Mentor Demented

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"No one knows when or how it happened, do they?" he asked, standing over the headstones of his former syndicates.

Tohma shook his head in reply, laying down the bouquet of white lilies he had picked up on the way here.

There were dozens of flowered wreaths surrounding the two granite headstones of the sweet and gentle couple. The chilly autumn evening breeze nipped through the wool gray cloaks of two gentlemen. It sent slight shivers down his spine, but he disregarded them, focusing back to the matter at hand.

"It's amazing how something so small can rob of life so easily," he shook his head in regret, but remembering that other things exist that can rob you of your very identity, his hand moving to his neck absentmindedly. He allowed himself a small smirk, thinking if there were other options in life that are hidden and remain to be found.

"Oh, that reminds me," Tohma stated, startling him out of his thoughts and assumptions on life. "They left a deed behind, did you know?" He pulled out a cigarette and offered him one, though he surprisingly declined.

"Why do you ask if I knew?" he asked suspiciously, his Prussian eyes narrowing to slits.

Tohma averted his gaze to admire the crimson setting sun, allowing the redness to consume him as the night darkened around the cemetery, giving the place an illusion of graves and tombstones bleeding red. "Too bad that their heirs didn't remain together", he sighed, avoiding to answer the question.

His patience was wearing thing. "Tohma," he growled, moving to grab the smaller man by the collar, but he skillfully ducked under his arm, "Tohma, what are you hiding?" he turned around, his eyes flashing in irritation.

Tohma, instead of replying, started walking to the car they had driven here. "But at least our Count Yuki won't be alone in that big, spooky house of his." He pulled out the keys to unlock the door.

"Excuse me?"

"All of their previous servants and extra hands will now work for you," Tohma grinned even wider.

"What the- but I don't want any extra helping hands!" he yelled, enjoying his solitude world of silence as it was.

" If you want part of the family estate you do. And you can't fire any of them, so says the deed of the Shindous," Tohma called over his shoulder, standing in the door, waiting for Yuki to get in so they could leave.

"Not fire? But if their under my authorization, then I have the right to do as I please!" This could not be happening.

Tohma closed the door, awakening the motor into the smooth hum, the car vibrating with anticipation to have dust fly. "Are you going to stand there talking to yourself for the rest of the night, or will you get in so we can go to my office?" he asked, smiling to himself at Yuki's outrage.

"This is an outrage!"

"So I've noticed", Tohma muttered, grateful that he finally got in. Pulling off towards the busybody of the city, he grinned even wider, his eyes flashing with amusement. "Did I mention the little heir will be a new delight to the Yuki Manor?"

Eiri froze in mid-shout, allowing this information to process.

'(a) The heir =(b) living in Yuki Manor; (c)Yuki =(b)living in Yuki Manor. If I put a and c together. . .'

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