Chapter Twenty

Gabriel rode for hours not really knowing where he was going. He had felt so guilty for killing his best friend. But he had orders that he had to follow. For many hours he thought of everything. All the battles him and Vladislaus fought together then his mind wondered. He thought of every last second of their fight.

He had carried out his horrible task.

Gabriel was hurt, he had betrayed his friend. Vladislaus would have never done that to him. But Gabriel, he had killed him. He had killed a human being. Though he knew he had killed many before they were not human as his friend was. The guilt ate him alive. It haunted him and slowly was killing him.

Even to look at his hand that wore the ring he had cut from Vladislaus's hand was too much to bear.

Finally he had enough. He came to the highest cliff and fell to his knees. Tears flowed down his cheeks. He took the sword that was originally coated with Vladislaus's lover's blood and now with his friend's blood.

He raised it to the heavens. One hand on the handle and the other over the blade. With all of his strength he broke the blade in half. His hand now cut deeply and covered in his blood. But not even that compared to the pain of killing his best friend.

He sat there crying for a while. It was nearly dawn when he started to pray to God. He cried out to God. He asked God to lift the torment from his soul. To make him forget about his sins. Forget about killing his best friend. To take his guilt away from him.

Suddenly through the dark clouds that covered the skies a bright light engulfed Gabriel. He screamed in pain. First feeling hot even though he was sitting in snow. Then feeling light headed and slowly going unconscious falling to the ground.

Gabriel's prayers were answered….

AN: Okay there it is. And I really hope you all enjoyed it. I had fun writing it. Now I do think I am finished with a another version to this one. So If any of you want to know Salean's point of view on this hole thing tell me. There are a few things she says, that wasn't said in this