This is my first poem for Les Miserables, and as I'm less than halfway through it, I do hope you'll forgive any wrongs here. Reviews are greatly appreciated. I wrote this in Chinese class.


The day has come;
The barricades have arisen!
The people are flocking to join this fight,
This brave fight against slavery.

Fathers, sons, brothers;
Uncles, cousins, godfathers;
Grandfathers, nephews;
All joining the fight

On one side of the barricade,
The National Guard stands at arms
To stop this brave dash for freedom —
Armed to the teeth,
With muskets, balls and powder

On the other side —
O, brave young souls!
Armed with only their courage,
And a daring dream for a free world.

They are but mere children:
Dear Marius, insanely in love;
Enjolras, their leader;
The poet, Jehan;
Courfeyrac, Feuilly, and more.

Mere youths, and yet
They lead the fight for a new world
Fight well, young men!
Fight for your families,
Lovers, the children of France!

Fight for the Republique
Your fathers died for!
Fight, youths, for

You are the children of the barricade —
Children of a new world!