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Chapter One: Within You, Without You

Kairi rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands removing the tears shed the night before. She lay awake gazing off into the her ceiling remembering the dream she had the night before. It wasn't as if she hadn't had them before it was just that everytime she had them, something inside her stirred coaxing on tears of sadness and tears of hope. There was something in that memory that conjured up those two emotions and made her stop to look back and relive that moment to give her that vigor she needed to do what she did every morning.

The red-headed girl stirred slowly and sat upright in her bed, rubbing her arm from the soarness of having slept on it. She had gotten a late start but no matter, it was only 5 o'clock in the morning and nobody would be up soon anyway. Kairi would only stay there for a couple of hours and by then the island should have just started to wake up.

The teenage girl did not even bother looking into the mirror as she slipped on a light purple hoodie and some comfortable khaki shorts. The mornings on the beach were always somewhat chilly. Passing her finger quickly through her hair she descended the stairs of her house and searched some papers piled sloppily on the counter for her house keys. Once she found them hidden on the floor she stuffed them in her pocket and headed for the door.

Slipping on her white flip flops she paused turning the knob and looked back at the house. She didn't live with anyone considering that her parents weren't with her in the first place, so its not like she had to leave a note to tell someone where she was going. The mayor had passed away shortly after the "incident" and nobody talked much about anything after that. Everyone pretty much assumed she was all right. But that was ok for her because she knew he was with her.

Kairi made her way outside and down to the pier that was glazed with morning fog and found her boat among others; two in particular that had been left the same in the past year. It seemed that the only things present were the spirits of lost souls looking for the light to return to. She struggled slightly with the cord keeping it at bay and when she got the knot loose, was inside her boat rowing towards Destiny Island. Cool waves of water lapped up at the bottom of the boat with every row she made. There was a soft slurpping sound of the water that reminded Kairi of her thoughts and memories which in a sense were very much like waves; rolling back and forth into her mind. The brisk air stinged her face a little and her fingers were feeling a bit numb but she pressed on. For no matter what discomfort she was in, it wouldn't stop her. She had been doing the same thing for the past three and a half years.

Say, Kairi, what was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up?

Did it really matter? It seemed that the more she learned, the more she felt that living in oblivion sounded pretty good. Even if she had been given a choice to live as she once did before him, she would have rejected the offer. No question about that. If she had brothers she would still feel more like Riku's sister anyway. He had always been there for her and even if he showed that he liked her, it was as if he subconsciously knew that in the end it wouldn't be her and him. If she had a love interest she would still love Sora a thousand times more for there was no one else like Sora in the world even if Sora had a clone. If her mom and dad were together and respectable people she would still perfer to have Kristine, Sora's mom, make her a birthday cake or Lisa, Riku's mom, heal her cut when she was ditzy enough to slip on the rocks. Even if she had a family there, there was no comparision to the family she still had here. And no place could be more beautiful then the tropical islands where she lived.

I'd like to see it too. Along with any other worlds out there! I want to see them all!

Oh Sora. You were always so adventurous. Sometimes I think that you and Riku would fight just to see who had the craziest idea; who was more daring or who was stronger. It didn't matter to me though. To me you were always special. No matter if Riku did beat you when you raced around the island, I still admired your courage to stand up and try again. Hehe..You always looked so mad when Riku made it back first talking to me and boasting. You used to put your hands on your hips and glare at him saying, "I want a rematch!". But I knew you were best of friends and when I first came to the island I didn't think you two wanted another person in your group. You guys took me in and molded me into the person I am today. For that I thank you both. But most of all you Sora because you taught me what it was to love, to cry, and to believe in someone with all my heart just as you did to me.

You're the one that's changed, Kairi.

Kairi choked down her tears as her memories replayed vividly in her mind. She shut her eyes only for a moment so that no water would drain down her face. The ride was coming to an end and soon she would be on the island where she was headed. Her arms moved back in a somewhat circular motion until she reached the small pier on Destiny Island. Kairi brought herself up and tied her boat so that it wouldn't escape her and she could go back home. The wooden planks were somewhat moist from the night showers and creaked slightly with her steps. She buried her hands in her pockets as she made her way to a small hidden cave at the base of a tree that had once been full of life.

You're right...

Before all this had happened, before the nightmare had occured, Destiny Island had been a place where kids on the main island would come to get away and play, their laughter echoing out into the distant skies. Adults didn't come for some reason. They seemed to shrug off the fact that their kids were playing alone on the isolated beach. But it was magical. She never experienced such freedom. All of them were at that age where they felt confined to their surroundings. But on Destiny Island, you could run free and swim as far out as your arms and legs would let you. You could built rafts that probably would never set sail and have your dreams extend far past the sun's horizon. They were some trio. You're average 14 and 15 year olds weren't exactly thinking about crossing over to other worlds. Sometimes she thought it would have been better if they hadn't even thought about it in the first place.

I did changed...

But then she felt proud of him and all he had done. He saved the world from being engulfed in their own darkness because his was so true. She didn't have to doubt it for a second that he thought of her while she was in her coma. Kairi felt his feelings while she was inside him. She felt his skepticism, his anger, his strength, his love. And yet if felt unfair for her to know so much about him without him knowing. Kairi wanted him to know that every second a thought of her passed his mind, two thoughts of him were in hers. That every time she smiled though she was asleep it was because of him. Or that when she laughed to herself in the corner of her prison it was because she had remembered something he had done. Her body was asleep but her mind wasn't. And so she had reveries of a life she expected to have. A life full of smiles and blissful memories to be passed on for generations to come.

...when I fell in love with you...

While Kairi was without heart, she did find thoughts that although were slowly slipping, still remained. And at the time she didn't expect to have been thinking of him. Kairi didn't think that Sora would be clear and real. It was as his thoughts were talking to her as they sometimes still do. At least Kairi liked to think so. But she remembered promising herself that when this was ever over, she would stay with him, by his side forever. She dreamt of the stories he would tell and the crowds gathering to see him. However, just as quickly as those thoughts came, they dissolved into the darkness consuming her within. Only to be reawaken by his embrace that day in Hollow Bastion.

The adolescent made her way through the dark depths of the cave until she reached the dead end. She looked around at the chalk drawings they had done as kids and memories flooded back into her mind as they always did. There was a particular warmness that she got every time she stepepd into the Secret Place. Maybe it was the thrill that only they knew about it or that Riku and Sora still lingered in its walls. Kairi stopped when she reached the last drawing that had been drawn and sat down on the floor in front of it. Her eyes watched it start from nothing but a piece of rock into something much more. It wasn't just a painting of two kids holding a paopu fruit.

Kairi! Kairi! Open your eyes!

It was a symbol.

A Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts...I wonder.

A symbol of a young love, so pure, so simple and clean.

I looked everywhere for you, but you were with me all along.

Her bottom lip trembled and her thin fingers traced the authentic carvings absorbing something she felt might have been gone. She couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears fell and dripped until the sand beneath her. Sometimes she felt that he spoke to her; through her dreams; through her heart. It was telling her to hold on just a little longer. When she was freed that day she remembered. She remembered her promise and she remembered him. Somehow she knew he was was coming. When she would cry out into the ebony abyss she knew inside he was that faint light off in the distance among the Heartless.

She clutched her knees close to her chest and trying to hide her face in her arms.This wasn't what was suppose to happen. Things shouldn't have turned out this way. They were suppose to be happy and in love. Kingdom Hearts was closed and the darkness could not prevail so long that Sora was there to stop it. What bothered her most was that he could have stayed with her that day. His heart was too willing to go help Riku and the King that he left only his voice and words to comfort her. Sora could do it, this much she knew. She knew he could find them and bring them back. But time was killing and she found herself thinking of what was left in her life if he wasn't there to share it with. Kairi looked at the picture once more. Maybe if their hearts are still connected...maybe he could hear her...


But then I heard a voice...your voice...

"Please...I don't know what to do..."

Kairi, even if we're apart, we're not alone anymore.

Kairi hicupped silently and turned away not wanting to think that they would be apart. How do things turn out? How is it that one minute you have a dream to share with someone and then everything you've ever believe in vanishes...gone right before your eyes? Images of the worlds they had traveled to flashed in her mind's eye and she cried harder thinking that yes they did get what they wanted but the price was too much to bear. To gain what you thought you wanted only to lose something so dear. A life now erased to be replaced with something less desirable.

Did she have to live having her memories calm yet haunt her to sleep? The thought of moving on was too much to handle. It angered her just thinking of it and everyone knew she felt the same. No one close to her said anything about Sora or Riku but they always looked at her with eyes mourning at a widow. The mere idea of her falling in love with another was something she never thought would be possible. The fact that Sora may never come back kept resonating in her, feeling like a needle buried deep in her skull; something so painful yet impossible to remove. Kairi reminiscinced to an old story of her granmother's. Was it true...? Was there a light in every darkness...her darkness? She felt hysterically blind and lost. She could see no light anymore. He was fading and she could only hope that going back to those moments where they were together would somehow refresh him in her mind.

I'll come back to you.

The girl sniffed and stood, walking towards the exit. Will she forget about that day? Do your memories eventually leave you? He was a different person now...When she had met him in Hollow Bastion and talked with him in Traverse Town he was different. Not in a bad way but she couldn't help long for new memories with Sora as he was now not as he was as a little helpless boy. Kairi didn't want to think that even if Sora never returned that he would be forgotten. Even if he died...he was still alive in her. Kairi placed her hand on her heart to feel it beating knowing that he was there; even if it was just spiritually.She closed her eyes and glanced once more to the picture behind her. And if her vision hadn't been blurry through all the tears she could have sworn she saw Sora looking back, smiling as he once had always done.

I promise.

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