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Two Days Later

Numbah's 2 and 4 were playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, while a bored Numbah 1 looked on. Suddenly, Numbah 5 walked in. "Hey, Numbah 5 could you get us some sod-" Numbah 4's voice trailed off as he turned to look at the girl. Numbah 2, looking to see what had startled the Aussie ended up gaping along with Numbah 4. 5 was wearing a pair of jeans, her red hat, and a long-sleeved black T-shirt with gemstones in the form of a star on it.

She grinned when she saw their open mouths before turning to Numbah 1. "Numbah 5's ready if you are."

Numbah 1 stood up. "What's up with the clothes Numbah 5?" Numbah 2 asked. Numbah 5's new boyfriend is taking her to the movies. "NEW BOYFRIEND!" Yelled 2 and 4, turning to 1, who ignored them. The only thing he saw was Numbah 5.

"Of course," He replied. "Aww, Numbah 1 and Numbah 5 are going to the movies together!" Teased Numbah 2. "Yeah, I bet they'll share their popcorn." Said Numbah 4, joining in. Numbah 2 began chanting "Nigel and Abby sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then com-!"

He suddenly shut up when 1 and 5 glared in his direction. Numbah 5 winked at Numbah 1. "You can have the popcorn. Numbah 5 wants candy." "Are you kidding!" Numbah 1 demanded, "that stuff costs a mint at the theater. Popcorn is cheaper." "Numbah 5 still wants candy," she insisted. "Oh, fine," muttered Numbah 1, giving in to her. He blushed when she grabbed his hand. "Then lets go."

They left, holding hands. Numbah 2 and 4 gaped as they vanished into the elevator. As they walked down the street, Numbah 5 couldn't help joking, "Think they stopped staring yet?" Numbah 1 shrugged. "I don't care. I have all I want." Abby felt herself blush as he glanced at her. "I've never seen you wear anything like that." He added. She chuckled. "Numbah 5 feels freer with you." She grinned at him, and he smiled back at her. They disappeared in the direction of the movie theater.

Six Years Later

The door of tree house's side entrance opened slowly. It didn't seem to be too stiff, but rather whoever it was was reluctant to enter. A blond teenager entered, hauling a heavy suitcase. He dumped it on the ground and looked around him. His name was Wallabee Beatles. He was 17 now, almost 18. His hair was still in a bowl cut, covering emerald green eyes. Wally didn't look much different than he had at 13, except for being more muscular. He also had finally gotten his missing growth spurts in 8th grade, hitting six feet, to his extreme delight.

The former Numbah 4 sighed as he looked around the deserted tree house. "Six years…" Wally muttered. He closed his eyes, letting memories of the KND flow through his mind. Wally smiled as he saw a Japanese girl is his mind. Then he groaned softly, remembering how he'd been too chicken to tell her how much he had loved her. Her laughter, her smile, her sweet, gentle nature, and even how terrifying she was when she was mad. 4 loved everything about her. The Aussie could still remember the day they were decommissioned.

They returned to the tree house to collect their things, which had been packed before they left. They were told that they must leave within the next six hours, or they would be thrown out.

"This stinks!" Yelled Numbah 4, for the millionth time it seemed. "Look," growled 1 between clenched teeth, "I know you hate it, we all do, but do you have to repeat that every two seconds!" "Why not, it's the truth" 4 snapped. "Look, at least we get to see each other again in five years." Numbah 5 pointed out. 4 snorted. "Yeah, IF we can find each other, which I doubt." 1 rolled his eyes. "That's why you use computers Numbah 4, so you don't completely lose contact of people. Believe me, I'll find everyone in five years." "Huh, once in the Outback you can disappear from civilization. Even the phone doesn't always work." With that he stomped off. Numbah 5 caught a glance at 3's face. It looked unusually serious. 5 turned to hide her smile. Worrying about Numbah 4, she thought.

Numbah 4 was slamming down boxes as he prepared to take his stuff out. He was startled out his bad mood by a familiar voice. "Numbah 4?" He turned to see an amethyst-eyed girl in the doorway. She studied him, a serious expression still on her face. She smiled, not with a big grin like she usually did, but almost sadly. Numbah 4 was shocked, and even more shocked when 3 said, "You're moving back to Australia, aren't you?"

"Yeah," He kicked a box, "and when you live in the Outback, you might as well live on the moon, that's how cut off you are from everything." He sighed. "Why are you here anyways?" Numbah 3 sat on a box. "I'm going back to Japan," she whispered. He stared at her in shock. "You too?" She nodded. "So…" 3 took a deep breath. "I thought we should say goodbye here!" 4 blushed.

"Uhh, sure Numbah 3." She looked at him eagerly. He gulped. TELL HER his mind screamed. She smiled sweetly, and then she patted the box next to her. He sat on it and slowly turned to face her. "Goodbye, Numbah 4, I'll miss you!" She said. 4 nearly fell off the box. Miss me! She'll MISS me! Maybe…he looked at her hopefully. Then Wally remembered. She hadn't called him by his real name. He smiled weakly.

"Bye Numbah 3." She smiled at him. But somehow, the smile didn't reach her eyes.

Back in the present, Wally sighed. If I hadn't been such a coward, she'd know I liked her. She probably has a boyfriend by now. He looked around. Might as well see how much is the same. He was heading to his former room when he heard a sound from Numbah 3's old room. Wally froze. Peeking in, he saw a girl lying on a bed. 4's eyes widened as he realized the girl was Numbah 3.
Her hair, which was lying in a black pool around her, was as long as ever. She was still long and slender. 4 was awestruck by how sexy she looked, wearing a pair of black pants and a short sleeved, short green shirt that gave a peek of her stomach. Numbah 4 crept closer. He noticed a ring on left hand. IDIOT! Of course she engaged, who wouldn't want someone like her. He gazed at her longingly then frowned as looked at the ring closer. It was turned to the side, so he couldn't see it too clearly, but there was something….something almost familiar about it. He cautiously moved it to get a better look. Between one breath and the next, Numbah 3 had rolled away from him into a sitting position. Her eyes on the ring, she spoke. "Leave my ring alone." 4 winced at the serious tone of her voice. "I'm sorry, I just…" He was cut off when the Japanese girl, looking up, gasped and shrieked "WALLY!" Her whole face lit up. Wally stared at her in shock. "Numbah 3? Did you just call me Wally!" She blushed. "Umm…I'm sorry I yelled at you." "Ahh, that's okay Numbah 3. But where did you get that ring?" She giggled and showed it to him. "Don't you remember silly?" 4 blushed as he realized it was the ring HE had given HER on her 13th birthday. "Why would you keep something like that?" The Aussie asked. "Because, silly, it was a present!" "Oh" he muttered. "Why are you here?" She asked. "We weren't supposed to come for another week." "Uhh, I wanted to look around some, you know check out the old tree house. What are YOU doing here?" 3 giggled. "I came to help Numbah 5 clean up." She jumped off the bed and grabbed 4's hand. "Come on!" She squealed, dragging him down the hall "Lets see how much things have changed." 4 blushed when he realized she was holding his hand." Kuki skidded to a stop. "Oops! I almost forgot." Before Wally could ask her what she was talking about, they were standing back to back. 4 bit back a groan as started blushing again. "I knew it!" 3 squealed. "You're six feet tall, aren't you?" "Yeah, so what?" He grumbled, hoping she wouldn't notice his red face. She giggled. "I was bet Numbah 5 ten dollars you would be at least six feet tall." 4 wondered if it was possible for him to blush redder than he was now. "Why would you bet on that, and how did you know I was six feet!" 3 smiled at him. "I knew you would be taller than I am and I'm 5' 10"." She was silent for a moment. "Numbah 4, can I ask you something." He was smirking over the fact she had known he was six feet. "Sure, Numbah 3." 3 gulped. "What were you really going to say the night we were at the hospital? I know my shoe was tied." OK, it was possible to blush even more. "Well…" He looked at her. She was smiling at him. Wally gulped back another groan. "Err, actually Kuki, I was sorta gonna say, I, um, like you." His voice got lower with every word until you could barely hear it. By now 4 was staring at the floor, waiting for her to laugh at him. Dead silence reigned. He waited. Still dead silence. He was about to repeat himself when Numbah 3 suddenly threw her arms around him. "I love you too, Wally!" She squealed. He couldn't believe it. "You mean it?" "Of course! I've always loved you!" Kuki loved him. After five years of trying to forget, of wondering what he was going to do without her, she was his. He smiled down at her. Then Wally leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Her eyes went wide. Then 3 leaned into the kiss, her eyes sliding shut. He slipped his arms around her waist, drawing her closer as the kiss deepened. Her lips were warm and sweet. He was there. He was really there. And Wally cared about her. She leaned closer, loving the warmth of his lips, of his arms, of HIM.

There is some love that never goes away.