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Chapter 1

It was a nice, bright day in Nerima. The sun was out, the roofs were dry, and people walked to and fro, happily going about their business.

Most of them, however, stopped to stare as a pigtailed martial artist jumped from rooftop to rooftop, heading out of the ward. However, this being Nerima, they weren't staring because someone was jumping on rooftops. They were staring because they couldn't believe someone thought that a cloth tied under their nose would actually disguise them.

Ranma cackled to himself, then blushed and chuckled instead. "I've finally done it!" Ranma exclaimed. "I've thought of the perfect solution for avoiding all the fiancées, well except for the Tomboy." Ranma groaned as he thought that last one. However, his face erupted in a smile after a second. "I'll just hang around another part of the city! They can't glomp/mallet/spatula/poison what they can't find!" Ranma cackled, erm chuckled again.

Yes, Ranma's good mood stemmed from the fact that he thought he would get some peace from the fiancées if he didn't hang around for them to find him after school. Of course, he would have to come back to the Tendo dojo at the end of the day, but with only Akane to deal with, it wouldn't be so bad, especially if he could actually claim he was too full to eat without his stomach rumbling and betraying him.

Ranma checked his pocket, and pulled out 1200 yen, before putting it back. Yes indeedy, he had enough money to eat out. Ranma had started doing occasional jobs at the construction yard, his immense strength and speed useful for putting things together. Of course, he couldn't keep much of it. Nabiki had really started to go extortionist. She had left him alone ever since the picture incident, but must not have been making enough money because Nabiki had evidentially decided to use him as her cash cow.

Ranma leaped off the building and landed on the ground, taking off the cloth he wore around his face. "Heh, no one knows where I've gone. I'll keep 'em guessing as long as I can." He said to himself. The people wandering around the shopping area of the Juuban district gave him a strange look. He blinked and laughed putting his hand behind his head as they hurried away from him.

Of course, Ranma didn't think about the fact that 70% of Tokyo was filled with weirdness, and that just moving districts wouldn't really help him escape. From ancient perverts, young perverts chased by strange female aliens, to dog demons, moving districts probably wouldn't help him all that much.

Ranma walked along the district. Now that he was here, Ranma really didn't know what to do. At least, he didn't until he noticed an ice cream shop. In a red blur, the pigtailed martial artist was gone, and already inside in line. Too late he realized he was still in his male form.

"Ah hell, I'm a guy right now." He muttered to himself. He bobbed back and forth, trying to make up his mind. Finally, he threw his hands up in disgust and stayed in line. "Don't feel like hunting down some cold water. It usually finds me anyway." He rationalized.

Yes, only Ranma would worry about changing genders just to eat ice cream. Ranma paid the guy at the counter, getting a small bowl of ice cream. He grumbled as he sat down and started eating it, slowly. Ranma felt he could only truly indulge ice cream while in female form, so he was just going to have to take it slow.

Ranma stopped eating and stared at his small bowl. "I shoulda changed after all. This bowl would be triple in size!" He grumbled. The Saotome stomach cried out, and Ranma started eating slowly again. That is, slowly for him. Which was pretty much a normal person's fast.

Outside the ice cream shop, a certain group of ninth graders by day/Pretty soldiers of justice by night were headed inwards, led by their fearless leader... um the ice cream black hole, Usagi Tsukino. The other girls would have sweat dropped at the look of total glee on Usagi's face, if not for the fact that they had seen it so many times before that it was routine whenever Usagi saw some kind of delicious food. And ice cream definitely counted as delicious. Usagi impatiently walked ahead, and was already at the counter when the other four girls entered the shop.

Makoto was looking around the shop when her eyes fell on Ranma. Those familiar with her noted her reaction. Makoto's eyes widened. She started to blush. Rei and Minako slapped their hands over their faces. Makoto never failed to deliver when she noticed a cute guy.

"That boy..." Makoto began.

The others waited for it, while Usagi turned her head around and attempted to finish for her. "...Looks just like your old sempai?" Usagi asked.

"...Is my old sempai!" Makoto exclaimed.

The others nodded. It never failed. Then it registered.

Rei opened her mouth. "That really is your old sempai?" She asked. Makoto wasn't listening, however, as she was already on her way over.

"Sempai!" Makoto exclaimed, dashing over to where Ranma was sitting. Ranma looked up in horror.

"Oh no! I had hoped she would never see me again! She probably wants to cream me for what I did!" Ranma said, panicking. He calmed down and breathed slowly. It wouldn't be any worse than what Akane did to him on a daily basis, so he could take it, especially since he kind of did deserve it.


We see a younger (Jr. High) Ranma walking side by side with a younger (but still very tall) Makoto. Makoto has a large smile on her face, while Ranma has an expression of incoming doom, like he knew he was about to fall in a gender changing spring or something (which, ironically, eventually happened.)

"Look, Mako-chan, I gotta complete my training journey with pops. I'll be gone for a few years. I can't be your boyfriend anymore." Ranma said, trying to break up with her gently.

Makoto's expression didn't waiver. "I'll come with you!" She exclaimed happily. "I could always use some more training."

Ranma blanched. He couldn't have a girl coming along on the trip with him. It would be disastrous. Ranma frowned and sighed. He hated to use his secret weapon, but he had no choice, if Makoto was to live a good life and find some boyfriend that could always be with her.

"Look, Makoto! You're a violent tomboy, and you are a way too tall girl for me! Go find someone else as a boyfriend!" He shouted, before turning and running off, his eyes closed. Behind him, Makoto's happy expression had vanished, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

End flashback...

'I hated to do it, but it was really for the best,' Ranma thought to himself. 'Makoto is actually stronger than Akane, though. This is going to hurt.'

To Ranma's surprise, Makoto didn't whip out a mallet and belt him into the stratosphere. She simple smiled a big, sparkling eyed smile, and sat in the chair across from him, staring into his face happily. Ranma began to feel uncomfortable, and even more so when four other girls came over with ice cream.

"Sempai..." Makoto breathed as the other girls took a table next to them, their heads slightly turned, with their ears seeming to have tripled in size.

Makoto was deliriously happy. 'He has to be unattached! What kind of guy eats ice cream by himself?' Makoto said to herself. Not for the last time, Ranma was wishing he had come in female form.

"I'm so glad your back, Ranma!" Makoto exclaimed. Finally, she would have a steady boyfriend again, already forgetting how hard she had been burned those years ago.

Ranma set aside his ice cream. There was no way he could finish it now. "Look, Makoto, what do you want?" He asked bluntly. Internally, the alarms were going off. The small, smart part of his brain was chanting, "Must not get another fiancée, must not get another fiancée, must not get another fiancée." The rest of his brain, which normally didn't listen to the smart part, decided that the smart part had had a great idea, and they were going to follow its instructions, this one time.

Makoto's expression fell slightly, but her optimism when dealing with cute men who reminded her of her sempai (especially relevant since this WAS her sempai) was in full force.

"Well, it doesn't look like you have a girl friend, and I don't have a boyfriend, and I haven't seen you for years. I was hoping we could go out and get something to eat, maybe go to a movie." Makoto said, smiling at him.

The normally quite clueless martial artist felt a hit strike his wall of resolve, but he patched it up. Cute girls he could take, angry girls he could withstand, but cute girls with cute pleading eyes destroyed him like nothing else.

"Makoto, I told you two years ago, it just won't work out between us. You should find someone else." Ranma said, getting up and leaving the store, the heartbroken (again) Makoto sitting there, staring at the spot he had vacated.

Ranma actually hated being a jerk to Makoto, since she was actually a pretty sweet girl and hadn't constantly clobbered him like a certain other violent tomboy. However, Ranma had three fiancées, and adding another girl to the mix was just asking for trouble. Makoto could probably take care of herself, but if the ghoul found out, there could be problems.

The other four inners stood up and moved over to Makoto's table. Usagi was almost glowing with anger. "This is the guy you keep comparing everyone too!? Your sempai is a jerk, Makoto! You should move on to someone who doesn't remind you of him!" Usagi exclaimed. Rei and Minako nodded.

Makoto simply looked at her, with slightly moistened, sad eyes. "You always called Mamoru a jerk, and then you fell in love with him." Makoto said. Usagi blinked at that, since it was true.

Rei shrugged. "Usagi falls in love easy, as long as there is a cute face." She said.

Usagi fumed. "I don't just fall in love with cute faces!" She exclaimed, sticking her tongue out at Rei, who stuck her tongue out right back.

Ami and Minako sweat dropped, while Makoto smiled. Those two were always good at lightening up the situation.

Ami turned to Makoto. "Why do you still compare everyone with him if he acts like that?" Ami asked.

Minako turned her head back and nodded. "Yeah! Mooning over a lost love is one thing, mooning over a jerk like that is quite another!" Minako exclaimed. So what if he was cute, cuteness didn't count for everything! Well, not more that 40% anyways.

Makoto shook her head. "He wasn't like that normally. I think he just didn't want me to come, so he broke up with me." She lowered her head to the table. "But why is he still being a jerk. Did he really mean what he said back when we were going out?" Makoto asked to herself.

Fortunately for Makoto, something decided to keep her mind off her old sempai. Usagi's communicator began to beep. She was forced to abandon the impromptu face-stretching contest she had begun with Rei, and checked her communicator.

The face of Usagi's guardian cat, Luna, appeared in the apparent wristwatch. "Usagi, get over to the shopping mall! All the people there are engaged in a full scale brawl! I can sense evil energy!" She exclaimed. Usagi looked up. The others nodded, and together the inners left the ice cream shop. The people still in the shop wondered what caused the girls to run off in such a hurry.

Ranma had left the shop in a hurry, jogging away from it, randomly moving through the city.

'I can't believe she still wants to be with me, even after all that!' He thought to himself. He felt terrible that she would wait so long without finding someone else. 'But no matter how I feel, I have way too many fiancées already. Stupid pops.' Ranma thought, grumbling.

Of course, with the fact that a monster was running around, the fact that Ranma wasn't really heading back home but moving around the city, and the fact that he had the "Aura of Chaos (TM)," It was really no surprise that he began to hear sounds of fighting after wandering around for 15 minutes.

Ranma ran towards the sounds. He arrived in front of the Juuban shopping mall, to see a large mob of people beating on each other, while a strange, large woman with yen signs plastered all over her body floated in front of them, laughing.

Ranma raised an eyebrow. Such displays really didn't faze him anymore. At least, not until he noticed the streams of ki flowing into the strange woman. His eyes bulged as the ribbons of black flowed from the people and into the monster. The people began to drop as their energy was depleted, the cause of the fighting becoming apparent.

"They were fighting over a 1000 yen bill?" Ranma asked in disbelief. The monster spun at the sound of his voice.

Ranma involuntarily took a step back. He wasn't afraid, but cautious, considering that the strange woman had veins of black ki pulsing through her body.

"You some kinda weird martial artist with an energy draining technique?" Ranma asked, getting into a fighting stance. Ranma preferred to not hit women, but the black ki this woman possessed told him that there probably wasn't any avoiding it.

"Martial Artist? How quaint." The woman said. "I am a servant associated with greed. Give up your negative energy!" The self-proclaimed servant of greed shouted, pointing her hands at Ranma.

Ranma felt his ki suddenly start to twist and reshape itself. 'What the hell? I don't know of any attacks outside of shiatsu that can affect someone's ki!' Ranma thought. He focused for a second, stabilizing his ki and keeping his mind away from the greedy energy the servant of greed was trying to invoke in him.

The monster was surprised. "You don't feel any greed?" She asked. "Guess I'll just have to destroy you." The woman held out her arm. Black energy collected in her hand, before launching out, and hitting the spot where Ranma had been standing.

"You think I'm just gonna let you hit me?" Ranma asked rhetorically. "I've had a bad day!" Ranma began to focus on his depression, which was slightly stronger than his confidence at the time. "Eat this! Shi Shi Hokodan!" Ranma held out his hands as they begin to fill with green energy. Suddenly the energy coalesced into a large ball, and launched from his hands straight at the woman.

The monster was surprised and actually a little frightened. That is, until she recognized the energy flowing off of the ball headed straight for her. She smirked and held up her hand. As the energy came in contact with it, it entered inside her body instead of blowing her backwards.

The monster smirked. "Not as nourishing as greed, but any negative emotion will do." The monster said.

Ranma grinned. "So you absorb negative energy do ya? Taste this then! Moko Takabisha!" He yelled out, this time launching a shining blue ball of energy at the monster. Again, the monster gauged the emotion, and intelligently decided to leap in the air instead of trying to absorb the ball.

The servant of greed placed her hands forward. "Lets see how you like my yen coin barrage!" She exclaimed. Suddenly, hundreds of coins began appearing in her hands, launching in swarms at Ranma.

"Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken!" Ranma yelled out, his hands beginning to move in a blur as he grabbed coins and tossed them away from him. However, after a few seconds the coins started turning black. Ranma only had time to widen his eyes before they exploded.

"Ergh." Ranma said intelligently as he was knocked backwards by the force of the released energy. The barrage of coins stopped.

The monster grinned down at him. "My my, you are certainly surprising." The servant help up her hands again, prepared to resume her barrage. However, she wouldn't be allowed to begin it.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" A female voice yelled out. The servant turned, just in time to be hit by a condensed ball of high-powered electricity. She convulsed, the power running through her, before her floatation failed and she collapsed to the ground. Her features seemed to change, becoming more grotesque.

Ranma's eyes widened. He had assumed she was just some strange martial artist. This looked more like a demon of some kind. He turned his head, and his jaw dropped.
Ranma saw five cute girls dressed in sailor fukus standing in the direction the lightning had come from. The tall brown haired girl had her arms held out; small bolts of electricity occasionally flowing along them.

The girl with the strange dumpling headed hairstyle that Ranma could have sworn he had just seen looked like she was about to say something, but the brown haired girl turned her head and said, "Finish it, Sailor Moon!"

"But... my speech?" Sailor Moon asked. Jupiter shook her head. Moon sighed and brought out the Moon Spiral Heart Rod.

"What the hell is she doing?" Ranma asked the air as the one named Sailor Moon begin to spin and twirl holding up the rod.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" Sailor Moon cried out, her spinning stopped. The servant barely managed to stand up from the electricity that still racked her body just in time to see her doom.

"Lovely!" She cried out as a MASSIVE pink heart blasted through her. Her body exploded, the black energy beginning to shift to through a myriad of colors as the energy was returned to all the people.

Ranma stood, his eyes wide. "She shot her with a giant pink heart? What kinda attack is that?" Ranma asked himself incredulously.

The girls all hurried over to him.

"Are you all right?" The strangely dressed girl with somewhat familiar brown hair asked.

"A little blast like that couldn't hurt me," Ranma boasted. He grimaced. "Much." He added. Ranma looked them over. "Who are you? Some kinda martial arts cheerleaders or something?" Ranma asked, although he didn't know any techniques for shooting lightning. Something he had to learn.

The girl with the dumplings on her head brightened, and was about to say something when the brown haired girl beat her too it. "We are the Sailor Senshi. I'm Sailor Jupiter, this is Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars." Jupiter said, pointing out the girl with dumplings, a blue haired girl, a blonde haired girl with a ribbon, and a reddish black haired girl.

Moon mumbled something about speeches while Ranma tilted his head. 'Haven't I heard something about some kinda Sailors that didn't have anything to do with boats?' He asked himself, and then shrugged.

"Well, I gotta be going. See ya." Ranma waved before he ran off.

Jupiter stared after him, while Mercury was typing something on her pocket supercomputer. After a few seconds she looked up.

"He wasn't lying. That blast really didn't do much to him." Mercury said. The others spun to face her.

"What? That was a big explosion of dark power! No ordinary human would be able to withstand that and be nearly unhurt." Mars said.

Jupiter shook her head. "He isn't normal. He was a pretty powerful martial artist, even better than me. I guess he has improved in the two years since I last saw him." She said, head bowed.

Mercury typed a few more things into the computer. "I've got a scan on him. I'll examine it and see what it says, later." She said. The others nodded, and together they left the scene as the people began to pick themselves up and ask themselves just what the hell had happened.

Ranma entered Nerima the same way he had left it, by rooftop, except this time he was without the cloth tied around his face.

'What the hell was that...thing they destroyed? It seemed like ki flowing through it, but I've never seen ki like that before. Maybe pops knows.' Ranma thought.
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