A/N: Hmm... wrote this a while ago and got sick of it sitting around and collecting dust. Yeah, so basically Théodred is pondering two people who are very important to him as he dies. This is all assuming that Théodred is somewhat older than Éomer and Éowyn. As far as I know he has no specific age, but if he does.... oh well, work with me.

Disclaimer: I looked up Théodred on ebay and came up blank. The same thing happened when I tried to purchase Middle-earth under 'real estate'.

I Remember

I remember lazy days
I remember sunny days
I remember when
You were so young and lost
Free at last, young one
Not so young anymore

I remember when you cried
I remember holding you
I remember telling you
That it was all right
It'll still be all right
Someday you'll see

I remember smiling at you
I remember waving good bye
I remember how you said,
"Please don't go."
"I have to."
"I know."

I remember sighing
I remember thinking
I remember wishing
So hard that somehow
Things could have been different
Maybe they could have

I remember your face
I remember your eyes
I remember your smile
Whenever you said "Thank you, Théodred"
Or "You're my best friend"
I love you too