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Best Friends

Terra and Starfire walked out of the movie theater. Terra was sipping from a regular sized Sprite, and Starfire from a bottle of Gatorade. Exiting from the cool theater into the hot summer afternoon, they walked over to a blue painted bench in the shade.They were waiting for the boys to pick them up. Starfire would be going with Robin to a restaurant, and Terra would go with Beast Boy to the arcade.

"So, did you have fun?" asked Terra.

"Yes, indeed. It was quite enjoyable!"

"Good. As long as you had fun."

"I apologize if you did not find it enjoyable," said Starfire, eyes growing big to emphasize her comment, "perhaps you would rather have spent the time with another?"

"No, no Star! It's fine! I love you, and I love spending time with you," protested Terra as she gave Starfire a one-armed hug and guided her over to the curb.

They stood there for a moment, in silence. The setting sun cast long shadows and lit up their faces. It was a little uncomfortably blinding when it fell in their eyes, but the trees' shadows shielded them some.

Attempting to start up a conversation, Terra spoke up.

"So how long have you known Raven?"

"I recall that I have known her from the time we began the Teen Titans. We have not spoken much recently, however. I feel that perhaps she is not my sorghren, or 'best friend', any longer."

"Then who is your best friend?" inquired a curious Terra.

"So far, you."

A smile spread across Terra's face as she felt her heart warm. She hugged Starfire, and at that moment, Robin arrived. Starfire sat down behind Robin on his bike.

"Farewell, friend Terra!"

"Bye!" Terra waved after her friend, still smiling as they rode away.

Her friend who she loved like a friend, but also like, perhaps, a charge. Starfire was sweet and loving and just plain lovable.Terra thought on it for a while, and finally found the right word for it. Sister. She loved Starfire as more than just a friend; she loved her as a sister. And that is, perhaps, what a best friend's love is. A sisterly love.

Beast Boy arrived, and Terra walked over to him.

"So how was the movie?"


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