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Losing You

Chapter 1:To die, or not to die

Numbah 5 looked down the ravine she was dangling over. Sweat began to form on her forehead, and it wasn't from the summer heat. Why can't Numbah 1 just tell Lizzie when he's going to cancel their dates? She thought. You know why, she added, 'cause she freaks out when he does. She gulped. Numbah 1 had canceled their date that night before without telling his girlfriend and as a result, Lizzie had kidnapped the entire team. She was convinced he was cheating on her. And the nutty girl was also sure he was cheating with Numbah 5

Numbah 5 had tried to tell Lizzie that was a bunch of crap. Result: Lizzie had thrust her out over this ravine. The only thing that kept Abby from falling to her death was the rope she was holding. The other end was held by the insane girl just a foot above her. "Tell me you don't care about him and I'll pull you up," screamed Lizzie, otherwise..." "Lizzie, are you nuts?!!" yelled Numbah 1. Abby glared at the pysho girl. She's going to drop me either way, she thought. Suddenly, Numbah 5 grinned. What the heck. She'd tell her deepest secret, just to piss that fattie off. "I should tell you I don't care!" she yelled. "I should, I would but... sorry girl, I love 'em!!!" Lizzie let out a shriek of rage, and dropped her end of the rope. Numbah 5 had just enough time to say "oh, boy" before she began to fall. "ABBY!" Wait, was that Numbah 1? "Did he just call me by my real name?!" Abby whispered. She smiled...then caught a glance over her shoulder. "Crap," Numbah 5 said.

There was a river below her. She wasn't going to die fast. She was going to drown slowly. I hate that girl. Numbah 5 hit the water. She came up gasping for breath. Abby hit a rock, and everything went black. She seemed to be leaning against someone, her head on their chest. A pair of warm arms were around her. She had never felt so safe. A voice was whispering to her, a voice that was strangely familiar. "It's OK Abby, I'm here, I promise I won't let you go. I love you. I know I can never tell you that when you're awake. And I know you don't care, but I love with all my heart." She had never felt so happy.

Authors Note: There will be more! I swear it's not this depressing during the rest of the story. I apologize to Lizzie fans. And if you want to flame me for this story being so sad, I understand but please tell me if my writing is OK in general. Thank you for reading! I know I stink. ;)