New Author's Note: In fear of having this story deleted due to the script format of the original story, I rewrote it. I think this maintains the same feel as the original.

In Order of the Phoenix, it was stated that the parents of the one who would defeat the Dark Lord would have defied Voldemort three times. Well, I kind of wondered what happened with that……


It was a quiet night, one of those peaceful times in the summer when a certain glow remains in the air long after the sun has set, and fireflies dance in the shadows with a gentle breeze, and all anyone wants to do is just relax.

Including a certain evil wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort. He was tired, and all he really wanted to do was make some no-bake cookies, lemonade, and enjoy them while listening to his favorite radio personality, Delilah.

But just as he settled himself down, the doorbell rang.

Voldemort sighed and made his way to the door. "Oh, great. Another whiney visitor... . . can't these Death Eaters come up with their own evil schemes once in a while? Every time I give them some empowerment..." He opened the door. "Hello?"

The porch was empty.

He continued to look around. "Hello?"

Soft, disembodied laughter sounded from the bushes.

"Gosh darn kids," Voldemort muttered, shutting the door.

Lily, Alice, James, and Frank leapt from the bushes as soon as Voldemort was inside.

"Let's do it again!" said Alice.

James shook his head. "I have a better idea." He pulled out a brown paper bag of niffler feces.

They all laughed, and all but James jumped back into the bushes.

James crept up to the porch, set down the bag, and set a fire charm on it. It burst into flames. Then he rang the bell. Giggling, he returned to the bushes.

Voldemort opened the door and looked around again. "Hello?" Then he noticed the bag. "Oh, I hate when people do this!" He stomped on the flames.

Outright laughter rang from the bushes.

Then Voldemort realized what was in the bag. His new boots! "Oh, for... I can hear you kids! One of these days...!" He threw out a few choice cuss words, took off his boots and tossed them onto the porch, and slammed the door.

Lily, Alice, James, and Frank laughed their hardest.

"I'll get the bell this time," said Frank. He jumped out, rang the bell, and jumped back into the bushes.

Once again, Voldemort answered the door. "Is anyone here this time? Because Delilah's talking to some lady who's sister's neighbor's therapist just got engaged and Delilah's going to play a Lionel Richie song and. . ." There was no one there. He boiled with rage. "That's it! I''m going to find you pesky kids and you're going to get it!" He pulled out his wand. "I know the Killing Curse! Don't think I won't use it!"

But Lily and Alice conjured water balloons and tossed them at Voldemort, who screamed and dropped his wand.

And the kids ran off, laughing.

Voldemort shook his fist at them. "I'll get you back someday! Don't you think I won't!"

The End!