Title: Haldir and Elzabeth : The Epic

Pairing: Haldir/OFC

Author: Orlenda

Notes: My apologies to all of the book junkies, but this was
written based purely on the movies and what I have read in
other fanfics.

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care, I can take it. -like my little poem? Seriously, do
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Disclaimer: Not making money, dont sue.

WARNING: There is some very light bondage in this chapter.


Eventually, the men had learned as much as possible and left to put their new skills to use. Shortly after that, Elzabeth and Haldir decided that she should move into his talan. Therefore they were in the process of moving her belongings in when he said, "For someone who arrived here with nothing but what she carried, you have accumulated many things."

She chuckled, "Yeah, I even gained myself an elf." At that Haldir snorted. The conversation waned for a moment until another thought occurred to her, "You know, I was just counting the number of days I've been here and I believe that today is my birthday."

Haldir put down the box of clothing he was carrying, "Really?" He moved over to where she stood, reaching out to cup the side of her face, "And what do you want for your birthday?" This last question was posed in a suggestive tone and accompanied by a waggle of his right eyebrow.

She smiled at him coyly, "Surprise me."

He thought he'd get her juices flowing and smiled as he said, "I will." With that, he ran his fingers slowly through her hair and turned to go get another armful of her things from her talan. Feeling a definite lack of closure on the topic she involuntarily whimpered, but it was to no avail. She would have to wait for her birthday surprise.

Later that evening, she was putting the last of her things away when Haldir came up behind her and grasped her around the waist. "Welcome home," he said as he moved her hair off her neck in order to start planting kisses there. She moaned softly and her fingers tingled in anticipation. When he had worked his way up to her ear he whispered, "Are you willing to be adventurous on your birthday? I promise you will enjoy it."

"Mmmm, with you, I'm willing to do anything."

He slowly turned her to face him and kissed her deeply as he spanned his hands across her back. "That's my girl," he said, producing a silk scarf and running it along her bare arm. Haldir efficiently removed all of the clothes from her torso. He then turned her again and placed the scarf over her eyes, tying it behind her head. The next thing Elzabeth knew, she was being scooped up in his arms and carried. He deposited her gently on the bed. "Do you trust me?" he whispered.


Taking one of her arms, he secured it to the headboard with some soft rope. This caused Elzabeth to giggle as he repeated the process on the other arm. "Now you just relax and enjoy. Let me do all the work. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she breathed, shaking her head in the affirmative. With that, Haldir removed her boots and pants, leaving her naked on the bed. The inability to see made Elzabeth's sense of touch come alive. Her skin began to perspire in anticipation of Haldir's next touch. When it finally came, she realized he had removed all of his clothing and was naked as well.

He straddled her and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Now I can do whatever I want with you," he said as he brushed a thumb over her left nipple. Elzabeth squeaked a whimper in response. She loved being allowed to feel helpless with someone she trusted. Both she and Haldir knew how vulnerable she was like this, and that added to the collective excitement. He felt honored that she trusted him this much. It affirmed how deep their connection was.

He ran his fingertips down her sides then leaned his weight on his hands to either side of her torso. Then, Elzabeth felt something soft start tickling its way from her collarbone, between her breasts, and down to circle her bellybutton. "What is that?" she giggled.

Haldir chuckled back, "Not telling. You will have to guess milady."

Then it dawned on her, "It's your hair!"

"That's correct! You deserve a prize." he said as he removed himself to the end of the bed. Once there, he picked up one of her feet and began massaging it. Elzabeth let out a long moan. He was so good at rub downs, always knowing how and where to touch her. Little did she know he was just extremely good at reading her expressions. The massage then moved to her other foot before he retook his place straddling her hips. He tickled his way up her torso with his hair this time. When he reached her face, he began placing small kisses along her jaw line. By the time he worked his way to her lips, she was starving for him. She parted her lips immediately and drew him in. Her breathing became ragged and she moved her legs to rub against him.

Haldir made a noise into the kiss, "Uh-uh, beautiful. No cheating or I will have to tie your feet down as well." He wanted her to truly experience the sensations he was creating. Next, he began kneading her breasts. She could feel him swell against her and moaned in anticipation. Valar, he loved watching her writhe beneath him! He bent his head and sucked on each nipple in turn as if it was a succulent piece of fruit. Then he ran his hands down her sides to her hips and, using his knees, nudged her's apart. He entered her swiftly, striking her womb, and her breath hitched. He established a steady rhythm and further occupied himself by worshiping her neck with kisses. Then he looked down at her and felt the sudden need to see her eyes. So, he reached for the blindfold and released it from her head. As he gazed into her eyes he said "I love you, Elzabeth," in the most honest and earnest voice she ever heard.

"Oh Haldir, I love you too," she whimpered as a tear rolled out of her eye. He then devoured her mouth in an all consuming kiss as they climaxed together. As Haldir came back to his senses, he shifted onto his forearms and looked at Elzabeth. She stared back with sheer devotion and he knew that she was his forever, and that he wished to be hers forever as well.

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