Author: Kristen

Title: Blood Ties

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Roswell or Buffy.

Summary: After the events of The Gift, Hank interferes and sends Dawn to relatives in Roswell. Spike follows and soon secrets are exposed and lives are changed. Because even though Glory is gone, Dawn still isn't out of danger and neither are the people around her.

Spoilers: Spoilers for season 5 of Buffy, most especially for the ep The Gift. For Roswell it's set sometime during season 1.

Pairings: Dawn/Michael

AN: I've made Dawn the same age as the Roswell gang. Just pretend that the monks made her a little older. I know the time lines don't really match so just assume that The Gift happened sometime during the fall a couple weeks after the shooting in Roswell. I don't know completely where I'm going with this, so enjoy the ride while I figure it out.


Diane had gone to sleep feeling as if something was wrong the night before. So when the phone rang early that morning during breakfast, she knew that there was bad news waiting. She nervously picked up the phone even as she scolded herself inside for acting that way. Max noticed immediately when the color drained out of her face. "Isabel, hush!"

Isabel turned to Max insulted, her monologue rudely interrupted. "What did you just say?" The ice queen persona was in full force.

Max impatiently gestured to their mom who had walked some distance away from them. Isabel looked and immediately forgot her anger. Something was deeply distressing Diane Evans.

"When?" Diane asked faintly. "What about Buffy?" Whatever the person on the other end said wasn't good. Diane steadied herself on the counter. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Suddenly Diane's eyes narrowed. "Spain? You were in Spain with your secretary while Joyce died. I suppose you were in the Bahamas when your daughter died too?" She asked acidly. She ran her hand through her hair. "I can't believe what I'm hearing. Where's Dawn? What? Well of course I'll go meet her!" Another pause. "Fine. Goodbye," she clipped out.

Diane Evans hung up the phone with disgust. "Jackass! Bastard! Flaming dumbass!" Isabel's eyes widened and Max's eyebrows rose at hearing their mom talk like that. "I can't believe-Well of course I can believe," she corrected herself. "That poor girl. And him! Well I'll certainly take better care of her than he ever did. Oh Dawn..." At that she let out a little sob.

"Mom?" Max asked tentatively.

Diane whirled to face her children as if she had forgotten they were in the room. "Oh I'm so sorry kids. I'm sorry you had to hear that. I need to get to the airport, Dawn's coming."

"Mom, what's going on?" Isabel asked.

Diane tried to compose herself. "She's going to be living with us now. Your Aunt Joyce died a few months ago and Buffy recently passed away as well. Hank has decided to pass custody of Dawn over to me and your father." Her mouth thinned before adding, "Seems his new tart doesn't want a depressing teenager around messing with her balance of positive energy." Diane swung her purse over her shoulder and searched for her keys, still speaking. "He just rooted her up and sent her on the plane, abandoning her with nary a care for her well being! I've got to pick her up. I'm taking my cell phone and I'll try to get a hold of your father to let him know what's happened. I'm so sorry kids to drop this on you so suddenly then rush out."

"It's all right Mom," Max said. "Go get Dawn."

Isabel reached over to give her mom a hug. "I'll go dig out the spare blankets and stuff, set up the spare room..."

Diane's eyes misted. "You're such good kids." She smoothed her hand down Isabel's hair then reached over and kissed Max's cheek. "I'll see you in a bit."

Diane hurried outside and minutes later they heard her car making its way to the airport.

Isabel turned to Max with a worried face. "Max, do you realize what this means? What are we going to do? It's hard enough hiding what we are from Mom and Dad and with the Sheriff so suspicious... How are we going to manage this?"

"We'll just have to be more cautious. Act normal. We have to be careful what we talk about and where we do it."

Isabel frowned. "You say that about everything. Jeez Max, what's going to happen when normal doesn't work anymore? We're about as far from normal as you can get. God, I hate this. Buffy's dead, Joyce is gone, and my first thought is about us. Our secret. I should be worrying about Dawn and how she's dealing with this. Not myself."

"Isabel, that's normal." He smiled half-heartedly. "Some might even say human of you." She smiled weakly in response. "Your second thought was of Dawn, though. If not for our unusual circumstances," Isabel rolled her eyes at his wording of their alien status, "your first thought probably would have been of her. We'll deal with this somehow." He tugged on her arm to follow him out of the room. "Come on, I'll help you get the spare room ready."

"He did what?"

Willow winced at the force of his glare and the sound of Spike's bellow.

Spike's eyes glowed and he growled. Both served to remind her that Spike was held back only by one teeny tiny piece of technology. If Spike could have gotten a hold of Hank Summers at that moment she wasn't sure the chip would have saved him.

Spike was growling and cursing in several languages as he raged through his crypt destroying what he could in his condition. Which was actually quite a lot. His injuries were healing slowly, as he had been too grief stricken to care much about them for the first few days.

He had come out of it today when he remembered his promise. So naturally, Dawn was the first thing he asked about when Willow came to visit him. Willow had just returned from LA and giving Angel the news only to find out that Dawn was gone. Hank had taken her and sent her to Roswell.

The remaining Scoobies hadn't been able to stop him. They were all reeling from what had happened recently. It might have gone better if Giles were here, but he had left to go back to England unable to stay and deal with the loss of his Slayer. Xander and Anya had still put up quite a fight. It had only been Xander's arrest that had stopped them.

It was just one more blow. Frankly, Willow wasn't sure they could handle anything else, if they would recover at all. They needed Dawn around to hold on to. Dawn's protection was a reason to carry on and the glue that was holding them together. Without that, they very well might lose themselves in their grief like Giles, and the Scooby Gang would fall apart. They were at the end of their rope and Willow was actually starting to think Anya's ideas of vengeance were starting to sound good. Or, maybe they could just unleash Spike on Hank.

Willow blushed at one particularly imaginative phrase from Spike's lips. She didn't even know that was physically possible! Her eyes widened further at what came next. She hysterically wondered if even Angelus would blush if he could hear Spike.

"How could he DO that to my nibblet?" Having run out of things to destroy, Spike was pacing in front of her ranting and gesturing wildly. "I won't stand for this! I'm the Big Bad! Thinks he can send my little bit away, where anything could happen to her? I made a promise dammit, and I'm damn bloody well going to keep it. And if he tries to stop me I'll show him how I got the name Spike. I was part of the Scourge of Europe! I learned from Angelus! I've got a fucking terrific imagination and the know how to make it happen! He'll regret this!" He abruptly stopped and pointed a finger at Willow; his duster swirled around him with the movement. "Just as soon as I take care of my lil bit, I'm going to take care of him." He stalked up to her and leaned in. "And you Scoobies aren't going to stop me either."

"Okay," Willow said calmly.

"What?" Spike was actually shocked for a moment. He quickly recovered, though. "What do you mean?"

"Just that. We won't stop you. We'll actually assist if you don't mind volunteers. All of us."

"Well now," Spike slowly smiled. "That's a wonderful idea you've got there, Red. I don't think I'll mind at all. I'll bet Anya has some wonderful ideas."

"Oh she does," Willow nodded. "But, Xander and I might surprise you as well. All that demon research we've done has been educational in more ways than one, you know."

"I'll let you know when," Spike said. "Meanwhile, I've got a promise to keep." He turned around and surveyed the wreckage with surprise. "Huh. Guess I'll be packing light."

That night, Spike was speeding down the road on his way to Dawn. Linkin Park was blaring at top volume through the speakers while Spike sang along. Only a day more until he saw her. It didn't feel soon enough to Spike. He pushed the car to go faster. Let the cops try to catch him. He'd had a late start and he wouldn't get to Roswell before the sun rose. He'd get to Dawn sooner if he didn't have to worry about going up in flames the second he stepped out of the car in Roswell. Roasting in the car until the sun went down was no picnic either, so he was going to have to stop somewhere and wait until it was safe to drive again. The delays infuriated him. Dawn needed him and Spike was determined to get to her as soon as possible.

Dawn walked numbly off the plane. Too much had happened. There was too much wrong, too much loss, and too many emotions for her to feel anything clearly. The hot air in Roswell blasted her in the face as she stepped outside. She surveyed it with an uninterested stare. Hank had said this would be her new home; but nothing was home now. Home was the house on Revello Drive. Home was Buffy and Mom. Home was Spike and Giles, Willow and Tara, Xander and Anya. Home wasn't here. Dawn didn't think she would ever be home again.

She distantly heard her name being called and turned. It was Aunt Diane. She came racing towards Dawn and folded her into her arms crying, and Dawn started crying too. Because as much as she loved Aunt Diane, they just weren't the arms she wanted to feel. Those arms Dawn would never feel again. She broke down one more time since it all happened. Together they cried while people walked around them trying not to stare; an island of grief no one could touch.

Part 1

Dawn followed her aunt into what was now her new home. She wasn't sure she could bring herself to call it that yet. Still, that was what it was, no matter how much she disliked the fact.

Max and Isabel were waiting in the living room talking quietly when she came in. They both stood up to greet her. "Hi Dawn." Isabel said quietly. Dawn could see the sympathy written all over her face. Dawn felt a little angry about that. What right did Isabel have to be sympathetic, to grieve over Dawn's losses? She didn't know Mom that well, having only come to visit a few times. She didn't know anything about Buffy, about what she was and had done. She didn't know how many times Buffy had saved her life and Isabel's, sacrificing so that Isabel could sleep every night in her bed oblivious to what went on in the world.

Dawn didn't say any of that though, precisely because Isabel didn't know. She wouldn't start yelling at Isabel about things she wouldn't understand. She needed Spike or Tara, Willow, and Xander. Heck, she'd even take Anya at this point. But they weren't here. Dawn had to do her best to act normal until they did get here; because she was absolutely sure they would. They'd come for her. She just had to wait. So, all she did was say hi in return and submit herself reluctantly to Isabel's hug. Max turned his gaze on her and she could read feelings similar to Isabel's there, but he didn't hug her. Instead he murmured, "I'm sorry."

Dawn nodded in return because she had learned that was the procedure in times like these. Everyone was always sorry, though nothing could be done to change things. She wished she were back in Sunnydale where there were people who did truly understand what she was going through. They understood because they felt it too. They were too far out of her reach right now though. At that thought, Dawn felt truly alone in spite of being surrounded by family of sorts. She just wanted to retreat. So Dawn gestured vaguely to her suitcases. "Um, where should I put my stuff?"

Max stepped forward and grabbed them. "We have a room for you. Isabel and I set up a few things in the guest room. Um, your room now."

Isabel nervously began babbling. Max just stared, Isabel babbling didn't happen often. "I didn't have enough time to do nearly everything I wanted to. But, maybe that's a good thing. I wasn't really sure of what you liked. Maybe we can work on it together now?"

Dawn nodded accepting the offer for what it was. She was stuck here for now. Might as well make the best of it. It wasn't Isabel's fault that Dawn had been torn away from her home and her family. "That sounds nice Isabel, maybe later. I'd just like to lay down now if you guys don't mind."

"Of course," Isabel said. "I'll just show you where it is. Come on Max, bring the bags." Isabel gestured imperiously to Max before sweeping out of the room with Dawn. Max snorted in amusement. Now there was the princess everyone was used to. He shared a small smile with his mom before he dutifully followed with the bags.

End Part 1