Title: Haldir and Elzabeth : The Epic

Pairing: Haldir/OFC

Author: Orlenda

Notes: My apologies to all of the book junkies, but this was
written based purely on the movies and what I have read in
other fanfics.

Feedback: Tell me you love it, tell me you hate it, I don't
care, I can take it. -like my little poem? Seriously, do
comment but give me at least one specific as to what you liked
or did not like. I have many campanion pieces in mind, and your
imput will have impact.

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Rough Landing

Thud! "Uggh, damn that's unpleasant," Elzabeth said to herself as she rubbed her head where it had hit the ground. She looked at her surroundings. This was not where she expected to be. She was in a forest with some extremely tall trees, when she should have been somewhere in urban LA. "Oh well," she thought out loud as she stood, dusting herself off, "I'll just have to figure out where here is."

After about 20 min of walking, she could sense presences around her. Whatever these beings were, though, they were tricky. She couldn't count them and they had almost no scent. Then, they collectively moved in on her and she was face to face with a dozen or so arrows. Judging by the fact that they had not already shot her, she thought it best not to draw her own weapon. She instead raised her hands thinking she could probably diffuse the situation. That's when she noticed who was holding the arrows pointed at her. They were tall, with long shiny hair, and pointed ears. Pointed ears? Guess I'm not in Kansas anymore, she thought to herself.

Then the person that appeared to be their leader stepped forward. "You are trespassing in elvish territory; I must ask what your intentions are."

So they are elves, fascinating. "To whom am I speaking?" Elzabeth queried.

"I am Haldir, Marchwarden of Lothlórien."

"I assume that is where I am?"

He quirked an eyebrow at her "You do not know where you are?"

"Frankly, no. I should not have landed in this dimension, but here I am."


"Yeah, you know, like a different world or realm. I do not belong to this one and I was trying to get home to mine when I was deposited here by a portal."

Haldir continued to look at her incredulously, "A portal?"

"That is what transports a person from dimension to dimension. They can, however, be unstable and mistakes can be made."

A sense of relief washed over Haldir, "So that explains how you were able to get so far past my sentries without their knowledge." He had feared that some members of his forces had been lacking in their abilities.

She knew the question was rhetorical and posed one of her own, "I seek an audience with your leader in order to gain assistance so that I may find a way home."

This was the first instant Haldir had calmed his mind enough to make a complete assessment of her. She was quite short, but well proportioned and appeared solid and strong. Her hair was a medium brown and was pulled completely back behind her head in a simple low tail. The garments she wore were somewhat strange. She was all in black and wore what appeared to be leggings that were loose fitting below the knee. Her upper garment was somewhat form fitting and came only low enough to meet the top of her leggings. The sleeves on this garment did not even reach her elbows. To him she seemed slightly underdressed. He then noticed the two swords that she carried. Both of them were affixed to her back in an X. They were also on the shorter side, probably due to her stature. He then took in her feminine curves before meeting her alluring green eyes. "You are lucky that the Lady Galadriel wishes to learn more about your mysterious arrival here. You are granted entry. I will escort you to meet with her," he stated and turned to lead her.

She followed and they walked mostly in silence. She took the time to soak up all the things about this place that touched her senses, including the marchwarden. His clothing reminded her of a time in the past. His hair was extremely straight and quite long. It was a beautiful golden hue that served to warm the darkness to his eyes. He carried but one weapon. It was a strange sword with an s-curve to it, the likes of which she had never seen before but considered it interesting nonetheless. He too continued his investigation of her. He had since noticed two more short blades attached to her lower back, parallel to the hem of her leggings, and wondered how many more weapons she had hidden. An eye would have to be kept on her. She also had ears that were almost as pointed as those of an elf, which he found quite fascinating. These thoughts trickled off however, as they neared the city and began the long ascent up a large tree to the meeting place.