Title: Dance With Me

Summary: Remus struggles with his lycanthropy and the fear of being alone. Sirius helps him realize that to defeat fear you must not let it control you.

Disclaimer: The characters and ideas used in this story do not belong to me.

Rating: As of now PG-13

Warnings: Slash between Sirius and Remus. It's mild in this chapter. Do not read if this bothers you.

Notes: I actually have the end of this story written. It's just getting the rest of it done that has stumped me. This is one of my first fics. Enjoy!

Gryffindor tower was crowded with the students from the house in all years. Although it was a leaving party that Sirius Black had cooked up for the seventh years most of the house had decided to join the festivities. There were butterbeer and candy from Honeydukes of all sorts littered over a large table that Peter had attempted to transfigure from an armchair. It had not worked out quite right however. The mousy boy had managed to transform the legs into garbage cans, in which he had promptly turned over hoping that no one had noticed.

There were a couple of bottles containing firewiskey that James and Sirius had sworn they had nothing to do with, although a third year had seen the boys smuggle them in underneath their cloaks. The younger students were taking a great pleasure in this. Sirius had threatened to hex the children into oblivion if any of them said a word to McGonagall.

Most of the Hogwarts students were dancing to a muggle track. Many of them were intoxicated and dancing in a vulgar manor. Sirius and James were among the throng of the drunk and gyrating students.

There were two marauders who were not joined in the massive dancing. Peter Pettigrew had taken ill due to Sirius pouring firewiskey into a butterbeer bottle and offering it to the weak stomached boy.

Remus Lupin was not sick and was perfectly sober. The peaky boy was merely unused to the social atmosphere. Due to his lycanthropy he had missed out on most of the quidditch celebrations from Gryffindors countless victories. Remus was a quiet person in general (although not without a mischievous side to be sure) and preferred to stay away from large gatherings. He had always been a bit paranoid to let people get close to him. The only friends who knew of his curse were the three marauders and Lily Evans.

Remus' plan of staying on the sidelines was soon foiled. Sirius had spotted the werewolf and had set his mind to getting his friend to have some fun. He wanted the Remus he knew personally to open up a little. Waltzing his way through the heap of moving hips, he reached Remus at the end of the sea of students.

"Dance with me Moony." Sirius said, flashing the traditional Padfoot grin and holding out a hand.

"I think not Sirius." Remus hissed, blushing profusely. He was finding it hard to ignore the giddy feeling that was erupting in his chest. "You know I can't dance."

Sirius merely continued to grin. Remus dearly wished that his friend did not have such a fetching smile.

"How would I know?"

Without another word Sirius grabbed the werewolf's hand and dragged a struggling Remus through the massive group of people. He discovered a place to his liking and stopped Remus. It was then that the track had changed to a slow paced song.

"Sirius!" Remus hissed, now blushing profusely.

His friend gave a little bow and swept the red faced werewolf into his arms. Remus noticed that they were being staring at. He groaned and buried his head into Sirius' shoulder. He absolutely hated having attention called onto himself although he knew that was very same thing that Sirius lived for. Sirius just laughed and continued to rotate gently to the soft music.

"Now this isn't so hard Moony."

"Says who?" Was the exasperated reply.

"Stop worrying about the people Rem. Honestly, you need to lighten up a bit when it comes to this sort of thing. Let yourself go." Sirius said lightly.

His attempt at encouragement was folly. Remus knew he would never totally be able to let himself go completely. There were too many insecurities that came a long with his lycanthropy. Remus lived in total fear that someone other than his friends would discover his secret.

"You wouldn't understand Sirius."

"Why not?"

Sirius lifted a hand and gently stroked the flushed cheek.

"Perhaps if you let me understand I could. I want to." Sirius said with such intensity that Remus shivered.

He was mystified with the way Sirius was acting. It almost seemed...but no. That was impossible.

"It's just...hard." He said honestly. "I'm just afraid someone will find out what I am."

The hand continued to fleetingly stroke his cheek. The touch made him feel like he was possessing another persons body. Surely Sirius Black wouldn't be touching him in such a tender way. After all, Sirius was one of the most sought after boys in school. Many of the girls were in love with his free personality and devilish good looks. Even though Sirius was one of Remus' closest friends it still felt foreign.

"That's nearly impossible. No one knows except for us marauders and Evans. You trust us right?"Sirius replied, his voice sincere.



The spell was abruptly broken by a loud Head of House coming in to yell at the students for being up so late. Remus had not realized that they had been dancing for many tracks. With a start he knew that Sirius had gotten him to relax for a few precious minutes. He had forgotten all that was around him and had only focused on one thing. Sirius. Remus wondered if his friend had done it on purpose.

There were other things to consider. The way Sirius had acted toward him. Remus knew he would be up for hours despite himself mulling over this. He also knew he shouldn't get his hopes too high.

His thoughts were interrupted by the still yelling Professor McGonagall.

"You'll wake the entire school up with this noise! Get to bed! Every last one of you! That includes you Potter." She barked, her face as fierce as a tiger pouncing on its prey.

The students hastily scrambled up the stairs to their dormitories. Remus followed them still lost in thought. Sirius was nowhere to be seen.

Remus entered the dormitory to find James and Peter chatting. Peter still looked a little green, although not nearly as bad. James was avidly describing their professors reaction to the little excursion.

"Good thing we hid the firewiskey too..."

Remus lost track of the conversation and climbed into bed still wearing his robes. He shut the hangings and cast a silencing charm around the bed. The quiet calmed his mind and he found he could think clearly again. It had been an interesting night. Very interesting indeed...

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