May I say triple way of fluff!

"Love is..." I stammered, "when you have this certain feeling for one person. Love is when you care for someone so much; you need to hold that person tight in your arms. "I moved my body closer to him, he still didn't look at me.

"I never had a mother to care for me when I was small, like yours."

"You never had a mother?" Why was he being so open now?

Their skins were a pale blue, shadowed by the dark. Gaara put his head down and tapped his fingers on the windowsill. His hair was a colored brown at this time of night. 'Tap...1..2...3...Tap..." The clicks went in rhythm with the outside life.

"My family hated me. I was the cause of my mother's death. She died when she had me..." He went silent again.

"...Gaara, that's awful! I'm sorry." Sakura rested her right arm on his shoulder.

"Don't show grief for me. I never knew her...but my family did. My older sister and brother marked me as their target of revenge. Everyday, I had to face their childish ways of mockery upon me. Father, never recognized me as his son. They never said I was their burden. But I knew...they gave me my name to scorn my living to misery." He stopped tapping his fingers and wrinkled up his face at something he saw in the sky.

Sakura was saddened by those words. She was then disgusted of his family.

"Your family is wrong, Gaara. They should have enjoyed your life, for the sake of your mother."

"...?" He turned around, her hand falling back her sides; they finally stood face to face. There bodies were so close, nerves were twitching in their veins. A heat of red was in both faces.

"Your mother gave birth to you, so that you could live." Gaara studied her with questions.

"What is the point of living when you're not loved?" His black eyelids closed for a second or two, waiting for an answer.

Her brain told her no, but her heart told her yes. She took Gaara's hand and placed it on hers. Then they both clasped each other's fingers.

"You do have someone that loves you, Gaara. And that someone is me." She blushed in embarrassment, but kept her face with seriousness for the moment. She then looked to floor, avoiding his stare. He let go her hand and aimed for a higher point. He raised his hand to her chin, like the night when it was raining, and brought it up, and her eyes lit up. He kissed her. This time it was for real. No more signs of doubt. It was they. Just them.

He wrapped his hands around her petite body and continued kissing her. The couple's warmth of t soft rosy lips, both traveled in distant pleasing content. The breathing whispered into their ears for more. Just them. Only them. A dream that Sakura thought would never happen. The wish, Gaara thought that would have never been granted. Slowly they let go.

"It's getting late," Sakura, said, blushing, thinking what had happened.

"Yes, we should go to bed." He leaned close to her body to give her a kiss on the cheek. She started walking to the sliding door that lead to her room. But stopped.

"Sakura, will you sleep with me?" Her perverted mind flared, "Gaara, we're just at first base! I can't believe..." He laughed, because she refused of something he didn't want yet.

"No, not that. Just sleep with me like those nights when I fell in for you."

"You fell in love with me that quickly?" Her body turned and she ran to him for an answer.

"I guess I can say love when I know the meaning now. I loved you when you slept with me for the first time. I was jealous when Sasuke kissed you before me. But I was happy that you kissed me before him...I hope you didn't kiss him."

"Wait...what do you mean I kissed you?" Sakura was bewildered of that last sentence.

"You forgot already or you can't admit you did it," Gaara snickered pulled Sakura close to him. "You kissed me when you thought I was sleeping."

"Oh...that.." Sakura remembered.

"I was about to kiss you back to scare you, but you then just ran to your room." Gaara held her tight.

"I loved you when I gave you that kiss...I fell for you when I slept with you that first night too. You're so different from other boys. But I felt jealous when Sasuke gave you a trigger of eagerness..." She was interrupted when he had to kiss her again.


Their bodies were clothed of their nightwear clothes.

"Gaara, I love you," Sakura sleepily yawned.

"I love you too."

They held each other close, sleeping into each other's arm, forgetting about the troubles that would soon try to block their love.

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