Teach Me Heartache

Chapter 7: bizarro world?

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Surprisingly, Inuyasha wasn't that furious.

Yes, he was angry, but he wasn't chop-her-head-off mad. To an extent, Inuyasha even saw her point. But that didn't mean he had to be happy by it. Kagome had just effectively set her boundaries and it frustrated him that he couldn't just go ahead and get what he wants.

So that's why he was sulking the next day.

Half the day had past him by in a blur, having no classes with Kagome until after lunch. He knew she expected him to blow up yesterday and hunt her down, but Inuyasha wasn't that stupid. Even if he doesn't have straight A's like Kagome, he was still fairly clever.

Inuyasha decide to change his tactics instead. Since Kagome wasn't too keen on his straightforward, I-want-it-NOW methods which mainly consisted of trapping her in an unused room and seduce her until she gives in, Inuyasha should take on a new approach.

Now, what was the fastest way getting what Inuyasha wanted so, so badly?

Make Kagome fall in love with him, of course. It's a known fact (well, most of the time) that girls are in their most trusting state when they're in love with a guy and the guy seems to love her back. It might seem bad, cruel even, but Inuyasha had no other choice. Well, he could wait but the half-demon has never been that patient, especially if the stakes were so high and the prize was too uncertain. They didn't actually agree to make love in the end, just that they were going to make out secretly.

But Inuyasha knew making a girl like Kagome care for him enough would be difficult. Even near impossible, seeing as the girl still hated despite the fact that they were making out behind everybody's oblivious backs. Really, where is the logic in that? What kind of girl would want to touch the lips or any other part of the guy she hates?

Which brings Inuyasha to the conclusion that maybe Kagome doesn't hate him as much as she lets everybody else believes. It was a shallow hope but Inuyasha felt that really, Kagome can't hate him that bad when before, in the deepest recesses of their minds, so, so long ago in history, they were once friends.

And if Kagome doesn't loathe him as much as she acts it, then maybe there was hope yet. It shouldn't be too hard, now would it? All he had to do was examine Kagome closely, see what she likes and dislikes and have him pretend to like what she likes (unless it was too girly or strange) then to dislike all she likes. And if she found something undesirable in him – at this, Inuyasha scoffed silently – then he'd have to change it so they were desirable.

Changing himself didn't seem so bad if the cause was so worthy.

But Inuyasha wanted results so he should act quickly and successfully.

Still, is having Kagome worth it? To have those endlessly long legs wrapped around his waist, her slender naked body writhing beneath him truly worth it?

Yes, Inuyasha answered. I'm that desperate.

And he should really look into why he himself suddenly wanted to touch Kagome, be around her so badly but Inuyasha shrugged it away, reasoning he didn't have time.

Besides, it wasn't as if he was going to fall in love with her. He was going to pretend, of course, but not really. Inuyasha was a man who prided in his ability to walk away from any kind of woman and not regret or be hurt.

Inuyasha grinned, feeling satisfied with his initial planning. He could always develop it later, after school.

A loud piercing shrill signaled the end of class.

Students stood up immediately, packing books into their bags and noisily leaving their classrooms.

As Inuyasha left the room, a funny thought entered his mind. Huh, this stupid math class finally has some damn use.


"Stop fussing, will you?" Sango scolded, an annoyed lilt in her voice as she glared at Kagome.

Kagome twirled a silky lock of raven hair around her finger, eyes peering around nervously. Her foot tapped noisily on the cafeteria floor, her other fingers drumming restlessly on the table.

Sango frowned. "Kagome, you've been twitching since this morning and either you've developed a case of twitchiness, if there is such a thing, or something's bothering you." A concerned look appeared on her face. "So spill."

The other girl let out a low sigh and stopped all of her unnecessary movements, unwinding the lock from her finger and clasped her hands on top of the table.

She pinned a fake smile on her face. "See, I've stopped fussing."

The taller girl rolled her eyes and stabbed the goop-like contents on her plate. She didn't know what kind of food it was and frankly, Sango was reluctant to know what the ingredients were.

"Is this supposed to be food?" Sango grumbled, placing her fork down in disgust. "If I didn't know better, the school's purposely trying to poison us."

This time, Kagome's smile was bit more genuine as she took out her packed lunch, the worry in her mind pushed back for a little while.

"That's why I make my own lunch." She dug into the brown paper bag and took out a wrapped sandwich. She removed the top portion and took an exaggerated inhale of the aroma. "Hmmmmm, Turkey sandwich, it smells so delicious…"

Sango gave Kagome an affronted glare, staring enviously at the sandwich in her best friend's hands.

Kagome gave a teasing grin as she took a rather large bite. She chewed it carefully, taking her sweet time, placing a look of intense pleasure on her face as she did. Actually, the sandwich was really delicious. And the look of total envy on Sango's face was making the sandwich even more delectable.

"Kagome!" Sango whined, looking away. "Stop it! You're so evil!"

"Hah, that should teach you a lesson the next time you don't bring your own lunch," Kagome said with a smug smirk.


On the other side of the cafeteria, Inuyasha was standing frozen on his spot. His eyes were bugged out and wide, mouth gaping in shock.

Miroku nudged Inuyasha, arching an eyebrow questioningly. "Hey, what's up?"

Inuyasha was staring across the cafeteria at where Kagome sat with her friend. She was laughing but that wasn't what held most of Inuyasha's interest. He had seen the way she ate that sandwich and damn, it was an incredible turn-on. Did Kagome do anything that wasn't arousing? Even far away, Inuyasha had seen it clearly with his demon-enhanced eyesight.

"Inuyasha, I definitely think you're going crazy," Miroku commented seriously, casting a curious look over at the tall half-demon. "You've been so out of it lately, you know."

As usual, Inuyasha ignored the dark-haired boy. He was still looking intently at Kagome, his mind a whirlwind of thoughts that didn't really register in his brain.

"Hey Miroku, let's sit with your girlfriend today," Inuyasha abruptly said.

Miroku's eyebrows went way up. "What? This is the first time you've volunteered to sit at Sango's table, seeing as Kagome, your mortal enemy, is there too." This time, a genuine look of concern showed on his handsome face. "Are you sure you're not taking drugs, Inu?"

Inuyasha gave Miroku a dirty look before striding confidently forward, his lunch in one hand with Miroku trailing behind him, fingering the collar of his school shirt nervously. And he had reasons to be anxious.

Inuyasha…Kagome…in one table, close to each other.

Though they haven't fought this week, which was strange in itself, fact was, they were still going to fight when the other was in a strangling distance.

They reached the table, Inuyasha standing behind an oblivious Kagome. Sango looked at him, surprise on her face, then her gaze looked pass him and pinned it on Miroku, who shrugged uncertainly at his girlfriend, pointed at Inuyasha then made a circling motion by his temple.

"Kagome," Sango called hesitantly, nodding at the hanyou's direction.

Bemused, Kagome angled her neck sideways, giving a little 'eep' when her eyes fell on the tall, muscular frame behind her.

Inuyasha grinned wolfishly at Kagome's priceless, deer-caught-in-headlights expression. "Scoot over, will you?"

He slid into the seat beside Kagome, ignoring everyone's obvious disbelief. As if caught in a very naughty act, Kagome blushed and inched her chair a bit sideways, so Inuyasha could sit down.

This heightened the disbelief Sango and Miroku were feeling right now. This was so surreal. More than surreal…it was downright bizarre.

"Aren't you sitting down, Miroku?" Inuyasha asked, sounding as if he did this everyday. Eat with them.

Miroku started and obeyed immediately, not really wanting to upset Inuyasha even a little in his obviously unstable state of mind right now. He sat down opposite his gone-off-the-rocker best friend, beside Sango and both then stared at the pair in front of them, dazed but wary looks in their eyes.

Judging by the seriousness in their stares, they probably had the same thoughts.

Any second now, Inuyasha and Kagome could explode. Any second…5…4…3…2…1……..0?

But nothing happened. Kagome and Inuyasha just ate their packed lunches, not really looking at each other but sometimes taking a surreptitious peek, which the other didn't realize. But Sango and Miroku saw it, since they were staring at them so hard.

Inuyasha sighed in annoyance. "Miroku, have you suddenly gone gay? Why are you staring?"

Miroku sputtered indignantly at Inuyasha's accusation, too angry to give a coherent reply. Sango placed a comforting hand on Miroku's shoulder than glared at Inuyasha.

"Shut up, Inuyasha. Now tell me, what are you doing here? More importantly, why aren't you two fighting?"

"You're confused, Sango. What do you want me to do? Shut up or answer your question?" Inuyasha decided to be difficult.

"Argh. Just answer my question!"

"But you told me to shut up! How can I reply when you told me to shut up?"

"You're being stupid, Inuyasha! And frustrating! Just answer the damn questions!" Sango snarled, getting more furious at Inuyasha's provocations. The smirk wasn't helping either.

Miroku shot his friend a warning glance. "Cut it out. Don't goad her."

Inuyasha made a face. "She should be just damn clear then."

Sango's face reddened in aggravation. If Kagome wasn't going to explode with Inuyasha beside her, then she surely will.

Finally, Kagome seemed to come to life. "Inuyasha, stop making her angry and just answer the fucking questions," she said in a calm voice, finishing off her sandwich.

Everyone blinked at the vulgar word from her mouth but Kagome ignored them.

"What? I just wanted Miroku to spend time with his girlfriend, is all," he explained with an innocent look. "I felt guilty that he had to eat lunch away from Sango just for me."

Sango and Miroku gave each other incredulous looks, each minute becoming even weirder and weirder. But it still didn't explain Kagome's mystifying behavior, considering the man she loathed more than anyone was inches beside her.

But Sango recognized the stiff way Kagome held her shoulders and the somewhat tense look in Inuyasha's amber eyes and instinctively refrained from asking more questions.

Miroku opened his mouth to argue but Sango silenced him with a soft squeeze on his lap. Her look clearly said, 'We'll gang on them when they're separate. We should be grateful from this fight-reprieve.'

Despite that they were both dying with curiosity, the couple refrained from further inquiries. Their lunch was a bit uncomfortable, obviously, but it wasn't the disaster Miroku and Sango expected it to be.

But something was up between the two enemies. Especially with the furtive looks passing between Inuyasha and Kagome.


Kagome waited by the janitor's closet, the one where they usually at when making out. She was impatiently tapping her foot while she twiddled her thumbs ceaselessly. There was a frown on her eyebrows as well on her mouth. Her mind was buzzing and anxiety was coursing through her.

The school was probably almost empty now, with only a few of those hard-core students and those with detention still in the campus. But Kagome knew Inuyasha was still there.

She had a tough time convincing Sango to go on ahead without of her, especially since the girl was so full of prying questions that Kagome couldn't answer. Half because it was supposed to be a secret and the other half, she honestly didn't know the responds to.

Frankly, Kagome was starting to get fed up with everything. Not even a week yet. But Kagome supposed she should have expected it not to be easy. After all, this was Inuyasha and Inuyasha never made anything easy.

It would be simple, she guessed, to break it off if she didn't want him so damned much. This should concern her, this need, but Kagome was extremely reluctant to dwell on it. She might not like at all what she'll find.

Some might call her a coward; Kagome would dub it being careful.

Footsteps reverberated in the quiet, empty hallway Kagome was in. She stiffened; her fists clenched and she hid them behind her. She saw Inuyasha heading towards her in that usual swagger of his and Kagome was grieved to find herself attracted intensely to him again.

Inuyasha stopped a bit in front of her, a look of shock on her face. It was clearly a sham and Kagome didn't buy it anyway.

She narrowed liquid brown eyes at him. "What the hell were you doing at our table?" she demanded, plucking her hand on her hips.

"Oh. That. As I said, I wanted Miroku to spend time with –"

"Cut the bullshit, Inuyasha, and tell the truth," Kagome interrupted, piercing him with a no-crap glower.

Inuyasha blinked, this time truly surprised. He'd never thought he'd hear the word 'bullshit' come from Kagome's mouth. Sure, she had a bit of a colorful language, but not that colorful, which could only mean that she really was mad at him.

Of course, he couldn't tell the real truth; that he was there so he could start his Operation Love (which really had a bad name but Inuyasha didn't exactly care). Still, that didn't exactly work and maybe he should try something subtler than that.

Now, he had to make a believable lie. One came to him immediately. He was good like that, when it came to fibbing.

"That was payback for what you did yesterday, in the art room," Inuyasha told her, placing a mask of irritation on his face. "That wasn't funny, you know. I had to have the coldest shower ever."

Kagome's face brightened a little. "No, it was funny, actually. Besides, it was meant as a lesson of sorts. I hope you learned from it."

"Yeah, yeah," Inuyasha grumbled, hiding the smile in his voice when she believed him. He was too good in the lie department.

Her face turned serious as she glared at him. "Well, I guess we're even now. I don't want to spend the entire year playing revenge games with you."

Inuyasha gave a curt nod. "Yeah, we're even."

"Hmm, definitely even."

There was a short pause in which Kagome and Inuyasha looked at the floor, at the walls, at the ceiling.

Then, without any warning, they jumped each other, mouths locking together, tongues battling for highest dominance, hands roaming wherever they could reach. Inuyasha groped for the doorknob and opened the door. They stumbled into the dark closet and he kicked the door shut behind them without ever breaking apart.

Even then, Kagome's sane side was still brightly functioning in her mind, ready to tell her to stop whenever things went too far.


Everything was quiet in the Yoshihiro Mansion. Mr. and Mrs. Yoshihiro were out on a date and Sesshoumaru was in some sort of mysterious business meeting.

Inuyasha was left all alone. Well, along with the servants.

He rubbed an irritated hand to his eyes, letting out a long exhale. He was plopped on his wide poster bed, staring glumly at the ceiling.

Phantom kisses ravaged his lips, ghost hands roaming all over his body. He groaned thickly, cursing the day he became attracted to Kagome. She really was a prude, breaking it off when things were getting juicy.

Frowning, Inuyasha resolutely pushed away the memory of Kagome's lips on him and sat up, glaring across the room at the door. It was too silent.

He stood up and padded softly towards his high-tech stereo system, carefully choosing a CD and placing it inside, cranking the volume halfway. If the sound could get any louder, his poor, sensitive hearing would be damaged.

Inuyasha then walked over to his desk, where his laptop was resting. Bobbing his head along with the rampant rock music, he turned on his laptop to check his email. He sat down on the chair, tapping his foot along with the heavy beat of the song the speakers was blaring. He saw a new message from an old friend and his expression brightened. He dragged the cursor and clicked on it, opening the email.

As he read the contents, a wide, devious smile flitted over his face, the beginnings of a brilliant idea toying in his brain.


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