The doors grinded shut behind Justin as he exited the office. Stud had put down his 'Mining and You' magazine and followed his commander. Justin had received his guard route and told to just hang out until the strike happened. Justin told the situation to Stud, feeling that he should know everything that Justin knew.

"That magazine was a load of crap." Was the only thing that Stud said as an answer. Justin looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"What were you doing reading a magazine about mining?" Stud looked at him slyly and spoke smoothly:

"Just thinking about a career change." Justin laughed and wrapped his arms around Stud's head. He held his headlock tight and swiped his foot under Stud's. The guard went down and both men were laughing like boys, rolling over and trying to pin the other. They hadn't realized that three other guards were watching them from a couch nearby. After Justin confirmed victory he stood up and waved to the other guards. They smiled awkwardly and waved back. Justin lent a helping hand to Stud and then both men went over to the other guards.

"Hey guys!" Stud greeted the cheerfully.

"Haha, how you guys doing? Getting a little bored over there?" One of the unknown guards answered.

"Well, you know how these things work," Stud answered the man, "idle hands are the devil's playground, and he's got some pretty sweet rides." The five men laughed together. Justin had a flashback to old times, before the miner rebellion, when things were good. Justin envisioned himself with his squad sitting at the mess hall tables. They laughed together about who beat a miner worse today, or how badly they sweat in their envirosuit. Everything was going great, everyone important was happy. Then, this-this pure crap started to happen. That damned Eos. It was her fault his squad-his friends had been killed! 'Screw the miners,' Justin thought to himself. 'and screw this! No way I'm waiting around for some miner strike force to come take me out in this God awful office complex. He had to find Hendrix so he could unlock the security doors and let him out of here.

Stud stopped laughing when he looked at Justin. He saw such hate in his eyes, such fury. Justin's eyes began to tear and he blinked them away. It seemed though he finally regained his composer and spoke again.

"Guys, we need to get out of here. Something is going to happen I can feel it. We need to leave!" Justin spurted out all at once. "If we don't get the hell out of here something bad is going to happen to all of us." Justin spoke so fast he was worried his words would come out jumbled and fall to the floor unheard. He forced himself to slow down and speak. "Get to the airlocks. I out rank all of you and this is a direct order. Get to the airlocks and suit up for immediate departure. Get to an APC or something and wait for me there." Justin told the men.

"Hey we can't do that. We got order's from up top." A man from the other squad responded.

"Fuck up top!" Justin shouted as he drew his sidearm. He pointed it into the group of men. Two men from the other squad started to draw theirs too, but Stud was quicker. He had his pistol pointed into the group too. The two groups stood facing each other until the new squad of men took their hands away from the holsters. Justin returned his pistol to his hip and made off to the elevator and towards Hendrix.

Justin made it down to the second floor of the complex without losing any rage and turned right. He followed the corridor to the second door and opened it. Justin punched in the security pass code and the door grinded open and revealed the black male with dorky glasses sitting at a computer. Hendrix knew Justin was behind him but didn't turn around: Justin did it for him. He grabbed the tech's chair and spun it around. Then he snagged the tech's collar and lifted him out of the chair and onto his feet. Justin was almost a head taller then the tech, but Hendrix stared him down with deep penetrating eyes. Justin looked into his eyes and saw a helpless man, and loosened his grip on the tech's collar.

"What the hell is going on here, Hendrix?" Justin asked with surprising coolness.

"I-I d-d-don't know what your talking ab-bout." Hendrix barley stuttered out. Justin saw beads of sweat form around the tech's forehead and face. The tech swallowed hard, trying not to look too guilty.

"Damn it, Hendrix. I know something is going on. Tell me or I'll pop a cap in yo ass!" Justin said like someone from a classical movie. He pulled out his pistol and pushed it into the tech's hip. Justin was about to speak again when he heard the buzzing of an alarm. He turned back to Hendrix who was visually more relaxed. Justin knew Hendrix was up to something, but what was it?

"You gonna get that?" Hendrix asked him almost sincerely. Justin growled and dropped the tech back into his chair. He pointed the pistol up in the air and slowly backed out of the door and re-holstered his pistol. As Justin backed out of the security door and someone ran into him, knocking both people down.

"Oww. I'm really sorry I should have watched where I was going. Do you need help, sir?" Justin began to say. He scrambled up and lifted the man by his underarms. The man was very sweaty, like just came out of an envirosuit sweaty. Justin started to straighten the man's suit when he felt something hard underneath it. Justin stopped for a second and looked hard into the man's face. In an instant Justin recognized him. It was Parker, the super miner. Parker sprung into action with the fastest reflexes a human could possibly have. The pistol was out from beneath his suit and his hand was pressed into Justin's hip. Justin reacted to the movement and drew his own pistol. Both men fired at the same time and connected with the other. Parker squeezed off a round into Justin's hip as Justin fired and hit the miner in the shoulder. Parker recoiled towards his left and leaped into a hallway. His mission was clear to Justin. It wasn't to kill the guards, it was to kill Gryphon. Parker needed the ammo. Justin stammered back to the elevator and rode it to the motor pool. He fell out onto the tarmac where his squad was waiting for him.

"What the hell happened to you?" asked Stud as he lifted Justin and helped him into an APC. One of the men from the other unit grabbed an extra envirosuit for Justin incase they needed to bail. Justin was laid out on the floor on the vehicle as two other guards powered it up. The doors opened and the driver floored it. Stud and another guard tended to Justin's hip. It hadn't been bleeding too badly and the most he would have is a sore butt. Still, the pain was intense. Justin wasn't sure if it was the painkillers that put him out or if he lost consciousness.

Justin awoke several hours later in an area unknown to him. He lifted his head and saw other guards around him all lying on white bed sheets. He looked across the room and saw three doctors attending to miners. The miners were lying in beds, but they were covered in blood. His friends were nowhere to be found. Justin tried to sit up but grunted at the pain still in his hip. A doctor looked in his direction and rushed over to him.

"Ahh you're awake. Good. Stay off that leg for at least an hour to let it fully heal. We have Ashisekoptiklago in you to help your cells regenerate faster. Don't worry it will all be over soon." The doctor said with a cheery smile. Justin lay back down and looked at the bed next to him. There was a miner on the bed. His eyes were open and he was breathing heavily. The doctor saw Justin looking at the miner and went to his bed.

"I'm afraid we've lost him." Said the doctor and began to cover the miner with his sheet. The miner looked a bit confused and started to sit up.

"Whoa doc! I'm not dead!" The miner protested. The doctor put a syringe into the man's arm and then pulled it out. The miner closed his eyes instantly and laid back down.

"Now, now. Whose the doctor here?" he said to the body underneath the sheet. Suddenly Justin heard a gurgling sound coming from under the sheet. Blood started to wet the sheet from the midsection of the body and spread to all over the sheet. Justin watched in horror as the doctor pulled away the bloody sheet and exposed a body with burnt skin. The face and limbs were extremely disfigured and the skin was flaking off.

"Hmm, this subject is reacting better then the last. Just a slight addition of ethyl monosacarides and the chemical should be ready for distribution." The doctor said to himself. He turned back to his lab table and spoke over a walkie-talkie. "Capek, come in. I should have your chemical finished before the end of the day. I could not find any more miners so I recruited one of your guards. I'm going to begin testing in a minute and get back to you in about ten." The guard put down the radio and walked back towards Justin's table bed. Once the doctor was in arms reach, Justin lashed out and struck him in the stomach. He bent down and clutched his gut and Justin slammed his head against the corner of the bed. The doctor hit the floor and went out cold.

Recovering from what had just went on, Justin realized he only had ten minutes until security showed up and found out he wasn't dead. Justin started to get off of the bed but stopped when he felt a sharp pain in his hip. Holding his hip, Justin waddled over to the table to find more pain medication. Upon taking some weird named pills, Justin started to feel better almost instantly. He only had five minutes to make it out of there. Justin looked around the lab and found a headset. He tuned it to the squad's frequency and called for a jeep pickup.

"Sarge, we're already waiting outside. Come quickly the merc's are dying to get in and kill some stuff!" Stud's voice crackled over the intercom. Justin forgot about weapons and ran to the nearest airlock. He found an empty merc envirosuit and hastily put it on. Justin hobbled over to the jeep waiting for him about ten feet from the airlock. Stud pulled him in and laid him across the bed in the back. Justin checked his wound. The stitches had come out and he was bleeding badly. Justin's world was encased in black.