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Remus Lupin sat in the little cottage that was now his temporary home. He had decided on a place in the mountains as Dumbledore had advised him. It was practical. Remus could transform without harming anyone.

Tonight was his birthday. He was spending it alone as he had for years after Voldemort had fallen. Three of his close friends dead and one in prison for killing those friends. Sometimes Remus sincerely wished that he had not been so naive.Although he was alone this birthday was the happiest Remus had spent for a long time. The knowledge that Sirius had not betrayed James and Lily Potter was enough to make up for all thirteen of his missed birthdays. Remus' former lover was innocent. The guilt that had haunted him since Voldemort had fell was lost.Remus wondered where his Padfoot had run away to. He hoped that it was somewhere that Sirius enjoyed. Somewhere that would make up for the horrors of twelve years spent in Azkaban.

Although Remus knew this would be impossible. Past pain was never fully forgotten. But reliving past pain was something that left a scar.He wondered wether he and Sirius would ever get a chance to work things out. A smile that had not truly been there for the longest of times bestowed his lips, knowing that one day they would get their chance. Werewolf and convict.

He sensed the presence rather than felt it. Turning around he received the biggest shock that he had felt in awhile. It was a delightful shock all the same.There he was. Padfoot. Still handsome despite all his years spent in a dark cell lost in horrid emotions. He looked different. His hair was no longer scraggly and uncombed. It was cut short. Shorter than Remus remembered from their school days but he resembled the Sirius that he had once been. He wore a simple pair of black wizarding robes that clung to his still skeletal body. He had gained some weight since Remus had seen him in the Shrieking Shack but not enough to look healthy.

"Remus." He said simply.

The sound was like music to Remus' ears.Remus thought his voice had left him for a few minutes. All he could do was stare. He finally remembered to talk and cleared his throat.

"Padfoot. Why have you come?" Remus stammered, unable to catch his breath.

Sirius flashed him something akin to the smile he had used to charm people when he was younger. It was then Remus realized that Sirius would never change completely, no matter how much time he had spent locked away.

"I couldn't let a fellow marauder spend his birthday alone now could I Moony?" Sirius replied but the look in his eyes told Remus there was more.


He was cut off by Sirius' hand covering his mouth.

"It can wait until the morning Moony. What matters right now is that we're together."


"Dance with me."

Remus felt tears flood to his eyes. Memories. The moment that he had dwelled on for twelve years. He was determined to make up that. They would remake that memory tonight.

"There's no music, Padfoot." He said remembering the exact way Sirius' face had looked.

He was rewarded by that charming smile. Remus could tell that Sirius was just as determined as he was to make this night a memorable one. Sirius stepped forward and trailed a long finger down Remus' flushed cheek.

"We have what we need.Two bodies." Sirius said, quoting Remus' words from all those years ago.

Sirius stepped forward slowly. He wrapped his arms gently around Remus' trembling body, and for the first time in twelve years Remus felt complete. The two swayed together in the dim moonlight. As they danced all thoughts of Azkaban and James and Voldemort were erased. They were one.

The End