Author's Note: This takes place in (the future) season 3 or 4.

"Dan, what do you want for breakfast? We've got Cocoa Puffs, Cheerios, Rice Krispies or Lucky Charms." Zoe asked the man she had, in the past few months, become very close to, and even loved.

"I've been coming over every morning for awhile now and all I have is coffee, what makes you think it's going to change now?" Dan asked, looking from his paper to stare at the woman he had loved for nearly three years.

"It doesn't hurt to ask." Zoe said defensively, taking a seat next to Dan, bringing two cups of coffee for them to drink.

Dan took the mug that had been designated as his over the months and gave Zoe a smile. She smiled back and lovingly squeezed his hand.

"Hello, Dan." Hannah greeted, as she took a seat across from him.

"Hello, Hannah." Dan responded, with a smile.

Zoe got up and asked. "So, Hannah, what would you like for breakfast?"

"Lucky Charms, please!" Hannah exclaimed, flashing a big smile.

"How has school been going, Hannah?" Dan asked, taking a sip of coffee, before focusing on the little girl's response.

"I got all of my spelling words right." She said proudly.

"Good job!" He commended.

Zoe set a bowl in front of Hannah along with the cereal box and milk, before taking a seat again next to Dan.

"Hannah do you have something in your eye?" Dan asked.

"No, why?"

"You keep blinking. I was just wondering if maybe you had something in your eye."

"It could be allergies." Zoe mentioned, "I've noticed she's been doing that for awhile now."

"Yeah, maybe." Dan agreed, as the topic was set aside and he continued to read the paper.

A few minutes passed by before Zoe asked Hannah, "What do you want to do for your birthday party this year? A girl only turns 10 once, after all."

"Can I have a sleepover?' Hannah asked, getting excited.

"How many people are we talking here?"

"Just Tessa, Emily, Chloe, Sarah, Julia, Megan..."

"Just? How about you limit it to five or six, unless Dan doesn't mind helping out then you can maybe have seven." Zoe stated, glancing over at Dan, who had looked away from his paper.

Hannah smiled at Dan, sweetly before asking, "Will you? Please?"

Dan looked at the little girl whose smile melted his heart; she had this way about her that reminded him of her aunt and that was the reason he wasn't able to say no.

"I don't know how I got myself into this." Dan sighed while doing dishes as Zoe decorated the birthday cake.

"Oh come on, you know you love it." Zoe said, as she finished writing "Happy Birthday".

"So how many are coming?"

"Um, let's see, there's Sarah, Tessa, Megan, Julia, Chloe and Logan, Emily wasn't able to come."

"Logan? You are letting her have a boy over?"

"No, Logan is actually a girl." Zoe said, looking up from the cake to face Dan, "I hadn't realized it became a unisex name until I met her though."

"Didn't you say Cliff and Taylor were staying the night at friends houses?"

"Yeah, I can't blame them, either, seven 10 year old girls, yikes, I don't think I would have been able to handle it if you weren't here."

"Ah, yes, the knight in shining armor with dishpan hands." Dan stated holding up his soapy hands.