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By: Hakai

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School Rule 4 - The All Knowing Counselor


"You're that lady who jilted her boyfriend in front the restaurant last week!" Edward yelled pointing an accusatory finger at the amber-eyed counselor.

The blond woman narrowed her eyes. "And what do you mean by that, Elric-kun?"

"He didn't mean it!" Russell shouted before Edward could even open his mouth. "Please Ms. Hawkeye. He's a little… slow in the head and--"

"Slow in the head!" Edward yelled back. "Who're you calling slow in the--!"

But before Ed could say anything more Russell had clapped his hand over the shorter blonde's mouth. "Shut up!" He whispered harshly. "I'm saving your ass! Be grateful."

Hawkeye looked confused for but a moment before smiling brightly at both boys. It would have been a lovely smile, really, if only Edward hadn't had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach that this woman was plotting something. "Well, in any case, Mr. Edward Elric, Mr. Russell Trigham…" She said turning to each boy as she addressed them. "If you'll come into my office, I'm sure we can settle this… dispute, hm?"

And Edward could do nothing but follow the woman. Russell might have released his grip on him, but that feeling in the pit of his stomach had just taken a turn for the worse.


"Ah! Mr. Elric. How are you?" Roy Mustang asked greeting the short-haired boy.

"Oh? Mr. Mustang." Al greeted with a slight boy of his head. "I'm fine. I learn so much more in public school then I would at home. Especially with Nii-san always lazing about."

Roy chuckled. True enough, he'd caught the older Elric brother sleeping in his class on more then one occasion. "Speaking of which, where is your brother, Alphonse?"

"Oh." Al started. "He and Russell got in a bit of an argument and Mr. Armstrong sent them to the counselor."

"The counselor!" The math teacher gasped. "Not Riza Hawkeye, I hope."

"I think it was her." Al said taking note of the older man's almost paralyzed expression. "Why?"

"B-because…" Roy started trying to regain her composure. "Well, we dated for a little while before she started working here… and let's just say, she isn't the most agreeable person. Her disciplinary techniques, topnotch. But agreeable?" Here Roy chuckled, more then likely reminiscing. "In any case, she's dating my friend now, or… was. Havoc isn't what I'd call the perfect boyfriend, I can tell you that. So, she's been a little, well, sterner then usual with the students."

"Is my brother going to be alright?" Alphonse asked a worriedly.

"Oh, he'll be fine." The black-haired man laughed. "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he and Russell became the best of friends after this particular counseling session."


"Alphonse!" Winry called running up to the younger blonde.

"Hi, Winry." Al greeted.

"I'll walk you home." Winry offered before noticing the rather unusual silence. "Where's Ed?" She asked looking around for said boy.

"Oh, yes. He had detention with Mr. Armstrong." Al replied. "He said he'd meet me at home."

"Detention with Armstrong? And counseling with Hawkeye!" Winry said. "As much as I'd like to say he deserved it, that's pretty harsh. And that Russell. I hadn't pegged him as the type to pick on others. And to think I wasted a crush on him."

"You had a crush on him?" Al asked, ears perking up.

"Yeah." The blond girl replied sticking out her tongue in disgust. "He's cute. But not much going in the personality department. Not since a few months ago anyway."

"A few months ago? What happened?"

Winry shrugged. "I don't know, really. He actually used to flirt with me before and then… I don't know…" She said catching a glimpse of Al's downcast expression. "Don't worry. You're much cuter then him. And you have a good personality!" She reassured him as she pinched his cheeks.

Al let out a small chuckle before putting his serious face back on. "It's just… I wonder what happened? I feel sorry for him…" He trailed off. And Winry frowned. Maybe there was a reason. What of something really bad had happened to him? Then all the things she'd said about him would've been… "Besides, Winry…" Al said breaking her thoughts. "I know I'm way more good looking then him!" He said with a almost uncharacteristic smirk.

"Al!" Winry cried as said blonde began to retreat from her wrath. "You're getting as bad as Ed!" She yelled after him.


"Shit!" Ed cursed shoving his hands into the pockets of his pants. "Not only did I have counseling with Hawkeye, detention with Armstrong, and lectures from both Hughes and Mustang! But I also have to go back to counseling with Russell and Hawkeye for the rest of the week!" The teen yelled to the sky. And a dark sky it was. Having had had such a stressful afternoon, Ed had opted to head to the library and cool his head in a few good alchemy books. But without Al around to watch the hands of the clock tick by, he had still been there at closing. And even then, the librarian had had quite an ordeal trying to get him to leave.

All in all, it was late. But there was still a hint of sunlight gracing the sky, meaning that he still had a little while before his mother and younger brother would begin to worry. All he had to do was speed up his walking, take a few shortcuts, and he would be home in no time. It was as easy as that!

Edward was more then comfortable lurking through the crooks and crannies of Eastern City. After all, he had grown up here. Even when their father had left them, the boys and their mother had remained in Eastern City. That is, until Trisha's health had taken a turn for the worse. The doctor had suggested the country air would do her good. And the country air is just what they had gotten. So, an eleven-year-old Ed, and a ten-year-old Al, along with their mother, had moved to Rizenbul. A peaceful countryside where Trisha had grown up.

Now, with her health nearly up to par, the family had moved back to the city. They had even been able to live in the same place. And really, the city hadn't changed that much. There was still the dog two doors down that did the most amusing bark if you walked right next his wall, the fence down the alleyway that had a loose board, ideal for going through, and still the same man who delivered the horrid milk to their house. But what Edward hadn't noticed about the city when he was little, was a particular gang. Small at the time, maybe two, three members tops their numbers had definetly increased. Though still not the largest gang in all of Amestris, the damage they could do more then made up for it.

"Hey kid!" A voice called.

Unwillingly, Ed turned around to meet a tall man withy spiky black hair and shades. "Who the hell are you!" He demanded, determined to stand his ground.

"They call me Greed." He said smirking. "Like the sin, I'm very greedy. And you, kid, have landed on my territory."

"Wha'd'ya find, eh Greed?" And Ed could see another person appearing from behind 'Greed'. this one had long black hair and a headband. "Eh? He's tiny! You picking on elementary kids now?"


The long haired being, Ed wasn't sure if it was male or female, began walking towards him. Instinctively, Edward took a step back and prepared himself for the worse. "Ochibi-san. That's quite a temper you've got." He said flicking Ed's forehead. "You'd do well to remember who we are."

"Who are you?" Ed heard himself ask.

"Who are we?" Greed laughed. "Tell him, Envy."

The one called 'Envy' smirked. "We, are the Sins!"

Tsuzuku, To Be Continued


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