Teach Me Heartache

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Something

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome are enemies in public and lovers in private. But can they continue their salacious charade when one of them falls in love with the other? AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

Kagome's POV

It wasn't difficult to hate Inuyasha. Oh no, the guy is so, so easy to hate that even the pope would dislike him. Why do I feel so passionately angry with Yoshihiro Inuyasha? Because he's an arrogant, pompous, hotheaded, insensitive and uncaring bastard, that's why.

It also didn't help me to loathe him less when he's constantly insulting my intelligent, my 'ugly' features as he keeps on saying and my uselessness in the world. Oh yes, I just want so much to push that ostentatious git over a really tall cliff. But alas, I can't do that. You see, his parents and my parents have been 'chums' – as my parents and his parents call themselves, so retro, I tell you – since they were in high school and have this crazy, impossible notion that someday, Inuyasha and I will marry as soon as we realize the incredible chemistry between us.

Chemistry? I don't know anything about chemistry between Inuyasha and me but I am sure that it is acid that flows between us. Really, really deadly and poisonous acid.

True, Inuyasha isn't half bad looking. Okay, okay, he's bloody gorgeous and he knows it more than anyone else. With his long, silvery-white hair and golden amber eyes and that muscular and powerful body, how could he not be gorgeous? Granted, Mrs. Yoshihiro is a very beautiful woman, Inuyasha got most of his looks from his father who is a demon. That would make Inuyasha a hanyou because his mother is a mere human - odd for such a great demon Lord to marry a human who had neither rank nor wealth. Anyway, instead of the girls being repulsed, they are drawn to the incredibly sexy hanyou Inuyasha with his adorable doggy white ears on top of his head, the sharp fangs on his teeth and the claws growing from his fingernails, like moths to a blue flame.

Anyway, the fact is that he is a shameless, pretty boy who jumps from woman to woman more times than a monkey swings from branch to branch.

But if he is so despicable then why, oh why am I attracted to him?

Inuyasha's POV

She thinks she's all that just because she's so prim and dignified. You'd think being a daughter of a mere shrine owner, she'd be more docile. True, that shrine owner is my father's best friend and the shrine owner's wife is my mother's best friend but that doesn't mean I have to be nice to their daughter. She's too stuck-up and up tight to be any fun.

Who am I talking about? None other than her highness the Bitchy Higurashi Kagome, that's who.

Fine, she isn't really bitchy in the sense that she's well, a bitch. But she can be a real pain the ass, ya know? I've never met someone who could infuriate and fascinate me at the same time! And that's saying something because there are far more fascinating and irritating women out there who are willing to throw themselves at my feet, on my command.

Maybe that's why I find Kagome so annoying and interesting because she's different from the girls I know. The day Kagome drops to her knees and beg for my attention is the day when hanyou's are accepted in society. Ha, fat chance of that ever happening!

As far as I know, hanyou's are social outcasts whoever their parents are. The only reason the girls go gaga over me is because I'm just so damn delicious and charming. They can't help it. Hell, I can't help it if I ooze sex appeal.

And even if I keep on telling Kagome – and everyone else who listens – that she isn't attractive, well, I may be lying about that. She's bloody beautiful, if I say so and I don't go giving compliments away that easily and frequently. She has all that mass of silky raven locks that tumble to her waist and her eyes are a really dark and melting brown that seems to penetrate the soul on whoever she looks at. Ew! 'Penetrate the soul'? Who the hell am I kidding? That was just so…cheesy! I'm not like that. And that figure! As hard as Kagome tries to modestly hide those sleek curves and slender hollows of her body, it's in vain. Even to the untrained eye, you could clearly see the curvilinear shape of her figure. She's pretty smart too. Smarter then me, that's obvious. I admit that I'm not exactly the cleverest of the bunch but I am not stupid.

It's just that Kagome is smarter than me and I'm sure she knows it and how she delights in flaunting her intelligence whenever I'm around.

Although Kagome has this untainted beauty – because well, I have to admit very grudgingly that she's sincerely nice and genuinely friend to others – and yeah, okay, an innocent and pure spirit, she can be such a brat sometimes! And I'd never, ever, ever like her no matter what. She's too prim and goody-goody for my taste.

But the fact that I don't like her can't stop me from being physically attracted to Kagome, right?

Kagome's POV

Here he comes. Just act natural, Higurashi. Don't give away that you're seriously attracted to his good looks and sexy figure. Just because he's very gorgeous doesn't mean you have to swoon for him when you hate him.

I kept the litany rolling in my head over and over again. Sango, my best friend, kept giving me these weird looks as we walked to the first class of the day.

Oh god.

I just remembered! Inuyasha and I have first class together! I groaned loudly in misery and Sango looked at me, startled.

"Kagome-chan!" Sango exclaimed in surprise, clutching my hand as if she was afraid I'd faint or something. "Are you all right? What are you groaning about? Are you feeling ill? Sickly? Suicidal?"

At the last suggestion, it was my turn to give Sango a weird look. Ever since Sango found out she was part-seer and have been getting these weird visions about me in grave danger or something, she's been a total worrywart all week! And though I know she's doing it because she's concerned for me, I can take care of myself very well, thank you very much. I'm even more concerned about seeing Inuyasha today ever since my oh so startling revelation a few days back that I'm actually attracted to the jerk than the thought that I might die soon! Strange line of though, don't you think?

I calmed myself quickly and gave Sango a reassuring smile and a comforting pat on the knuckle-white hand that gripped my arm very tightly.

"I'm fine, Sango, no need to worry. I just remembered something…distasteful is all." I looked at her expectantly, waiting for Sango to release my numbing arm. But she didn't. Sango still looked a bit – shall we say, very? – apprehensive. "Um, my arm, Sango? I can't feel my fingers anymore."

With an embarrassed squeak, Sango quickly released my arm and I shook it to bring the blood back. Ew. I hate the sensation of feeling rushing back to a numb body part.

Sango took a deep breath and I thought that she was taking this vision-thing too far. For all we know, it could just be a part of Sango's imagination because she very much wants to believe she's actually psychic. But then again, Sango could really be psychic. Inuyasha's a hanyou, isn't he?

"Let's go to class," I told her and lead the way to the classroom. Sango followed beside me, shooting me consternated glances occasionally.

Oh where is Miroku when you needed him!

But I soon forgot about Sango as we neared the classroom. My heart flip-flopped and a weird sensation sizzled at the pit of my stomach as I saw Inuyasha standing directly by the classroom door with his hands around Madison Kikyou.

She's a slut, to put it frankly. Kikyou is the female counterpart of Inuyasha. If he's the playboy who chases girls like a sport, Kikyou does exactly the same though she chases the boys and not girls.

And the worst part of it is that Kikyou's a first cousin and we have some sort of a resemblance. We both have dark hair though mine is curlier and longer and way silkier and she's taller than me and while my eyes are a deep brown, hers are a light blue. And she's, well, a slut. Enough on the subject.

I felt something clawing up my throat and I didn't like the sensation one bit: jealousy. Not because Inuyasha is a great guy or anything, but because he is just so good-looking!

Inuyasha stopped whispering obscenities in Kikyou's ear – it must be obscene things because why would he whisper in the first place? And it would explain the wicked and lusty look in Kikyou's eyes – before it disappeared and gave me a look of cool disdain.

"Oh look," Kikyou's high-pitched voice sang loudly for everyone around to here, "its Ms. Virgin Mary!"

I felt my face color at the hated and absolutely true nickname. So what if I'm a virgin? It doesn't hurt that I'm a bit old-fashioned and conservative! Kikyou would never know the joy of giving your first time to the man you love and marry.

I wrinkled my nose in aversion. "What's it to you, Ms. Unvirgin Mary?"

Kikyou's eyes narrowed at the retort and her lips thinned. I am the only one daring enough to really talk back to Kikyou because everyone else is afraid of her because she can really destroy you with her sharp tongue. But Kikyou can't touch me. I'm family and one snitch to Aunt Rika and Kikyou is history. Of course, I'm not a tattletale but it wouldn't hurt anyone not to tell Kikyou that, hmm?

"What do you want, wench?" Inuyasha snapped coldly and I arched a brow at him. He's never acted this icy before because he's always inflamed with the passion of anger, but never icy.


I gave him an equally cool gaze. Only around Inuyasha can the excellent actress in me come out. Sango stood uncomfortably to the side, knowing better than to interfere with one of Inuyasha and mine's squabbles.

"For you to move your fat arse out of the way so I can pass," I told him very sweetly, each word dripping with venom.

Oh god, he's so darn handsome!

It wasn't exactly surprising that my language becomes a bit more snappy and explicit when I'm around Inuyasha. He just brings out the worst of me. I remember the first time I said bad words publicly at Inuyasha's face and everyone was so shocked. But now, they've gotten used to it that they don't mind too much.

Our fights are so frequent that no one even stopped to witness the scene although students did give us curious looks as they passed by.

Inuyasha scowled darkly at me, his ears twitching with annoyance.

I just itched to rub them!

"Who are you calling fat!"

I just smirked but inwardly, I was a puddle of aroused goo. He's so sexy, even in his school uniform that I can't think straight. I have to concentrate or Inuyasha will realize that I'm physically lusting after him.

I wonder what would happen if he did find out?

Inuyasha's POV

Of all the insults, Kagome had to call me fat! She knows damned well that I pride in my manly and masculine figure with no ounce of fat but just muscle and strength. And she calls me fat.

I should call her obese as a comeback but I couldn't help noticing her shapely and creamy legs poking from under her green uniform skirt.

Nah, Kagome wouldn't buy it.

So I sarcastically said, "Whatever Ms. Virgin Mary, you won't even get a man to look at you twice with a skinny ass as yours!"

Her wonderful brown eyes narrowed and I noticed Sango fidget beside her.

I turned to the brown-haired girl. "Where's Miroku?"

He's my best friend and Sango's boyfriend, unfortunately. Yeah, Sango's pretty but she's even stuffier than Kagome and Miroku don't go to very prim girls like Sango. Laws of attraction I guess. Opposites attract and all that other crap.

"He said he won't be coming in today." She lifted her shoulders in a perplexed shrug. "Some sort of family business or something."

I nearly snorted out loud. 'Family business' to Miroku meant that he was screwing another woman. And to think someone as smart as Sango bought that lame excuse literally. Ah, Miroku, it's good to have your lecherous self back, I silently said to him via telepathy though I don't really have ESP. Hope your fucking someone very beautiful and sexy.

Kikyou – I'd forgotten she was there – grabbed my arm and started whining. I forced an indulgent smile but my ears stung from her constant griping in that horribly pinched voice. I looked down at her and was struck by the notion that Kikyou and Kagome don't look at all that similar. Except for the skin and hair coloring, they had nothing in common at all.

She pouted fakely. Maybe she thought it was adorable, I dunno, but I do know that it wasn't adorable. "Inuyasha! Let's just skip English and go somewhere private? Just for the two of us, okay?" The invitation in her blue eyes was all too obvious and although she was a very attractive woman, I didn't feel aroused at all.

Shit, I'm not going neutral, am I?

Kagome gave a nasty sneer as she passed by me. "Oh yeah, somewhere private Yoshihiro. Like the gym closet. I swear I won't tell Ohara-sensei. You can trust me."

Sango snickered behind her as they passed by.

I caught Kagome's tantalizing and unique scent with my inhuman sense of smell as she walked pass me and I felt myself tighten with desire. I saw her emerald skirt swirling around her thighs and I nearly drooled.

Thank god, I am not going neutral!

Kikyou seemed irritated with my attention towards Kagome but I couldn't care less.

But hey, I did feel embarrassed about her sarcastic remark about the gym closet. A week ago, Kagome had found Kikyou and me engaged in hot sex in the gym closet as she was about to return the school baseball bats. She had looked so shocked then had quickly shut the closet door closed.

I refused to answer her but instead gave her one of my infamous death glares, which she just smiled brilliantly at before taking her seat. I was furious…and something else. Amused. And horny. Damned horny for Kagome.

Kikyou pulled at my arm and I remembered she was there. Well, at least I could fuck Kikyou. Yeah, it would take out the edge if my pleasure but at least I'd relieve myself, right?

Resisting the insane impulse to look back at Kagome again, I let Kikyou drag me towards the gym closet AKA teenage love nest.

Narrator's POV

For the next two weeks, Kagome and Inuyasha acted more unusually mean to one another. Everyone was puzzled by their sudden surge of hatred and the past few weeks had been a very turbulent one for everybody, especially for Kagome and Inuyasha. They couldn't understand it themselves why they were acting nastier than usual. But Kagome refused to analyze why she was being unnecessarily vicious and Inuyasha felt the same way as well.

Everyone was confused for some or the same reason; such is the way of the teenagers of the modern world. They don't get a single moment of peace because there are always obstacles that will not allow them to rest even for a moment. And no one was more tired or baffled than Inuyasha and Kagome.

After a particularly vicious battle between the two arch-nemesis of Tokatu (1) High, Sango finally decided to confront her best friend before World War III happens.

Sango wondered if she should act subtly since the topic should be treaded upon with great caution.

Or should she start with a different topic that would somehow lead to the topic Sango was most anxious to discuss about…

Or she should just ask… "Hey Kagome-chan, why do you have such unfulfilled sexual tension sizzling from you guys?"

Kagome froze at the out-of-the-blue question and in a whirl of black hair and green skirt she turned to face Sango with a look of outrage and disgust on her frowning face.

"Whaaaaaaat!" Kagome all but screamed, earning her the wary glances of their schoolmates – wary because they'd just witnessed one of Tokatu High's greatest verbal fights in history and were frightened of being caught in one of the inevitable aftershocks. She narrowed her light brown eyes and hissed furiously, "How can you say that Sango? Think it even!"

Sango put up a placating hand to calm down her hyperventilating friend, her eyes widening in astonishment. So there was some unfulfilled sexual tension between the two of them and the dangerous and uncertain glittering of Kagome's slitted eyes just proved that. Sango had just accidentally said the last thing that she would ever think about and as it turned out, it was true.

Kagome stifled a groan. "Sango, please don't say anything, okay?"

But Sango was still too shocked about the sudden realization that struck her to really follow Kagome's advice. "Oh. My. God! Kagome-chan! Kagome-chan! You…you're attracted to Inuyasha! Oh. My. God!"

Kagome now groaned audibly because when Sango had said it out loud for everyone to hear, she finally realized that it was the truth. The reason why she'd been snappy and bitchy at Inuyasha lately because she was frustrated with all the sexual attraction for him that she'd just recently acquired.

Dammit! Why did it have to be Inuyasha? Why couldn't it be anyone else…anyone who was agreeable! Kagome thought in despair as she rubbed her face with her palms. They were standing in the middle of the hall, frozen in place by the sudden apprehensions that hit them at the same time, looking like a couple of statue loonies.

"Kagome-chan," Sango whispered, "why are you attracted to Inuyasha? You've always hated him." Her eyes widened impossibly more. "Oh god, don't tell me you've been secretly loving him while you act the exact opposite!"

Kagome shook her head earnestly. "Of course not! I hate that annoying jerk but even if I hate him can't change the fact that he's one gorgeous male specimen."

Sango suddenly grinned, her wide eyes now dancing with agreement. "Definitely true, Kagome-chan, so definitely true. If his attitude was any better, I'd say he'd be close to perfect! But sadly, Inuyasha seems to be lacking the sensitive and friendly area."

"So when did it happen?"

Kagome bit her lip, consciously looking around her. Students swiftly walked by them but it was obvious that they were eavesdropping. Obviously something juicy and exciting would be exchanged by two people excited enough to stop in the middle of a crowded hallway. And obviously the people passing by would be eavesdropping while pretending not to. Kagome gripped her bookbag tighter and grabbed Sango's hand and casually walked towards the back of the building, the least populated place in the school.

"Where are we going?" Sango asked, looking over her shoulder. "Aren't you going to answer my question?"

"People might overhear us," was all Kagome said but it explained enough.

The bell rang just as they passed by the Janitor's Closet but they didn't mind. School was the last thing on their mind. If they get caught, Kagome and Sango could just tell their teacher some kind of convincing excuse.

Finally, the two girls reached the backdoor of the school and Kagome and Sango looked around cautiously before slipping out. The rear grounds of the school were serenely quiet and deserted and the lawns were mowed pristinely. Kagome closed the door behind her and sighed in relief.

"Okay, I feel like we're in a spy movie or something," Sango commented wryly.

Kagome grinned and faced her brown-haired, magenta-eyed best friend. "I feel like I'm in one too. Anyway, I just didn't want anyone – especially Inuyasha with those sensitive ears of his – to overhear our private conversation."

The other girl nodded in understanding. True, if Inuyasha ever found out that Kagome was physically crushing on him then he'd make her life worse than hell.

"I just can't understand how Mr. and Mrs. Yoshihiro had given birth to such a menace when they are such nice people," said Sango with a bemused little smile. That was one of life's greatest mysteries.

Kagome gave a little laugh then immediately sobered and Sango did the same.

Sango prompted, "So my earlier question…?"

Before answering, the two girls skipping their first class sat down on the floor and leaned back against the door. The sky was powdery blue and the clouds were rolling by slowly and lazily. The breeze was warm and fresh, cooling Kagome and Sango's faces.

"Well, I guess it happened a month ago," Kagome began, toying with one strand of her raven hair absently, her eyes with a faraway expression. "Remember when Miroku-sama had his birthday and we went to his party even if Inuyasha was going to be there? I guess that's when I felt myself fascinated by him."

The other girl's eyes were mischievous. "And I can guess why you felt that way. When Inuyasha went swimming in Miroku's pool wearing only this small Speedo swim trunks, huh?" The grin widened naughtily as she recalled the sight of Inuyasha getting out of the pool with rivulets of chlorine-water sliding from his sleek and utterly male body. All of the girls in the party had positively drooled – probably the only ones who didn't drool outwardly were Kagome and her – and had fawned on the damnably stunning Yoshihiro Inuyasha.

Kagome was reminiscing as well and she couldn't help crack an indulgent smile. "Yeah, that's why. But really, I do hate Inuyasha but I really like his body." She suddenly looked disgusted and indecisive, looking down ashamedly. "Isn't that shamefully wanton of me, Sango? What must you think of me?"

Sango sensed her best friend's insecurity and gave Kagome's hand a reassuring squeeze. "I'm not judging you Kagome-chan because even if you have an extensive vocabulary of outrageous words and you can get nasty sometimes, you're the kindest and sweetest and most pure person I've ever met. And lusting after someone just because of his body or unnatural good looks isn't bad at all. It just proves you're a healthy, hot-blooded teenage female."

Kagome smiled in relief, her worries fading from the loyal words. "Thanks Sango and oh, you won't tell anyone right?"

"Are you crazy? Even if I told someone nobody would ever believe that you're attracted to Inuyasha of all people!"

The two girls laughed at the absurd but terribly true notion and decided to spend their entire first period outside and would only go in when it was time for their second subject. They talked about random stuff that ranged from colors of their bedroom curtains to the hottest pop star in the country. They didn't tackle again the delicate subject that had just been discussed, feeling that they had said too much that day and mutually decided that further analyzing should happen on some other day.

Both didn't notice the tall, long-haired boy perched on the leafy tree a good deal away but he heard their conversation clearly anyway as if he had just been standing beside them. That was thanks to his strange looking dog-ears on top of his long and tangled mane.

Inuyasha was grinning evilly as the new information he had just stored passed through his brain again and he felt absurdly pleased.

Now to use the information to his advantage.

Hey, Kagome wasn't the only one attracted to her arch nemesis too, you know.


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