Uranus sat on the arm of the chair beside Neptune, taking her partner's free gloved hand in hers. Kae knew without asking that they were lovers, partners in all things, and she smiled as she prepared the shorter woman for the blood donation. "You must love your princess."

Pluto smiled. "More than you can know."

Tuxedo Kamen slipped into the quiet building, a small pink-haired girl in his arms. He entered Usagi's room, closing and locking the door behind him. He placed Chibiusa on the bed beside Usagi, changing back into Mamoru. For some reason, the link was easier to reach that way. "Okay, do you know what to do?"

Chibiusa nodded as she pulled out Usagi's locket. Rei had retrieved it the day after the attack, and the future Moon Princess had been able to take it easily. Chibiusa held the locket in her hands, closing her eyes, and the crescent moon that always appeared on her forehead when she was in trouble glowed gold as the crystal released itself from the golden locket. The ginzuishou glowed in excitement, responding to the young princess, and a second glow seemed to join the first, radiating from the girl. She bit her lip, suppressing a cry as the light from the ginzuishou reached for the Moon Princess. Chibiusa clenched her fists, commanding the crystal to obey her, and the moon on her forehead glowed more fiercely. Then Usagi jerked, light enveloping her, and Mamoru slipped into her mind.


"Mamo-chan?" The little blonde ran into his arms, crying, and Mamoru held her, barely able to stand as earthquakes rocked Usagi's dream world. "It got so dark here so fast. What happened?"

"You slipped into a coma, Usako. I came to take you back."

"What's this light?"

"Chibiusa is using the ginzuishou."

"What? How?"

"She's from the future, Usako. She's our daughter." Usagi looked up, tears glinting in her eyes, and Mamoru suddenly knew exactly how to save her. "Aishiteru, Usako."

"Aishiteru, Mamo-chan." He leaned down, letting their lips touch, and the world exploded around them.

The light faded and a steady "beep . . . beep . . . beep" filled the air. Mamoru opened his eyes, and tears ran down his cheeks as Usagi opened her light blue eyes and smiled back up at him. "Good morning, Usako," Mamoru whispered, helping his girlfriend remove the breathing mask from her face.

"Usagi! I did it! I used the ginzuishou!"

"Yes you did, Chibiusa," Usagi smiled, her voice rough from disuse. She took her crystal and locket back, returning the ginzuishou to her broach before placing it on the table. "I'm so proud of you. You saved me, Chibiusa."

"I did? You're proud of me? You're not angry at me for stealing the broach?"

"How could I be angry at my daughter?" Usagi pulled Chibiusa into a tight embrace, and Mamoru pulled both of them into his arms. His family. He reached up to wipe his tears away, but Usagi stopped him. "Don't be ashamed, Mamo-chan. Aishiteru."


Minako rolled out of bed groggily, grabbing her communicator. "What?"

"Youma in the park! Stupid thing . . . whoever heard of a dawn attack?"

"I'll be there, Rei-chan. Have you called Mako-chan and Ami-chan?"

"They're coming. Tuxedo Kamen will probably be here, too."

Another fight. Minako prayed that this would not be the day that the strength of the senshi failed. Luna—who had been living with her since Usagi got sick—and Artemis rolled off the bed, stretched, and slipped out the window with the Senshi of Love. They took position on her shoulder as soon as she transformed, blinking in the semi-darkness of false dawn. "Luna, how are Usagi's parents?"

The black cat sighed as Venus jumped to the roofs and headed for the park. "They're going to be there today for the transfusion. I hope Mako-chan has something left to give." She didn't have to say that she hoped the brunette would survive.

"Why does Usagi have to be O-type? If she was AB like Rei-chan, all of us could donate blood. If she was A, Ami-chan could help Mako-chan out a bit. I think Mamoru-san could, too. If she was B, I could help. Why couldn't there be another senshi with O-type blood?"

"I don't know, Minako-chan. I really don't."

Venus arrived at the park in time to see Mars and Jupiter thrown back by the youma's huge wings, scratches on their arms from its claws. Mercury had moved to one side to analyze the creature, smiling in relief when her computer informed her that nothing about the new youma was poisonous. Venus saw the youma turn toward the still target, and she attacked. "Venus Love-Me Chain!'

The youma easily broke away, but the distraction was enough to let Mercury retreat. The three senshi gathered beside Jupiter, already drained, having little energy left after three weeks of constant attacks and no Sailor Moon to help them. Venus held up her hands, summoning power to her fingertips. She had to give her senshi time to regain their strength. "Crescent Beam!"

"Fire Soul!"

"Supreme Thunder!"

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

Useless. Their attacks were too slow, too weak, too tired. The senshi slumped against each other, no longer able to even stand with any certainty, and they watched, helpless, as the youma raised its wings and prepared to end the senshi threat once and for all.


The senshi looked up to the slight hill that overlooked the battlefield, convinced that they were dreaming or that the exhaustion from their constant battles was finally getting to them. She stood there, long hair waving in the breeze, blue eyes sparkling in the pink light of the new dawn as the sun began to crest the horizon, arms crossed defiantly over her chest. "Ai to seigi no, Seeraa fuku Bishoujo Senshi, Sailor Moon! Tomodachi no tame ni, musume no tame ni, taisetsu na hito no tame ni, tsukini kawatte, oshiokiyo!"

"Sailor Moon," Mars breathed, pulling herself to her feet. "Masaka . . ."

Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter managed to stand, their leader's appearance giving them back strength they thought long gone. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen just behind her, smiled at her senshi. "I'll handle this one," she smiled. Turning to the stunned youma—who had been informed by Emerald that Sailor Moon was out of the picture for good—she raised her Cutie Moon Rod and confidently pointed it at the winged menace. "Moon Princess Halation!"

It screamed as it vanished, leaving behind a pile of dust and a tiny crystal inscribed with the inverted black moon sported by Rubius and Emerald. Utter silence filled the clearing, four stunned senshi staring at their leader, and Sailor Moon walked down the hill, smiling gently. "Konnichiwa, min'na."

"Sailor Moon!" Mars jumped into Usagi's arms, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury crowding around, reaching out to make sure she was real and not another dream. Luna and Artemis rubbed against the princess's booted feet. "Usagi, you're awake."

Sailor Moon nodded, glancing at Tuxedo Kamen behind her, little Chibiusa safe in his arms. "They saved me. I'm sorry I was gone so long."

"No! Don't be. I'm just glad that you're back."

The senshi looked up as the familiar crowd of reporters crested the hill, eyes widening at the scene. "Sailor Moon's back," one of them whispered to her photographer, then lights flashed and the crowd descended.

Sailor Moon smiled at her senshi. "That's our cue to leave. We can finish this reunion at the hospital." Mars pulled away and turned to Tuxedo Kamen.

"Give us a second. Tuxedo Kamen, we, the Senshi, apologize."

He raised his hand. "No, I apologize." The five bowed, smiling, and Sailor Moon jumped into Tuxedo Kamen's arms, kissing him deeply as she pulled Chibiusa into her loving embrace. Her boyfriend swept her into his arms, jumping away as the reporters cheered. Her senshi followed a minute later.

"But there was no transfusion this morning! Mako-chan?"

"I didn't come, Rei-chan, honestly. Ami-chan, what could have happened?"

"Her aura includes a faint energy reading I've never seen before. It's not electricity-based like Mako-chan's; it seems . . . water-based and so much more powerful than us. But I'm the only water senshi. Mother?"

Usagi raised her hand, keeping Kae from having to lie. "Don't worry. It doesn't matter. Maybe it was a senshi from the future." She looked at the little pink-haired girl nestled securely in her arms, and she smiled. "What we really need to worry about is Chibiusa. We need to go to the future and save her mother—um, me, I guess. That's going to be weird, seeing myself." She glanced at Mamoru, smiling. "And King Endymion."


The blonde smiled as her family entered the full room, reaching up to hug each of them in turn, even her brother. Kenji glared at Mamoru sitting on Usagi's bed, and the younger man tried to move away. "You know Mamo-chan, don't you? My boyfriend?" Her parents smiled, accepting Mamoru once more, and Usagi sighed. "He and Chibiusa saved me."

"Next time you fight youma, I want you to be more careful. I want you to make sure that you come home next time."

Usagi's eyes widened at her mother's words, and Rei blushed. "We had to tell them, Usagi. I hope you don't mind."

"No, because it makes this easier. Mom, Dad, I have to go to the future and fight the Dark Moon Family there."

"How do you know the future's in danger?"

Usagi glanced at the sleeping child in her arms. "Chibiusa's my daughter from the future, and she came back to find her parents. Her mother's in danger, and only the ginzuishou can save her."

"Are you sure?"

"That she's my daughter? Yes. Even without the way I feel about her, only a descendant of the Moon Royal Line can use the ginzuishou. She used it to save me. That's proof."

Ikuko nodded. "Just be careful, okay?"

Usagi looked at Mamoru sitting beside her and took his hand, smiling at each of her senshi in turn. "Don't worry; I'm not alone. We will be fine."

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