This story use to be named Open House and was going to be a three part series. But it seemed impossible so I decided to edit the story and added a few scenes. So enjoy. And as for my other stories....writer's block. Hehe....

The Reason

by anomynous

"Sakura, you're really letting your mom have a foster child in your house,"questioned Ino, who sat right behind Sakura in class A grade 10.

"Yeah, I don't see what the big deal is. It would be like having my own baby brother or sister, but just not blood related,"replied Sakura who was halfway turned to the direction of Ino's face.
"Like a brother or sister"exaggerated Ino, "You've been to Hinata's house, haven't you?"

"Yeah, so?"answered back Sakura with hesitation, tired of Ino's questions.

"Well, she has a big family. Her cousin is even in this school. Remember the little relatives hanging around. The screaming and antagonization. You could hardly think unless you go into the closet. The pestering, crying, whining, complaining, hair pulling!.... the madness... the madness" screamed Ino as she pulled her long, blonde hair in wild directions.

"Ino, you can stop now. I get the point and so does everyone else." The room was quiet.

Blanks stares focused on the blonde figure. In embarrassment, Ino blushed lightly and placed her hands gently back on her desk The room went back to its busy chattering and Ino continued on with her thoughts on the foster child.
"I'm really surprised at you Sakura anyway for this whole charade. You're usually a rebellion against these things. The truth is what if this kid is a 'problem case' Then what?"

"I'm really sure the agency won't implant such a case on my mothers shoulders. Besides they're just kids right. We're kids too, we're meant to have problems. If that kid does has one, I'll do my best to help he or she."

"You make the whole scene easy, Sakura. Nothing seems hard for you, Miss IQ"
Sakura blushed at that sentence, but soon became attentive to the front, when her teacher, Kaka-sensei came in.

He was dressed in clothes the school required, but secretly much preferred casual. His silver hair was slicked greasy while it pointed East. His mouth was covered with a blue, medical mask because in his own words, "dust particles in this dirty school" Kakashi walked slowly to the board and did his usual procedures. Write down the daily entry and call role.

Sakura took all her mind into the warmup. Her pencil kept on moving line after line. But at the same pace with her was the boy sitting by her. She kept on writing, but took a quick glimpse at him. His red hair was kept in a cool, natural style; while his attire was the standard school uniform: White shirt with red tie and black pants. He was the new kid. He just came two weeks ago and didn't make one friend or acquaintance. His name was Gaara. Girls thought he was cute, but stayed away fearing his eyes. His social status was only among teachers when it was upon the task of answering school work. In all, his popularity was drop down zero, though his tatoo on his left temple meaning "love"was cool. But, for a reason for all these standards of his life, was because he was a drifter. Rumors was that Gaara wanted friends, but couldn't have any because he always had to move away after making them. Sakura was the only one in close physical contact with Gaara since she sat by him. Her pencil was shaking because she was still nervous of his eyes. She saw him interact with her when she took that quick glimpse at him. He then took his right elbow and nudged her left elbow as he stared at the teacher. Her heart was pounding. What did she do?

"Haruno, Sakura are you now present in the real world,"said he sensei who was aggravated on calling her name six to seven times.

"Hai, Kaka-Sensei, I'm sorry!"answered back Sakura who bowed her head on the desk.
"Nt... I see, next is.."implied Kakashi with diapproval.
After School

"Sakura, do you want to come to that new stationary shop with us"asked Ino while tying her shoes.

"Sorry, I can't make it, remember I'm meeting the new foster child,"replied Sakura.
"Oh, yeah. If the kid kills you, I'll come to your funeral,"smirked Ino who was crossing the North street while a groups of girls followed her.

"Ha, Ha very funny" yelled Sakura who was crossing the South. She walked a few steps, noticing the day seemed different. She didn't seem like the shrewd child today. It was Gaara. He answered all the hard questions first. Even though scared of Gaara, she was in fact jealous of him.

Flash Back:

After role was called.

The classroom was silenced in its usual daily entry. Sakura mentally did the word problem in her head.

An acre is a common unit used to measure the area of a portion of land. An acre is equal to about 4046.8m square. What is this area in square kilometers?

The difficulty level of this problem for Sakura was one. Sakura quickly wrote the answer in order to beat Gaara from answering the question. She dropped the 0.7 lead pencil on her desk. Her slightly tanned hand was ready to raise up. But....

"Yes, Gaara, do you have the answer,"asked Kakashi who was pleased to see a young boy had education in his mind.

"Four and 469 hundred thousandths,"he said lazily.

"Correct, Gaara, as always."

Sakura, took one last glimpse at him; not fear, raging eyes. He simply stared back and smiled. This made her nervous again, so she stared back on the board.

End Flashback

She walked slowly thinking of him and how he took some advantages from her. She did somehow in fact, hated him ever since he came. Teachers adored his speech and brain. The exam on Japanese Feudal Times really pulled Sakura off the teacher's pet list when she got 99 percent, and Gaara got 100. That made him sort of a rival to her chances being valedictorian. But, he was the "drifter" right? So he'd move away and she would be on the top spot again. But what if he didn't move.

Sakura stopped when she spotted a smashed up cola can. She pictured it Gaara's head and stomped on it, over and over.
"Stupid Gaara..Stupid...Stupid,"she said angrily who felt much glorious, stomping on the can.

"...If you want to call a person stupid, you should say it directly into their face,"said someone behind Sakura.

She turned and it was Gaara. He had his arms crossed and had no expression in his face.
"How do you know I'm not talking about another Gaara,"she said stupidly.
"...Like anyone else would call their child, the demon that loves himself," he joked.
"I... can call any one stupid in my own private manner," she backfired and continued walking. But as she took each step, she could hear his. He was about one foot away and followed every path she took. She turned left, he turned left. She ran straight, he ran straight. Sakura almost tripped trying to lose him, but he still caught up.

She turned around again and yelled "Why are you following me you creep?! Is it because I made eye contact with you at school today. Did it make you think I like you? Is that why they call you the 'drifter'? Because you stalk innocent girls, then do whatever that makes you pleased, and leave when cops are after you. Is that why you're a loner?!" she screamed.

"...Baka, I'm walking to my house," he said who had a disgusted look on his face.
"Then why in coincidence you're taking the same paths, I'm taking."

"Maybe I am your stalker," he smirked.

Sakura's eyes widened at the sound of those words. She didn't take it clearly as a joke and ran quickly to her house. It was only one block away. She could hear him following her and soon saw her house. She ran inside and locked the door shut.

"Mom, do not open the door. There is a boy stalking me, he's been following everywhere!"she said panting, pointing outside the window to red haired figure.
Her mom stared and then simply laughed. She then opened the door...

"Mom, don't! Didn't you hear what I said exactly 30 seconds ago."

"I heard you loud and clear, Sakura," replied her mother still laughing, "Come in Gaara dear, you're stuff is here."

"Stuff?"question Sakura who was in bewilderment.

"Your stalker is your foster brother. I met him this morning and he told me you were his classmate. To save gas, I just told him to follow you home. Did I forget to tell you, dear"

"Forget to tell me my... I thought we were going to get a five year old."

"We were, then I thought you would like someone your own age. He is just a foster child so we're only taking care of him for a little while. But, I felt like you needed someone to relate to."

Sakura's face was daunted. She was clearly embarrassed on after what she said to Gaara.
He walked in the house slowly and stared into the atmosphere. He grinned at Sakura and then spoke, "Where's my stuff."

"Oh, your room is by Sakura's room. Actually next to each other."
'Next to each other??' thought Sakura. Her room and his room was dojo style and the wall that actually separated the two rooms was just a door with thick paper covering it So that meant she would know what he was doing, just by sound. Even worst, he would know what she was doing.

"Sakura, escort Gaara to his room."

"Yes, mother."

Sakura led him to the dim lit hallway and took a right. As he followed he joked quietly "I guess your stalker is going to live with you."
"Shut up. I liked you better at school, you were quieter."

And the so called relationship begins.

At school after 2 weeks.

"So Gaara is your foster brother. He's kind of old to be five,"said Ino who stared at the backside of Gaara's head. Sakura body was once again halfway twist facing Ino. "I thought so to, but my mom said my relationship with a foster kid would be more compatible if it was someone my own age,"whispered Sakura making sure Gaara wasn't listening.

"So is the relationship compatible?""Um.. I guess you can call us brother and sister. We did have some recent fights in the house. "So he's not a pervert. When I say compatible, I mean did he ever make the moves for you."

"Hell no! Idiot. That's just weird. The only physical contact we had was for the bathroom."

"Oh, so he was forcing you into the bathroom..."

Gaara's shoulder shrugged a little and Sakura lowered her voice hoping he didn't hear that quarrel.
"The thing is that I really don't know him. I didn't even know he was a foster child. I guess that's why he's called the "drifter.

After School 7:30 P.M "Sakura...I need help,"called out Gaara in the bathroom.
"Ask my mom, I'm studying,"yelled Sakura trying to finish her English homework, which Gaara already finished.
"She's at work, you idiot," he yelled back.
"Fine, where are you?!"
"In the bathroom."

'In the bathroom?!'thought Sakura. Her heart was pounding and was thinking about her conversation with Ino earlier. 'What if he forces me in the bathroom?! And does...'

"Hurry up, the toilet is over flowing."

"What!?"she yelled brushing off her thoughts and running to bathroom.

The white toilet was overflowing as the water water-falled to the white tile. The water started spreading towards Sakura's feet. It felt disgusting.

"Gaara you get towels and dry up the water, I'll handle the plumbing,"she said taking the red plunger and putting into the toilet bowl. She pushed it, while it pushed out. She flushed it, and the water drained. The overflowing stopped. Leftover water seeped onto her feet.
"Disgusting!"she yelled.. Gaara was on the floor kneeling, scrunching the towels together while


"Don't worry, I didn't piss in it,"he smiled with smart ass eyes.
"Then why did you flush the toilet!!!!!!!"
"To see it go clockwise or counter clockwise."
"You're annoying!! You know it goes counter clockwise. Why did you do it, idiot? " 'Or does it go clockwise?'she thought.
"That's what brother's are for,"he smirked.
"No wonder no one wants you,"she yelled without thinking.
Gaara face changed. He got quietly and went into his room.

'What did I just do?'thought Sakura.
9:00 P.M

Sakura finished cleaning up the mess and went to bed[ On the floor]. She was disappointed of herself for saying those mean word to Gaara. She could hear Garra breathing frantically, but knew it wasn't her fault for that. He slept like that every night. He seemed to have nightmares. It scared her so much, it gave her nightmares to. An hour passed by and she couldn't take it no more. She got up and to the door between her room and Gaara's room. She slid it open and saw him sleeping on the floor, still with pain. The scene gave her sorrowful eyes. How would it feel to be tossed around from family to family?

Sweat dropped continuously from his fore-head. His breathing was terribly fast. In a instant she slid in next to him under the covers and laid her head on his chest. His eyes opened.

"Does it hurt, Gaara?"she asked with a sincere voice.
He replied, "Yes"
She put her arms around his body and sung softly him to sleep "Sleep,Sleep, put your troubles

His breathing lowered. She closed her eyes slowly and lastly heard.

"Why?" he asked.
"That's what sisters are for," she said slowly drifting away to sleep.

To be continued.

As for the attire for girl school uniform it's a white blouse with red trim and a short, red, pleated,