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The president is rallying...The president is sinking... The president is dead...

-Assassins, Something Just Broke

"President Hathaway is pleased to be talking to supporters here in the Palm Beach area, for her next campaign she will be trying to reach out to all of her supporters and all of her potential supporters, the first women president will not serve just one term, that she is sure of,"

"Well, thank you very much for joining us here on NPR Mr. Krandor, Luther Krandor, campaign manager for president elect: Summer Hathaway who will be speaking right here in Palm Beach tonight at Sunville Arena, don't miss it. Can chickens fly? That story and more when we return..."

"Turn that shit off, please, Will," Summer pleaded as she went over her note cards for the umpteenth time.

"Sum, you ready for this? This is a big one, Palm Beach, all of Florida. Babe, this is a swing state." Summer's husband, Will Rufkin, said, looking up from his book at his long raven haired bride; her pale complexion, temporarily bleached by a tan from the Florida coast line. Summer smiled at her husband and went back to looking at the note cards, not replying to the question.

The mail dropped in from the chute. Will immediately jumped up and pushed Summer down gently as he collected the letters.

"Check from Mr. Gore, three million. Check from the Iowa Commission for Democrats, one hundred thousand." Will said, flipping through the checks, slipping the 100,000 thousand one in his pocket.

"Will?" Summer said, looking up from the small black book she was flipping through. Will's face went white.

"What honey?" Will regained his composure and smiled assuringly.

"We took in seven hundred thousand from California, where is it, it's not in any of the books?" Summer eyed her husband suspiciously.

"Why are you looking at me?" Will asked, confidently.

"Because, all of the sudden you are wearing Prada suits, Gucci shoes, silk ties, we are in the nicest hotels, dinners at the fanciest restaurants, and you're having long, private talks with men in greasy leather pants, Will, I'm not stupid, I wouldn't be president." Summer calmly looked at her husband.

"I... inherited a little money from my Aunt," Will said, looking at his new Rolex.

"I never knew she died, oh I feel horrible for not sending a gift, let me call Terrence," Summer whipped out her cell phone and began dialing Will's father.

"Sum, stop that, love," Will snatched the cell phone from Summer.

"Hey!" Summer snapped at Will.

"Summer, I'm sick of you and your bossy-ness, the way you talk to me, the way you wear your perfume even!"

"What are you saying?" Summer asked slowly.

"You very well what I'm saying," Will got up and smacked Summer on her right cheek, a red stain bleached the usually pale skinned face.

"That hurt," Summer whispered, a single tear burning the red pain.

"It should," Will said, pacing the room.

A long silence followed until the phone mercifully rang, braking the silence.

"Yes? Ok. Right," Will put down the phone, "It's time."


"And that is why Palm Beach needs more youth centers! PALM BEACH! PALM BEACH!" Summer began chanting to an ecstatic crowd of supporters. They joined in.

"And there you have it! President Summer Hathaway's rousing speech to shake the nation, live from right here in palm beach!"

Sic Semper Tyrannis! Sic Semper Tyrannis! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

"There's been a shot! Someone has shot the president, did they miss? Wait, I can't see, I can't see! Her husband, her husband is waving, Summer Hathaway is dead! A bullet hit her square in the chest, blood is seeping out, what a sight! What a sight! What a sight! The nation shall mourn!"


Will Rufkin quietly walking into the presidential trailer and dug under Summer's mattress. Grabbing a heap of checks, silently he ran out to face the press.

Sic Semper Tyrannis! Sic Semper Tyrannis! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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