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Chapter 2

Today was a rainy day, droplets of water pouring from the skies. Terra sat down on her bed in her room, simply being. Today was a calm day.

But the fact remained that Terra was, beneath it all, restless. She had things to do, but no desire to do anything. She didn't know what she wanted to do. So she sat, and simply spent time existing. Thinking. Feeling. Pacing. Running her fingers through her hair.

And time passed. Today was a quiet day. Presently, an envelope was slid under Terra's door. She picked it up, and examined it, curious. The softly pink, scented material from which it was made told her that the sender was Starfire.

Mild surprise stirred inside Terra. After that movie so many weeks ago, Starfire and she had spent much time together. They giggled about how Terra had totally beat Beast Boy at the video games they'd played at the arcade. How furiously Robin had blushed that night at the restaurant he had taken Starfire to. But they had drifted a bit, and the movie nights between them had decreased until they had all but stopped.

Half thoughts and wonderings drifted through Terra's mind as she opened the envelope and pulled out a card. There was nothing very distinctive about the card- it was quite plain. A few flowers graced the cover, and the cursive words "just thinking of you" flowed over them. But as Terra read the words inside, she felt the restless feeling inside her fade, like water that calms as the storm goes. Starfire wanted to go to the movies more often. Maybe even tonight. They were still best friends.

Terra's good mood lasted as evening crept in unnoticed through the clouds as the rain continued.

Tonight was a peaceful night.

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