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Summary: A very long engagement for Catherine and Gil

Spoilers: Burden of Proof, more in later chapters.

A/N: I got this idea after seeing that wonderful episode of Seinfeld. I didn't copy or steal anyone's idea, seeing as I was also inspired by a situation from my own life, and this situation has been brought up in many other sitcoms with mostly single characters. It was the Seinfeld episode that pushed me to write my own version of it. More chapters to come, all following scenes in the show that give the notion that Catherine and Gil are a couple or, more or less, and old married couple.

Chapter 1: The Proposal

"Yes, I'd, uh, like to buy some flowers for a girl-no, not flowers, uh, a plant. She likes vegetation…"

Catherine listened as Gil attempted to figure some way to patch the whole in he and Sara's relationship. It wass rather funny. He can be so inept and oblivious when it comes to social problems. The man is still unaware of Sara's growing obsession with him. And Sara is not seeing that her feelings are unreciprocated.

Gil hung up the phone and resumed preparing dinner for Catherine and himself. He looked at her, only to see her with a grin on her face. "What's with the smirk?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just…funny, you know, watching you. No offense, but you are clueless when it comes to the ladies," Catherine replied.

"Thanks for the reminder," Gil sighed, remembering previous experiences. "Is it really that obvious?"

"Yes, it really is," Catherine laughed. "Don't worry, Gil. You'll find someone. I think I know a certain someone who would bang down the door for a date with you."

"Really, now?" asked Gil, clueless to whom it was Catherine was referring. "Could that certain someone be here in this room with me now?"

"No, and I don't think my ex-husband would approve of you and I 'hooking up,' if you know what I mean. Although, I think he does believe that you are my beau," Catherine chuckled.

"Oh, you weren't talking about yourself, were you?" asked Gil as his face turned away.

"I'm sorry, did I get your hopes up?" joked Catherine, who received the 'haha, you're so funny-not!' look from her companion. This was odd to her, considering this look would normally be reserved for smart-ass teenagers to give and receive.

"No, I just assumed you were referring to yourself. I mean, how long have we known each other? A long time. I do consider you to be one of my best friends, Catherine. Or, in the immortal words of Greg, we're tight. But, I'm guessing since you won't tell me who it is, you would rather I spent the rest of my life alone."

"Oh, don't worry, Gil. One day when we're old, Lindsey's moved out, and if neither one of us is married, we'll get married or have sex or something." Catherine offered.

"Well, at least let me do a proper proposal," Gil said, getting down on one knee in front of Catherine, taking her hand in his. "Catherine, dear, if neither one of us is wed in ten years, will you marry me?" Although said very jokingly, Gil meant it with the utmost sincerity.

"Sweetie, I'd love too!" Catherine burst out in mock over-joy, and fell into his arms for one of his rare hugs. "I'm so happy, I'm engaged!" Catherine laughed, pretending to admire an imaginary ring on her hand. "So, are you serious? Would you honestly marry me if neither one of us finds that special someone?"

"Well, of course! Do you think I'd propose if I didn't want to one day join you in holy matrimony?"

"Alright, well, I guess we're engaged! But, I think we should maybe just keep this between you and me. If this should ever make it to the defense attorneys, they'll be all over our asses next time in court," Catherine warned.

"Hmm, good point. The good news is, in ten years I'll be that I shall be retired." said Gil.

"Ha, yes, that's probably true. What's the mandatory retirement age these days?" Catherine asked.

"I can't tell you right off the top of my head, but I'd guess that for me, the Sheriff would choose somewhere close to 56."

This deal was something both Catherine and Gil could not only live with but appreciate. Gil had no qualms about his new engagement. Either way, she would be happy. And he had faired okay alone for this long, so he thought he could make it alone the rest of his life. It's not like they wouldn't still be friends. Catherine, too, felt more or less the same.

"And the best part of it is that fidelity is not an issue. You can go do whatever the hell you want, see whoever the hell you want, and I won't mind in the slightest," Catherine quipped, evoking a small chuckle from Gil.

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