Back to School

By: Hakai

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A/N: an AU fic I've had in mind for awhile. Don't worry, 'Don't Forget' isn't dead. XD I just have a bad habit of working on too many projects at once. . So this takes place in basically the same world, just that instead of connected to the military, they're all connected to the school. XD. Lame, isn't it

Warnings: AU, lame titles… .

Pairings: Winry/Al, Hawkeye/Havoc, possible Roy/Ed [my 3 favs XD]

School Rule 1 - Don't Be Late

"Nii-san…" Someone called attempting to awaken Edward Elric. Needless to say, they were failing miserably. "Nii-san!" Ed twitched a little and pulled the covers over his head.

"Let me try, Al." Winry offered politely pushing Al to the side. The taller blonde obliged. Winry took in a deep breath of air before, "EDWARD ELRIC! WAKE UP NOW!!" Ed immediately sat straight up at the sound of her booming voice. "Crude, but effective." Winry said to Al, quite proud of her handiwork.

"Dammit, Win," Ed huffed cleaning imaginary earwax out of his right ear. "Just because you're excited that we're going to your school doesn't give you the right to yell at me!"

"I'm excited too, Nii-san!" Al exclaimed while their friend pretended to pout. "We've never been to a public school before!"

"Look at him." Winry giggled. "Getting excited about going to school. Just like a little boy." Edward snickered.

"But Nii-san is littler then me." Al pointed out smirking slightly at his older brother. Ed stopped his snickering to feel insulted. Winry laughed. Al had struck a nerve. A rather big, sensitive one at that.

"What's all the commotion?" Trisha Elric asked peeking her head in through the doorway.

"Sorry Kaa-san." Ed apologized as he and the others attempted to hide their laughter. "Winry was being rude and waking people up with her annoyingly high-pitched, loud voice."

"Hey!" Winry shouted at Ed before composing herself. "Sorry, Auntie. But you know how Edward is. He sleeps like a log."

"Of course." Trisha said beaming. "Now hurry up and go to school. Your lunches are on the table and I'll see you this afternoon." She said kissing the boys and Winry on the forehead before leaving for work.

"Oh no!" Al exclaimed glancing at the wall clock. "I don't want to be late for my first day of school!!"

Ten minutes later would find the Elric brothers and their childhood friend racing down the streets of East City in an attempt to make it to their first day of school on time.

"Nii-san!" Al yelled to his brother. "This is all your fault!"

"My fault?" Ed gasped feeling offended. "If you had woken me up earlier--"

"We tried!" Winry cut in, struggling to keep up with their running pace. "It's worse then talking to a brick wall. The wall would have started talking back before you even opened your eyes."

Edward would have made a witty comeback, really, it was just that at the precise moment he was to open his mouth he bagged something that could've been brick wall. It was definitely as solid as one. Only, it was a bit too smooth to be a brick wall. Actually, it felt more like a person.

"Watch where you're going!" The braided teen yelled at his poor victim.

"I could say the same to you." The black haired man said getting up. He offered his hand to help Ed, but Ed ignored it. "Where were you going in such a hurry anyway? The elementary is in the opposite direction." The man said checking his watch. "Sorry, but I'm in a hurry." And with that said, he was gone.

Edward blinked at the spot the man had been. "Who was that?" Winry asked to no one in particular. "He was pretty good looking." Al chuckled a little at that as he glanced over to wear his brother had landed.

Finally realizing what the man had said to him, Ed's eyebrows began to narrow. "WHO'S SO SMALL HE SHOULD BE IN GRADE SCHOOL!?!"

"Late on your first day, Elric brothers. Not a very good first impression, eh?"

"Sorry Principal Bradley." Winry apologized. Ed and Al nodded in agreement.

"Well, it is your first day, so I will excuse you. You too, Miss Rockbell." Bradley said reading the girl's expression. "Head on to your first class and don't be late next time." He said as he ushered them outside of his office.

Once they were a good distance away Winry heaved a sigh of relief. "Man…" Ed moaned kicking the air. "That guy…"

"It could've been worse." Winry pointed out. "We were lucky. I've heard terrible things about Mr. Bradley. Well, my class is here. Good luck to you two." Winry waved leaving the brothers alone in the hallway.

"I can't believe we were late…" Alphonse groaned unhappily.

Ed snickered a little. "Don't worry so much about it, Al." He assured slapping his back lightly. "Let's just hope our first period teacher isn't mad."

"I am so mad at you two!" Their history teacher yelled.

"We're sorry, Mr… uh…" Ed trailed off. Had the man told them his name yet?

"Hughes." The man informed them.

"Mr. Hughes." Ed finished.

"And I was just kidding. Want to see a picture of my daughter? She's so cute. She just made 3 ½ !" Hughes beamed as the rest of his class heaved a sigh. This was obviously not the first time Mr. Hughes had offered to show pictures of his family.

"Uh… we'll pass." Ed and Al said in unison trying to avoid the terrible "pictures of my daughter" attack of doom!

"Just take a seat in the back for now, alright?" He beamed at them. Ed and Al nodded cautiously as they made their way to their seats. This Hughes was a man to be feared.

"What class is next?" Al asked glancing over his brother's shoulder at their schedule.

"Uh… Math." Ed said. "I wanted to take chemistry, Al."

"Me too, Nii-san. But it can't be helped. We did enroll pretty late." Al replied with a shrug. Winry had taken chemistry before. She had hated it. But when she hadn't been looking Ed had taken her chemistry book and showed it to Al. The whole concept had interested both of them. Unfortunately the class wasn't available. But that didn't mean they couldn't go to the library and research it. "Nii-san. Can we see the school library later?" Al asked as they walked into their math class.

"Sure, Al--" Ed started.

"What's wrong, Nii-san?" Al asked looking concerned.

"Uh… erm…" The braided teen tried as he pointed at the man behind the teacher's desk. Al turned his head in the same direction as said man stood up and made his way to the brothers. "It's you!!"

Tsuzuku (To Be Continued)

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