Author's Note: Okay. You asked for it. I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here now. The sequel to Love Can Burn! Beyond the basic 'meet the parents plot' we will get into Kikyou and Inuyasha (most likely Sango, Miroku, and Shippou as well but perhaps not as in depth) It will however focus around the other 4, Sesshy, Kagome, Inu, and Kikyou, more pointedly although the latter two won't crop up till later. So for now just bear with me. Enjoy!

"This is perfect Arisu! We'd you find it?" Kagome ran hands over then long roll of ivory and gold silk. "So pretty!" She sighed rubbing her cheek against the soft fabric luxuriously.

Arisu laughed gently. "Merchants. I thought my lady might like it. You approve then?"

Kagome flashed her friend a smile. "You know I do!" Kagome sat back, pulling her legs up into the chair she sat in and glanced around the parlor room.

And the soft white lace curtains that hung over the windows, the paintings that hung on the wall, adding splashes of color to the once, drab gray stone. She'd thrown color everywhere. Well everywhere Sesshomaru had allowed her to anyway. She's tried painting the walls but he took one look, then sniff of the paint and gaze a flat, cold no, one of the rare times Kagome knew arguing with him, however enjoyable it might be, would get no where so she'd let it lie.

"Well then." Arisu went on. "I'll have your new clothing started on and we'll see how it looks." She laughs. "And then we can have a reason to go try and find jewelry as well." The woman's eyes lighting up for delight.

Kagome smiled back at her. She'd gathered, from the few months she'd lived her since the jewel was restored, that Arisu had seldom indulged in girlish thing. It was understandable since she was a servant for a castle run by a man trinkets wasn't usually on the shopping list. It felt nice, doing girl things with Arisu, almost as if she had a younger sister.

She'd found a whole new family here in fact. Besides Sesshomaru and Arisu she'd gotten to know Rin better and the little girl was adorable! And she couldn't drive away thoughts of Rin and Souta together. She'd been home, since she'd come to live with Sesshomaru and for some reason, nervousness or perhaps embarrassment, she'd yet to tell her mother and grandpa that she was married. What would they think? She knew her mother had believed her firmly set on Inuyasha? What would she say when Kagome told her about Sesshomaru?

Kagome sighed and laid a hand on her head as the weight of deceptions and decisions settled on her heavily. Arisu looked over at her worriedly. "Kagome? Are you alright?"

Kagome looked up and smiled, pushing away the worry to reassure her friend but the door to the parlor opened then and both of them turned to look to the doorway. Sesshomaru strode in easily, as if he owned the place. Which he does, Kagome mused, but it still might be nice if he knocked.

Sesshomaru's impersonal gaze flickered over Arisu a moment before settling on her and Kagome saw that gently softening hidden in his eyes that came over him only when he looked at her or Rin and it made her heart swell. The look moved her to forgive him for not knocking.

"Arisu." He said lightly.

Arisu jumped in surprise and being addressed and snapped to attention. "Yes my lord?"

"Excuse us."

She blinked then bowed "Yes my lord." She gathered up the roll of sink and bowed again to Sesshomaru then to Kagome "My lady." Before leaving the room.

Kagome sighed and threw Sesshomaru a look. "You could have asked a bit nicer."

He looked at her as if she'd said something ridiculous. "I was polite."

"You weren't nice."

"That is not relevant."

"Is too."

"Do not argue with me."

She shut her mouth and settled for sticking her tongue out at him and smiled at his light growl, the quirking of her lips followed by a laugh at his irritable expression and she went to settle herself against his chest, snuggling her nice into his chest.

"I'm only teasing. What did you kick Arisu out for?"

Sesshomaru frowned. "I've forgotten."

"Don't be childish Sesshomaru!" She protested.

He flicked her a look. "Are you calling me a child, wife?"

"Of course not. I'm sure you haven't forgotten. What is it?"

He was silent for a long moment and Kagome thought he was going to ignore her but after a few more seconds he spoke. "I am giving you permission to invite my half breed brother and your friends here."

Kagome blinked in surprise. She knew Sesshomaru had relented on his blood feud with Inuyasha but she didn't think he was, or might ever be, this amiable and so there had to be a reason behind it.

"Why?" She asked slowly, suspiciously.

He looked down at her, cocked his head to the side the slightest bit and lifted an eyebrow and Kagome recognized it as his version of a surprised expression. "Because of the baby."

"Baby! What baby!?"

He frowned and leaned down towards her, laying his forehead against hers for a moment and Kagome's fingers itched to trace the stripes on his face but she kept her hands at her sides as he leaned his head back again. "You're pregnant."

"I'm pregnant!!" She shrieked. Shock raced down her body causing it to tremble slightly. "How pregnant am I?"

"4 months."

"4 months!! Why didn't you tell me!?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "I assumed you knew. It is your body after all."

Well that was logic she couldn't argue with despite the fact that she wanted to. She tried to anyway. "Don't you think I would have mentioned it if I knew!?"

"The thought occurred."

"And you still didn't say anything!"

"You would have figured it out...eventually."